Research conducted by: Parul Garg
This examination is conveyed to comprehend the effect of brand expansion on brand personality better and to get the profound information of brand expansion and brand personality. For the exploration reason secondary information is utilized that is as of now published in different journals. It is discovered that a ton of inquiries about has been leading on brand expansion and brand equity yet very little on brand expansion and brand personality or we can state brand personality. Notwithstanding, these specialists neglected to presume that how brand extension and brand personality influences the customers. Extension of a brand influences the customers beliefs and attitudes towards a product along these lines influencing the brand personality.

Keywords: Brand, Brand expansion, Brand image, Brand personality
Brand expansion is a showcasing system in which new items are presented in connection to already established brand. It is the advertising system wherein another item is propelled under the current brand name. The class in which item is propelled might be connected or random to the brand’s present classification. The brand that offers ascend to another item under its name is classified “The Parent Brand”. Amul can be a good example of brand extension. It entered in market with the milk and now have diversification in its product category. Different authors have defined brand extension in different terms. Kotler and Armstrong (2002) characterized brand expansion as utilizing a fruitful brand name to dispatch new or altered items in another classification. Verma (2002) likewise characterized brand expansion as utilizing a current brand name to dispatch an item in an alternate classification. Brand expansion is a promotional tool in which an association that promotes a product or service with an all-around created picture utilizes a similar brand name however in an alternate business class. Brand managers utilize this as a methodology to increment and use brand equity.

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Firms utilize brand expansions to impact purchasers’ image decisions. At the point when the customers of the current item have more noteworthy estimations of the item, it is likely that they will acknowledge the new business. Be that as it may, brand expansion can bring positive and negative outcomes moreover. Brand extension should be possible whenever in the item life cycle of a brand, yet it is by and large done when a brand manufactures a decent picture in the market.

Brand personality is the way in which a brand talks and continues. It suggests doling out human personality traits/characteristics to a brand with a specific end goal to achieve division. These traits mean brand lead through the two individuals addressing the brand (i.e. it’s agents) and through advancing, packaging, etc. Right when brand image or brand personality is imparted similar to human qualities, it is called stamp personality. For instance – Allen Solley talks the personality and makes the individual who wears it stands isolated from the gathering. Infosys addresses uniqueness, regard, and intellectualism.

Brand personality is just a representation of brand. A brand is imparted either as a personality who epitomizes these personality qualities (For instance – Shahrukh Khan and Airtel, John Abraham and Castrol) or specific character characteristics (For instance – Dove as honest to goodness). Brand personality is the outcome of what the buyers encounters with the brand. It is exceptional and persevering. Our investigation finds that brand personality must be isolated from brand image, in sense that, while brand image means the indisputable (physical and valuable) favourable circumstances and characteristics of a brand, brand personality exhibits enthusiastic relationship of the brand. In the occasion that brand image is finished brand as shown by buyers’ assessment. Brand personality is that piece of exhaustive brand which makes its eager character and relationship in clients’ mind. Brand personality joins the personality features/traits, and the measurement features like age, sexual introduction or class and psycho-realistic features. Personality characteristics are what the brand exists for.

The structure is portrayed as the game plan of human traits related with a given brand. It is utilized to decide the personality of a brand by arranging it into 5 centre measurements, with each measurement isolated into an arrangement of feature, for example:
The principle reason for this examination is to increase further comprehension of how brand expansion adds to brand personality or is there any effect of brand image on brand equity and personality. Is there any difference between the brand image, brand equity and brand personality? If there is, then what’s the matter of difference and how all these aspects affect brand. Do the customers increment the value of the brand in their psyche because of better choice of new variations and new product offerings?
Lately there has been a lot of writing distributed on brand personality. Amidstthe existing specialist in regard to brand equity, a focal major is worried about the image of a brand Crafted by Kapferer and Theoning (1994) foreseen that brand image is the determinant of mental portrayals, passionate as well as psychological, an individual credit to a brand or to an association. Brand personality is one of the imperative constituents of brand image.

Moreover, a couple of researchers portray brand personality from its improvement. Rajeev Batra (1999) ensure that brand personality is the internal association of the whole brand picture. It consolidates, yet isn’t constrained to, most of the associations among the brand quality, the brand identity, and the lifestyle and characteristics of a customer. Each and every such relationship makes the entire photo of a brand. Langmeyer (1994) completes a brand personality is worked by its traits and the fascinating response system of buyers in the market including; precisely like that the identity of a man relies upon his or her innate enhancement and his or her condition. Their investigation show that the photo of a thing or organization can be assessed self-governingly, and it isn’t related to the goal purchasers.

Pina, J M., Martinez, E., De Chernatony, L. Drury S. conveyed an exploration on the impact of administration brand extensions on corporate image. The principle target of this examination is to break down the impact that administration brand expansions have on corporate picture. The investigation was finished with theoretical brand expansions, the proposed show was not tried in a genuine circumstance.

Aaker (1997) considered that brand personality speaks to the arrangement of human attributes related with a brand. The personality attributes related with a brand, for example, those related with an individual, tend to be generally continuing and unmistakable. Aaker (1997) requested that brand personality, used as a heuristic sign, may affect customer perspectives. The brand personality structure and scale made by Aaker have fundamental applications for examiners taking a gander at the impression of brand personality across over social orders. Regardless, the scale most likely won’t be appropriate for evaluating brand personality in different social settings.

Martinez. E., Polo. Y., De Chernatony L, (2008) conveyed an investigation on the impact of brand expansion methodologies on brand image. The motivation behind this investigation is to propose and test a model that shows how expanding a brand influences the general brand image. The research was just directed in two nations. Scientists are urged to test the model in more nations. The examination investigated how expanding a brand may influence the parent brand image in worldwide brand.

Graham Ferguson concentrated to re-test whether saw fit between the identity of the parent mark, and the brand development makes purchasers the vibe extended impact towards the brand augmentation. The results show that brand identity fit between the brand augmentation and the parent mark is causally related to impact felt towards the brand extension, anyway that this relationship is totally mediated by picture fit.

Grime, Ian and Diamantopoulos, Adamantios and Smith, Gareth (2005) led an exploration to examine precisely the impact of brand developments on brand identity, using Aaker’s scale to check the last specified. It was the primary examination expressly exploring effect of brand expansions on brand personality.

However, many researchers conveyed diverse research on how brand expansion is useful and how it influences the brand personality. Brand expansion can be effective and useless and have negative impact also depending on when you choose to expand your brand Purchasers can without much of a stretch identify with the new item and frame desires in view of their related information with the brand. The beginning exertion will be less extravagant since it won’t require the introduction of both the brand and the thing; finish thought can be given to the item itself; costs brought about on naming, bundling, branding, and so on diminishes. The availability of purchasers to change to another item in view of their related knowledge with that brand.

The above modal shows that how brand expansion influences the brand personality by adding values to the brand. Unfortunately, brand expansion is not always a success. There are chances that shopper never again connects the brand with a specific item yet rather centres around an item itself and the contending items accessible in the market. This is outstanding as “Brand Dilution”. In the event that the expansion is done too far i.e. not in a proper class, the brand may lose the validity. It might bring about ruining the image of the parent brand because of the disappointment of the new item. Through Brand Extension, the organization loses a possibility of making another and an imaginative personality for the item. Brand personalities help to showcase the brand better by separating it from the opposition, imparting great characteristics about it, shaping an enthusiastic connection with the brand, passing on brand’s message and setting the tone for brand.

The research is conducted using the secondary data relating to the brand expansion and its impact on brand personality. This study is conducted only considering one secondary aspect affecting the brand personality i.e. brand expansion. However, this study should also consider other aspects that affects the brand personality.

This exploration looks at the secondary information effectively distributed in the journals. It starts with the introduction part which characterizes what brands expansion and brand personality really mean. It additionally discloses to us how brand image is not the same as brand personality. The research concludes the previous researches carried out regarding brand expansion and brand image and also what those researchers concluded in their research. At that point it incorporates how brand expansion influences the brand personality; regardless of whether the impact is negative or positive. In general effect is certain if the development is conveyed legitimately. The restriction of the exploration is that it considers just a single viewpoint influencing brand personality while alternate components ought to likewise be researched. This paper is very much composed with the utilization of different outlines/flowcharts.

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