University: Al Qasimia University-College of Economics and Management
Research name: The impact of brand name on customer behavior
Name: Mustaf Mustafa
ID: q15110080
What’s a brand?
The American Marketing Association defines a brand as “A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. The legal term for brand is trademark. A brand may identify one item, a family of items, or all items of that seller. If used for the firm as a whole, the preferred term is trade name. A brand is a product with unique character, for instance in design or image. It is consistent and well recognized. The logo on a product is an important part of the product. A logo is a symbol or picture that represents the business.

Purpose- of this research it’s the impact and influence of brand image on consumer choice, satisfaction preferences and in decision making processes. The study it’s conducted in various states and its general with examples from different industries. The study’s overall conclusion is that branding plays important role in industrial purchase decisions and on other parts in particular consumer decision making. The main benefit of brand name is that consumers are more capable to remember your business. A strong name helps to keep your company in the mind of your potential costumers. After making name in the industry it’s more easier to introduce new products and services to the consumer. While discussing about the value of brand name it’s highly important to mention the brand loyalty(a customer purchasing products and services from the same brand multiple times rather than changing to other brands) because when you retain the customer you’ll have much higher ability to influence other product and services to the loyal customers and as well to attain new customers.

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Branding is central to creating customer value, not just images and is also a key tool for creating and maintaining competitive advantage (Holt, 2015). As from this paragraph it tells a lot the key functions of branding as a tool to customers to create competitive advantage on market. For example in Slovakia the percentage of people that decide by brand exceed those who do not decide under the influence of the brand by 4%, and it’s not a large difference but even such a small difference is important for companies to build and develop their marketing strategy with regard to the brand. Another thing to mention is that a product is something that is made in a factory, a brand is something that is bought by a customer. A product can be copied by a competitor, a brand is unique. A product can be quickly outdated, a successful brand is timeless (Quiston, 2004, p 345). By this we mean that a brand is unique in it’s own way and can’t be copied and if it’s established in a proper way it will have a higher chance to be on the market for a long time or timeless. Most studies such as done by Srivastava, Fahey and Christensen (2001) considered brand trust as a market-based assets that are interconnected because it is exist externally and lies in the relationship with the end user of the brand. Schiffman & Kanuk (2010); Hawkins, Best & Coney (2004) and Assael (2004) mentioned that the consumer made the purchase decision is influenced by several measurements, namely (1) the measurement of culture, which has the most influence and the most extensive in the behavior of consumers so that marketers need to understand the influence of culture, sub-culture, and social class of consumers; (2) social measurement, which need to be considered when designing a marketing strategy because these factors can affect consumer responses; (3) personal measurements, which consists of the age and stage of life cycle, occupation, economic situation, lifestyle, personality, and self-concept affects the consumer on what is purchased; and (4)
psychological measurement, include motivation, perception, learning and beliefs and attitudes also influence the selection of consumer purchases. Brand image that was created to make people think about everything from the business side, so as to be clearly defined brand image can benefit the company in the long term (Cannon, Perreault, & McCarthy, 2009; Morgan & Hunt, 1994). Brand image is often referenced in the psychological aspects of the image or impression that is built into the subconscious of consumers through the expectations and experience of taking the brand over a product or service, thus forming a positive brand image is becoming increasingly important to be owned by the company (Pujadi, 2010). As to be clear brand image has an impact on consumer and it makes inevitably to deviate from that perspective. Brand image is a perception in the mind of the customers a good impression of a brand (Hawkins, Best, & Coney, 2004). The good impression could arise if the brand has a unique advantage, good reputation, popular, trustworthy and willing to provide the best service (Kotler & Keller, 2012; Keller, 1993; Aaker, 1997). Additionally the authors express that the brand image has increased reputation as the feelings and images associated with brand and a wellknown and accepted brand image is one of the most important assets a firm possesses (Kahle and Kim, 2006). Also according to Khasawneh and Hasouneh customers realize the importance of brand while in their purchasing decisions and customers demographic characteristics have no significant relation and effect on brand awareness. People prefer the branded products with higher prices because they consider that branded items have more quality then non branded products.

Author’s name Research topic Environment Methodology Conclusion
Rita MartensonCorporate brand image, satisfaction and store loyalty
grocery retailing mail survey to consumers Most important for customer satisfaction is the store as a brand. Retailers must be good at retailing. Costumers are satisfied when the store is pleasant and when they feel that the store understands their needs.Only certain costumer are interested in store brands.Satisfied customers are loyal.

Janghyeon Nam
Yuksel Ekinci Georgina WhyattBRAND EQUITY, BRAND LOYALTY AND CONSUMER SATISFACTION hotel and restaurant administered questionnaire This study suggests that physical quality, staff behaviour, ideal self-congruence, brand identification and lifestyle-congruence are key determinants of consumerbased brand equity. Physical quality and staff behaviour capture the functional aspects whereas ideal self-congruence, brand identification and lifestyle-congruence capture the symbolic aspects of brand equity
Adamantios DiamantopulosBodo schlegelmilchDayananda palihawadana The relationship between country of origin image and brand image as drivers of purchase intentions UK factories and groceries personal interviews with over 300 UK consumers Controlling for the effects of brand familiarity, the analysis shows that COI impacts purchase intentions indirectly in that its influence is fully mediated by brand image. These findings are consistent with an “irradiation” perspective of COI effects and demonstrate that brand image evaluations already encapsulate consumers’ COI perceptions.

Paurav Shukla Impact of interpersonal infuences , brand origin and brand image on luxury purchase intentions Britain shops A sample of British and Indian consumers Consumers consider multiple issues prior to making consumption decisions (Harcar & Spillan, 2006). Wilcox et al. (2009) found that products without brand image association (i.e., a clearly identifiable logo, symbol or any specific mark) are less apt to serve the social functions of self-expression and self-presentation.

It was also observed that British consumers relied increasingly on branding cues. Moreover, brand image was found to be a significant moderator between normative interpersonal influences and luxury purchase intentions in both countries.

Keith Walley
Paul Custance Sam Taylor
Adam LindgreenMartin HingleyThe Importance of Brand in the Industrial Purchase Decision agricultural tractors case study
semi-structured interviews Five attributes appeared from the literature review and interviews: brand name, price, dealer proximity, quality of dealer’s service, and buyer’s experience of the dealer. The conjoint analysis revealed that brand accounts for 38.95% of the purchase decision, ahead of price (25.98%) and service (14.90%). The importance of brand varies according to the tractor 3 brand. Also, the overall utility varies, with John Deere and New Holland brand names appearing as marketing assets and Valtra, Massey Ferguson, and Case IH as marketing liabilities. Among the study’s other findings are that UK tractor buyers are brand loyal.

Franz Rudolf
Tobias LangnerBernd H. Schmitt
Patrick GeusAre brands forever? How brand knowledge and relationships affect current and future purchases. 400 business students 400 business students It’s found that current purchases are affected by brand image most directly and by brand awareness most indirectly. Future purchases aren’t affected by either dimension of brand knowledge , rather brand knowledge affects future purchases via a brand relationship path that includes brand satisfaction ,brand trust and attachment to the brand. Brand knowledge alone is not sufficient for building strond brands in the long term, brand relationship factors must be considered as well.Gökhan TEK?N
Esra AYAZ The Effect of Brand Image on Consumer Behaviour: Case Study of Louiss Vuitton-Moet Hennessy Online questionaire Quantitative
one hundred four random participants In the recent years, the luxury goods industry has grown competitively with a high level of innovation improving non-price completion factors such as services and quality, for this reason there should be careful attention to the various target audience of these luxury brands. Luxury brands are often imitated on a large scale and sold as counterfeits and thus counterfeits products might create a pricing upheaval in the market where the same brands is available at the cheaper price. LVMH and others luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci and etc., should take strong stands against such counterfeiting by running an anti-piracy campaing. The consumer would have a dominating tendency of buying the lesser priced associated with the same level of prestige status and pride. Understanding the consumer’ motivations factors towards luxury products would help marketer to develop marketing strategies.

Achmad Yanu Alif FiantoDjumilah HadiwidjojoSiti AisjahSolimunThe Influence of Brand Image on Purchase Behaviour Through Brand Trust 13 Islamic private universities in East Java province Study of 386 students Based on research purposes and the results of analysis suggested that brand image have positive and significant influence to purchase behavior among the student of 13 Islamic private universities in East Java Indonesia. Brand trust is also identified has mediating role from the relationship between brand image with purchase behavior. This research re-enforce and extends the findings of previous research that focused on Islamic values, brand image, brand trust and purchase behavior (Delgado et al., 2005; Navarro et al., 2005; Cretu & Brodie, 2007; Rindell et al, 2011; Bravo et al, 2012; Bendixen, 2004).

Mohammed ALAMGIR
Tasnuba NASIR
Alexandru NEDELEA INFLUENCE OF BRAND NAME ON CONSUMER DECISION MAKING PROCESS- AN EMPIRICAL STUDY ON CAR BUYERS. Automobile industry and city Chittagong questionnaire administered survey among 100 respondents From the study it is clear that well known branded cars are very famous among the people because consumers trust the brand name. This also indicates that people often purchase well known brand cars since they are aware of the brand performance or perhaps they have a good past experience about the brands car. This makes customer’s become loyal with the specific brand. Brand offers superior quality of the service up to the customer’s expectation and satisfaction. Further more, people are much attached to the branded products, as majority of the people purchase the branded products with the belief that brands show their status and life style in the society. T
Anna Križanová?ubicaŠtefánikováImportance of the brand for consumer purchasing decision in the Slovak republic Department of Economics, Faculty of Operations and Economics of Transport and Communications, University of Žilina. Questionnaire
a sample of 814 respondents Experience will be positive if the brand (based on the research exemplified here) is correctly positioned in the market segment. A company may use other information obtained by research in its marketing strategy by its marketing activities. If the product generates customers’ positive associations with the producer’s marketing activities, then it will create brand loyalty. If a consumer is bound to decide repeatedly on the brand, we can talk about a loyal consumer who decides on the basis of the brand. This causes the creation of the brand dominance. In the competitive environment it is essential for the company to build a database of loyal consumers. Experience in marketing management shows that it is much more difficult to retain customers than to obtain them for the first time. A customer does not have full experience with the product by purchasing it for the first time. He or she is influenced by advertising, brand of producer and the trust in the product. In the process, a company needs to convince the customer that his or her decision was right. This task is not easy. In this process, the brand performs an important role. A customer better identifies the product and can return to its purchase based on the existence of the brand.

Henrieta Hrablik ChovanováAleksander Ivanovic KorshunovDagmar Bab?anováImpact of Brand on Consumer Behavior Was conducted in Slovak republic at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, Slovak University of Technology. quantitative method of questionnaire
collected from 1,250 participants (52.2 % male, 47.8 % female, aged more than 18 years old Slovak inhabitants). More than a half the amount of respondents chooses their products or services by a brand. Participated survey respondents stated that the quality is the key factor in their decision-making process of purchasing a brand. A higher quality of products, national pride, support of the Slovak economy, support of domestic producers was the most mentioned reason for purchasing Slovak brands.
Xuemei BianLuiz MoutinhoThe role of brand image, product involvement, and knowledge in explaining consumer purchase behaviour of counterfeits Direct and indirect effects United kingdom , shops survey data from 321 consumers in the UK. This research is the first in the literature on counterfeits to establish that perceived brand personality plays a more dominant role in explaining consumers’ purchase intention of CBP than other influential factors (e.g. benefit and product attribute). Involvement/knowledge has no significant influence on counterfeit purchase intention. Evidence of involvement as a moderator does not exist. Brand image is not a mediator of the effects of involvement/knowledge on purchase intention

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