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CIS 499 Project Plan
Project Deliverable 4 Analytics, Interfaces, and Cloud Technology
Curtis Jones
Professor: Daniel C. Doe
August 21, 2018
Business Analytics means the practice of iterative and methodological examination of a business’s data with an emphasis on statistic make. Analytics can further help companies automate and optimize their business methods. Companies in which data plays a central role treats its data as a corporate asset and leverages it for gaining competitive advantage. Robust business analytics would typically depend upon information state, highly accomplished and experienced professionals who recognize that technologies, knows how to work with it and understands the organization’s processes in depth. Apart from the company should have one capable infrastructure to support these operations in marketing analytics’.

Usage of Business Analysis is to perform for the following purposes:
• Exploration of data to detect patterns plus trends
• Identifying similarities in essential data variables while forecasting. For example, next probable investment with each client.

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• Drilling down to the results to find an explanation why an episode took place. That approach managed in conducting statistical analysis and quantitative analysis with custom analytical devices.

• Predicting future outcomes with applying imminent modeling plus advantageous analytics;
• Testing previous decisions using A/B and Multivariate testing
• Assisting business in resolution making such as figuring out the amount of discount to be given for a new customer.

Post identifying of a company purpose, an analysis methodology needs to be selected, and the data is acquired to support the analysis. This data acquisition regularly involves extracting data from systems that may equal spread throughout different locations and facilities. The obtained information is then recovered and integrated into an original repository such as a data mart or a data warehouse. As the data collected is extensive and vast, the analysis cannot last performed on all the data. So, a sampling method is employed, and analysis acts performed. The analytical tools range from more commonly used spreadsheets coupled with statistical functions to even more complex data mining and predictive modeling tools. Once the patterns, trends, and relationships begin to uncover, new insights would come into the light, including the analytical process continues until all the business goals are satisfied.
Every passing year presents companies with new challenges that stress out the current generation of IT infrastructure to its limit. However, spending a significant sum of money might be an excellent way to overcome the challenges, it is not always the feasible solution. That wherever cloud computing appears in the picture. Cloud computing technologies are revolutionizing the Information technology world by offering computing ubiquitously available leveraging the redundancy entirely to maintain data assets. The infiltration of the internet and the creative usage of it’s in the business world has enabled cloud computing to utilize the current infrastructure in such a way proving it to be beneficial to enterprises by saving costs and increasing efficiency at the same time. Enterprises realize that there is an unlimited potential for cloud computing and that leveraging it would prove advantageous to both consumers plus business.
The organization could have the following benefits once business analytics tools signify brought in use:
• Better awareness and knowledge of each of the business process
• A better understanding of key stakeholders
• Cost-effective progress.

• Timely reply from customer’s requirements concerning availability of data
• Important enterprise-wide, real-time information.
• Increased competitiveness
We can assume that Business Analytics could determine immensely profitable to the company where performance data plays a crucial role by enabling them to have the right information at the right time, this permits them to make the sound decision quickly thereby gaining a competitive edge. However, the company should choose an appropriate vendor who becomes the right resolution to the organization that can allow a variety of techniques and solutions for collection, clarification, analysis, and interpretation of data to uncover patterns, anomalies, key relationships and variables leading to better insights and much more informed decisions. The vendor should also bring strategic advice along with the services which are needed to explain specific cultural, the process including performance problems of enterprise analytics.

How? The company should consider steering its directions to cloud computing technologies:
Cloud computing offers companies to leverage the power of many powerful servers, and robust industry has proven platforms without threatening financial commitments. Furthermore, there is no maintenance and no funds expenditure. Before-mentioned services are usually available as Pay-as-you-go assistance including highly customizable this would permit the company to pay for solely those services which are needed.
Cloud computing technologies provide very little or no implementation time, and usually, before-mentioned contexts can be configured or deployed on a particular day as most of these use a standard web browser to use cloud services.

Cloud service providers have the required infrastructure and the available bandwidth to accommodate business requirements to provide for high-speed access and applications.

Cloud service providers use a robust storage infrastructure and have mirrored solutions which can be utilized in a disaster scenario and as well as for load-balancing traffic. Disasters could be in any shape or form such as intrusion attempts or virus attacks to even external disasters such as natural calamities; cloud computing providers have resilience and capabilities to ensure sustainability through an unfortunate event.

Cloud services are virtually limitless scalable and can shrink and expand based on the business requirement. Provisioning and implementation usually prepared on-demand that could handle unconditional traffic spikes or other such urgent business needs.
Moving the information management on cloud enables the business to realize tension in various operational activities enabling them to have more time and resource to focus on other aspects of a business including innovation and effort. This enables the business to grow and innovate making cloud offerings to go beyond financial advantages.
For all these reasons, we can conclude that the company should consider cloud computing as an attractive potential service offering to enhance their IT resources while also controlling the investments on these fronts. However, the company should not jump the ship without researching cloud offerings from various providers first because there are certain risks and security concerns brought upon by cloud computing on top of its benefits. There would be an increased dependency on third-party service providers for many critical operations of the company, so the company should make sure that the vendor should be capable of providing fast, flexible, robust and resilient services. Simple to see why cloud computing is an attractive potential service. Offering for any business looks to improve IT resources while controlling costs. Nevertheless, this should be noted that along with the benefits come risks and security concerns that must be recognized. As IT services last contracted outside of the company, there is added risk with increased dependence on a third-party provider to supply flexible, available, resilient and efficient IT services. While many enterprises are accustomed to managing this type of risk in-house, changes are required to expand governance approaches and structures accurately handle, the new IT support and enhance business processes analysis. The primary usage of business analytics in those companies whose different past and present data play a significant role in the decision. Recommendation for a resolution provider
IBM – Smarter Analytics is an example of the several renowned analytical tools available in the market today. It is developed and maintained including IBM and has a proven track record in the market. This is suitable for various types of industries can integrate into nearly all business operations. Recommendation for solution provider
IBM – Smarter Analytics is one of the most renowned analytical tools available in the market today. It is developed and maintained by IBM and has proven track record in the market. It is suitable for various types of industries and can integrate in nearly all business operations.

Workflow diagram:

Analytics -Mockup
Main Screen
141922488265Overview | Export data | Tools | Realtime | Logout
00Overview | Export data | Tools | Realtime | Logout
4978679476250Top selling products
0Top selling products
3466465476250Low selling products
0Low selling products

Analytics -Mockup
Overview | Export data | Tools | Realtime
00Realtime information
00Realtime information

Unique ID Activity Result

Analytics -Mockup
Overview | Export data | Tools | Realtime | Logout
3562350271146Reporting tools
00Reporting tools
1876425261620Statistical tools
00Statistical tools

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