UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM IN MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP FINAL REPORT PRJ200 The management world of Carrefour and the behind scenes BY Mohamed Amine Marzougui Academic year 2018-2 Declaration I certify that I am the author of this project and that any assistance I received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in this project

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM IN MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP FINAL REPORT PRJ200 The management world of Carrefour and the behind scenes BY Mohamed Amine Marzougui Academic year 2018-2 Declaration I certify that I am the author of this project and that any assistance I received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in this project. I have also cited any source from which I used data, ideas, or words, either quoted or paraphrased. Further, this report meets all of the rules of quotation and referencing in use at MSB, as well as adheres to the fraud policies listed in the MSB honor code. No portion of the work referred to in this study has been submitted in support of an application for another degree or qualification to this or any other university or institution of learning. Mohamed Amine Marzougui Student Name Signature Date Acknowledgment I would like to start by thanking members of the Carrefour family that made this experience possible, I therefore thank Mr Nabil Chaibi the president of Carrefour and Ulysse group, I would also like to show my appreciation to Mr Houssem Khiari for assisting me and helping meet the other managers, and allowing me to go in depth with their department, not forgetting to mention all the employees in storage and offices that were cheerful, friendly and helpful. Abstract In order to emerge the Mediterranean School of Business students into the professional world and reinforce their experience throughout the academic year, internships are required as training for the first and second year students. To answer this obligation I carried out an internship within the company Carrefour for one month to perfect my curriculum and get an inside look on the management department of this firm. During my first days spent at this company, I had the chance to experience the daily chores and tasks that an employee would perform, in order to discover more details and information , that would help me grow my knowledge as a future manager. ULYSSE HYPER DISTRIBUTION opened the very first hypermarket in Tunisia under the brand name Carrefour, this is how it all began in 2001 becoming allied with the first European and the worlds second biggest retailer. Ulysse Hyper Distribution works towards the satisfaction of its customers, it benefits from its strong distribution network in Tunisia. It also continues to improve customer satisfaction by offering significant promotional discounts to continue to expand across the country. Thanks to the successive openings of new stores and owning a local supermarket chain in 2006, UHD now has a large network of more than 80 supermarkets throughout Tunisia. Through this report, I will try to focus on the experience I obtained within this society and more precisely in the purchasing department. In the first place, I will begin by articulating the information I acquired while working in the company, next in order, I will explain the strategies that the company chooses to work with and finally, I will appraise the benefits gained from this internship. Table of Contents TOC o 1-3 h z u HYPERLINK l _Toc484126708 Declaration PAGEREF _Toc484126708 h 2 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126709 Abstract PAGEREF _Toc484126709 h 3 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126710 Table of Contents PAGEREF _Toc484126710 h 4 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126711 1. MANAGEMENT PROCESS OF THE FUNCTION PAGEREF _Toc484126711 h 5 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126712 1.1. Company presentation/Organizational Structure PAGEREF _Toc484126712 h 5 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126714 1.2. Planning/Organizing/Leading/Controlling process PAGEREF _Toc484126714 h 5 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126716 1.3. Tools/Procedures PAGEREF _Toc484126716 h 5 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126717 1.4. Strengths/Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc484126717 h 5 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126718 2. INTERACTIONS WITH THE OTHER FUNCTIONS PAGEREF _Toc484126718 h 6 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126719 2.1. Value Chain PAGEREF _Toc484126719 h 6 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126720 2.2. Strengths/Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc484126720 h 6 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126721 3. MANAGER PAGEREF _Toc484126721 h 7 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126722 3.1. Roles PAGEREF _Toc484126722 h 7 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126723 3.2. Skills PAGEREF _Toc484126723 h 7 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126724 3.3. Management Style PAGEREF _Toc484126724 h 7 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126725 3.4. Leadership Style PAGEREF _Toc484126725 h 7 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126726 4. MANAGERS CHALLENGES PAGEREF _Toc484126726 h 8 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126727 4.1. Challenge 1 PAGEREF _Toc484126727 h 8 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126728 4.2. Challenge 2 PAGEREF _Toc484126728 h 8 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126729 4.3. Challenge 3 PAGEREF _Toc484126729 h 8 HYPERLINK l _Toc484126730 REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc484126730 h 9 MANAGEMENT PROCESS OF THE FUNCTION Company presentation/Organizational Structure The company presentation Carrefour is a supermarket owned by UHD (Ulysse Hyper Distribution), which hires around 5,000 employees. It is the first hypermarket in Tunisia, but it is also a network of 91 stores, including 49 Carrefour Market and 40 Carrefour Express, spread throughout Tunisia. Carrefour puts all its business know-how at the service of its customers and offers them choice, price and quality, requirements engraved in the fundamentals of the company UHD. Ulysse Trading and Industrial Companies UTIC – also known as the Chabi group, is one of the main Tunisian private groups present in services and industry since 1995. It is a mixed group of companies that works within 4 major centers of activity in Tunisia. It is located in Charguia. Currently, UT is the only distributor in Tunisia, of different kinds of foods such as cookies and biscuits like Rimy and ST Michel as well as sweets and chocolate like Ferrero and Haribo. UT distribution benefits from a very large network that monopolizes the country when it comes to providing consumer products, all this goes back to the continuous development and dynamism of its managers , as they seek new techniques for running logistics, the collection of useful information about the needs of their customers, and communication between individuals inside the firm. Following this tempo of progress encourages the growth of UT, and allows it to have better partnerships in the distribution of other consumer products compatible with the existing ranges. It is noteworthy to mention other types of products that UT imports, which are cosmetics, home appliances and TVs. In order to go in depth and be more specific about Carrefour, we should note that it has been implanted in Tunisia since 2001 thanks to its partnership with UHD (Ulysse Hyper Distribution). UHD opened the door of the first hypermarket Carrefour in Tunisia exactly on April 16th, 2001 and it has achieved a great success in Tunisia in the field of retail trade. They offered a large variety of products that were yet affordable, and focused on the satisfaction of their customers. They did not neglect marketing as they were publishing weekly catalogs and these were delivered to many homes and work places. UHD started its success by buying 42 stores named Bonprix. The company worked on the stores and changed them to a supermarket format in order to be able to introduce them as Champion in 2007. The Champion stores were subsequently converted into Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express supermarkets in 2009. New supermarkets kept popping up throughout the country and it extended tremendously. A detailed map of how Carrefours 4 different types of stores (Hypermarket, Carrefour market, Carrefour express and cash and carry ) spread around the different Tunisian governorates can be found hereunder. 35 Carrefour Express 49 Carrefour Market 2 Hypermarkets in Tunis and Gabes The organizational structure Framework of the Internship While working in the distribution cluster in the purchaser department, I noticed that the purchasing department is at the heart of successful supply chain management. It is in cooperation with other departments and helps them in determining their needs, managing the procurement process, making benchmarks competitive prices, and it generally acts as a controller to ensure that budgets are met. The important intentions of the purchasing departments are lowering the costs, managing relationships while improving quality without leaving behind the pursuit of innovation. 2. Planning/Organizing/Leading/Controlling process Planning is For a manager, planning and decision-making require an ability to foresee, to visualize, and to look ahead purposefully. The purpose here is to plan actions based on the needs and the goals that have been set by the manager. This includes budgets, policies of negotiation with suppliers, discussions with new sellers They basically are responsible for setting the future course of action from a set of alternatives and plan on how to reach their goals. During my internship, one part of planning was to assess how to decrease the prices and negotiate the marketing plan. Organizing is Organizing can be explained as the process by which the plans that have been set move closer towards their realization. The next step to achieve the managerial function is organizing labor, land, capital, enterprise and other resources that are identified as necessary by the plan to reach the goal. Organizing involves determining how activities and resources are to be assembled and coordinated. The manager has to structure the action by deciding exact tasks for each employee at a specific time and with a certain manner. One example is organizing meetings with suppliers in furtherance of renewing the buyer-supplier contract in order to meet the goals that are to be reached. Another example is taking in consideration staff and supplier delivery schedules in order to control the productivity. LEADING This is the third basic managerial function. The HYPERLINK https//iedunote.com/great-leader-qualities skillsofinfluencing peoplefor a particular purpose or reason is called leading , it is considered to be the most important and challenging of all managerial activities. Creating a positive attitude towards the work and goals among the members of staff is necessary. It is very important as it helps to serve the HYPERLINK https//iedunote.com/effectiveness-efficiency-productivity-management objective of effectiveness and efficiencyby changing the behavior of the employees. The functions of direction, HYPERLINK https//iedunote.com/motivation-definition-meaning motivation, HYPERLINK https//iedunote.com/effective-communication-principles communication, and coordination are considered a part of the leading process or system. A leader needs to be positive and to be reactive as to how to treat the employees as his behavior influences the output of the company. I have noticed that the leaders energy is almost one of the inputs that leads the company to success. Controlling process I have apprehended during this internship that putting a control process among the purchasing departments products and output in general ultimately reduces buying costs, but can also improve the quality of the products received as reports are sent to sellers, and this can even decrease credit costs in the long run. For instance, developing a vendor list will support reducing costs, this might include waiving credit checks, offering longer payable terms, providing free shipping or delivery or giving a blanket discount on all goods purchased. Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths The strength of Carrefour is that it represents a major actor in the Tunisian economy as it is allied with the first European leader in the agro-food industry. This allows it to offer products with a perceived value that is higher than the ones offered by its competitors such as Geant or Magasin General. Carrefour also has progressed with its innovative side as it uses strategies such as loyalty cards and shows their care for the environment as they obligate the use of reusable and exchangeable bags that are available to customers. Carrefour has a remarkable and successful expansion strategy and dynamicity as they turned Champion supermarkets into their own by changing its brand name into Carrefour market, integrating new products into Champion banners which was a sign of diversification and the use of profitable managing strategies. The most outstanding feature of Carrefour is its abundant presence through the country with 90 points of retail, which not only offer food and non-food products but also high-end items and other products that are imported and sold on an international level, all of the above is only possibly achievable with a qualified and disciplined staff. Which leads us to another strength Carrefour insures that its staff is specifically trained. Weaknesses Carrefour has few weaknesses when it comes to managing their human resources and treating fairly its labor. Employees work full time with no breaks or day offs all year long, they never get bonuses either nor do they get recognition for their work. Weather you work efficiently or not, you are treated the same. Another problem is manifested in their storage services, breakage and damage occurs often because of the negligence of the premises. Carrefour has not reached an optimal level of innovation, it has yet to introduce for instance an online website, or even an application, where people can order and be delivered on time, it has to have a service that includes exchanges, refunds, trackable shipments etc. INTERACTIONS WITH THE OTHER FUNCTIONS Value Chain We can define the value chain as a detailed study of the activities that the company performs, in the interest of pointing out the main key activities that have a real influence on costs or quality that may offer benefits for the companys competitive side , this technique helps the company place itself in the market and develop its added value to sustain its success. According to Michael Porter we can split business activities into two types Primary activities That include the activities that are directly involved in the physical creation and sale of the product such as marketing and sales( advertising, promotions, sales-force organization, distribution channels, pricing ) manufacturing , services (activities needed to maintain the products performance after it has been sold , includinginstallation, maintenance, repair, warranty and after-sale services.) ,supply logistics Support activities Focus on strengthening the main activities by research development, procurement , managing the human resources and activities concerning hiring , training employees, and lastly controlling the infrastructure of the firm. Taking Carrefour as an example to explain this further more Carrefours main activities are support activities are Inbound logistics Firm infrastructure Operations human resources management Outbound logistics technology development Marketing and sales procurement Services MAIN ACTIVITIES LOGISTICS The logistics of UHD is made up of 3 warehouses A warehouse in CHARGUIA 6000 m2 dry storage 3 cold rooms A warehouse in BENAROUS 6000 m2 dry storage an extension of 6000 m2. A warehouse in SFAX 4500 m2 3 cold rooms These warehouses support the flow of merchandise between the supermarkets in the country, and they contain and preserve mostly imported products and stock. In these warehouses there are several equipment pieces used such as trucks (33) for freight movement with 533 pallets. MARKETING AND SALES Carrefour markets design specializes in its similarity in all the shops around the country, they focus on keeping simple promotional signs that are recognizable and trusted by costumers. Another way to gain consumers trust is the use of the loyalty card as it offers discounts and several other benefits. Carrefour has their eyes on being a sponsor to the Tunisian national football team to have even more display. SERVICES Carrefour offers its services from 9 am to 11pm. Carrefour hypermarket of La Marsa offers different services such as money withdrawal, dry-cleaning, pharmacy , all of this is beneficial to the costumers as they get to fulfill numerous needs by going to just one place. Not only that , but Carrefour also thought about the leisure activities for its costumers , it rents stands for travel agencies , ticketing agencies ,we can even find photo booths and copying machines. Not to forget its food court where everyone can rest and eat from many different restaurants and shops that offer a diversified menu from Chinese to Lebanese to Italian. Financial and insurance services as well as leisure offers, such as travel agencies or ticketing shows and photo services are expanding in many shops and malls around the world. One of the main and important services that Carrefour offers in the after sale service , in case of malfunction of a device bought from their market , Carrefour hires technicians qualified to help costumers ultimately. Other several services that facilitates the action of purchasing for the costumer such as the option of paying in parts, service credit , and the service livraison that presents delivery and installation of devices bought from Carrefour like furniture or electronics. SUPPORT ACTIVITIES FIRM INFRASTRUCTURE Carrefour is the largest private employer in Tunisia it holds approximately 5000 employees in their 85 stores, Carrefours product consumers go over 140k a day. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Carrefours successful reputation in the market goes back to the meticulous performance of the HR department, as it considers closely the relationship between the departments and their administration. Employees have the advantage of expressing their opinions on how the interaction between them and the administration should be in order to reach agreement and benefit both sides, the freedom that they have in work allows them to feel safe and at ease which helps them achieve work that would meet the managers expectations. Employees interact with each other and have fun to work. The department encourages all the staff members to excellence and meeting the top managers expectations. TECHNOLOGY DEVLOPEMENT Carrefour had chosen to use the QLIKVIEW as a software And it also uses Navision, which is a business software that allows employees to control all the departments of Carrefour. PROCUREMENT As a retailer Carrefour relies on SME to distribute regional and international merchandise throughout Tunisia as a plus compared to its competitors Carrefour is working on reducing the costs of the purchases by buying produce directly from the manufacturer and cutting intermediaries. INCLUDEPICTURE http//resources.inboundlogistics.com/userfiles/Ecommerce_inline1_0117.jpg MERGEFORMATINET Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths Carrefours huge exposure gives value to its brand name. It is currently working on opening a new hypermarket in Sousse. To benefit from logistical costs Carrefour is planning on having a new warehouse in Bir Al Kasaa , so that suppliers will deliver products to this warehouse instead of taking them directly to the shops. A new innovative networking strategy is used within Carrefour. Their teams are preparing an upcoming launch of an online sales project where costumers have the chance to use a mobile application on which they can virtually fill their basket and pick it up from the store on D-day. The HR focuses on the communication creates harmony and understanding between different members of the company which is a positive attribute for all departments to reach out to each other and exchange ideas and opinions. The Marketing department in Carrefour is very innovative, it has built a strong bond between the company and its customers through events and gifts that are very valuable eg cars. Weaknesses One of the weak points of Carrefour is that future employees do not have access to any online website to apply for jobs, which makes it harder as they have to go on the spot to the stores to see if there are any vacancies. The lack of an online recruitment platform represents a gap in innovation that this firm aims to reach being an internationally known retailer. Until this day the company does not use advanced software to store data and statistics which makes executing tasks slower. It also affects the update of product information. Carrefour still uses very old software. This proves that Carrefour is not up to date with using technology to facilitate their work. This creates a lack in productivity. Some logistics problems have been encountered , because of the lack of storage space in warehouses for instance. MANAGER Roles The role of the manager in the purchase department varies. In large-scale distribution, he is responsible for a certain product or a family of products. During my internship 4 managers were working in the sector of EPCS (Electromenager-Photo-Cinema-Son). Each one is in charge of a type of product. The manager works in collaboration with the sales department and his tasks are Plan the amount or quantity of the items that has to be bought following the needs of the firm Meet the supplier and negotiate the selling price as it is preferable to be the lowest but maintain the quality possible Executing perfect and clear contracts Resolve any problems that may occur with supplier (delay, damage..) Creation of catalogs Proposing promotions and discounts Studying the market to identify price trends and future availability of goods Locating vendors negotiating prices preparing requisitions and purchase orders Maintaining purchase records. They will usually manage other professionals in the supply chain and procurement area of the business and will work as part of a wider team. Skills One of the main skills is the ability to make a profitable decision, it is a very important requirement that is needed in the purchasing management field. To be a successful purchase manager there needs to be a special attention to details, it is mandatory along with a good control of time management. The manager is required to be practical when it comes to decision making, they assess their steps by following a clear process and exclude randomness in order to avoid wasting time. A great amount of knowledge is the key to answer the requirements of this job. The manager must have a clear idea about the needs of the customers in order to seek and choose products and suppliers that meet the markets demand and expectations. He must also have technical expertise on the products on which he works, as well as knowledge of the Supply Chain. The managers role requires acquiring skills in areas such as sales, marketing, economics, finance and the legal field. And of course the manager must completely understand the strategies of the company in order to determine his goals and guide his decisions. The manager must have excellent negotiating skills, he has to be involved in before the purchase, to implement contracts and the selection of products. These purchasing techniques are necessary next to the skills of using a computer and softwares to help him with his daily duties. To conclude, the manager is the closest contact with the supplier, they represent the companys behaviors , thats why they process excellent human qualities while negotiating and convincing the retailer , the patience and resistance will help him reach difficult negotiations. Management Style A participative management style is used in Carrefours world, where all employees are welcomed to contribute in taking decisions and planning projects that can lead towards innovation and performance improvements. It is a corporate environment that encourages communication, equality of opportunity. This is a technique that will push all employees to express their opinions. Leadership Style The leadership style in the sector that I worked in is based on semi-directive methods and is open for group members to propose suggestions, participate in discussions and be creative. The head of this sector takes a democratic approach as a leader who is a good listener. 4. MANAGERS CHALLENGES Challenge 1 Based on the idea that Carrefour possesses the power of the provision of information, Carrefour team must work on how to use information. Since Motorola has been down, the company Novo decided to buy the Motorola brand and Novo had to sell all the merchandise and there was a liquidation. Possessing the power of information, Carrefour knew that Novo was going to make a complete liquidation of the Motorola products. Since it is obvious that Novo was going to sell all the Motorola items for a low price, the Carrefour team quickly had a meeting with the Novo team to negotiate the liquidation of the MOTOROLA brand. The CARREFOUR team wanted this to be exclusive to Carrefour and the devices would only be sold there, however, this was practically impossible. Nevertheless, thanks to the outstanding negotiating skills of the team, it was possible to do so and they managed to have the whole range of MOTOROLA which was put on sale exclusively in the hypermarket CARREFOUR. This was extremely challenging for Carrefour. The negotiation between the EPCS team and the Novo team was very hard, convincing Novo to sell everything with a price that is chosen by Carrefour was not easy. What helped this process is the reputation and the name of the brand. According to one of the EPCS buyers in Carrefour, a buyer has to have a sense of anticipation, meaning that if the purchaser works in an organization that is eager for innovation, his business is in a continuous movement. They have to accommodate and foresee what is going to happen in the market. Challenge 2 Carrefour leaders and managers still use a traditional hierarchical management style, which is shown by the companys culture, where employees always expect to be told what to do and tasks to be assigned by the managers even if they face problems, it would be up to the manager to intervene and solve it, this goes to the simplest of chores such as the way products are displayed in the store. This manner of work and hierarchy created a big challenge within Carrefour because employees may have an idea or a suggestion that may not reach the managers. As a result, they arent able to fully realize the value of those employees. Decision making can take a longer time than it should , as information and decisions must move up the companys organizational chart and then down again. managers lose time solving trivial problems that employees are able to go over by themselves, this tackles the flow of work that a manager has to perform and harms the time management . As a solution managers can spend less time on more strategic priorities . Millennial employees often dont appreciate the companys hierarchical style, as it is seen as very traditional and not innovative it raised dissatisfaction among them. Another challenge is that Carrefour managers lack skills when it comes to people development as Carrefours corporate culture and management style focuses on hierarchy and an almost parental attitude toward employees, on the other hand , this culture has helped the company attract and retain a very loyal, engaged workforce. Challenge 3 The most challenging mission that the EPCS Carrefour team had to go through was innovation, and striving to be the first retailers to have every product that is newly launched at their disposal first. As an example Carrefour team was negotiating a contract with Vega-tech a supplier of television screens , about a product that havent been launched yet in Tunisia , unfortunately for Carrefour , the supplier has already closed their deal with their competitor Geant, as they gave them the privilege on exclusivity. After finding this out Carrefour had to make an urgent decision to immediately negotiate this with the supplier and immediately sell these new TV in Carrefour. So the main source of success that Carrefour is based on is the amount of information that it processes. The key to being outstanding between Carrefour competitors is to be aware and vigilant at all times to what is happening and contracts that are being signed in the market, the activity of monitoring and analyzing the market and the movements of their competitors.REFERENCES Carrefour Tunisie. (2015). HYPERLINK https//www.carrefourtunisie.com/homeHttps//www.carrefourtunisie.com/home. Groupe Carrefour. Groupe Carrefour. HYPERLINK http//www.carrefour.com/frHttp//www.carrefour.com/fr. Carrefours employees and managers have offered me several different additional information that are used in this report Carrefour PAGE PAGE 20 hb kH 4o hpxDs0kZFNG-TKbsR Wb1CkXXxN-4 s84oWuj8w3Or)3.ZH5exm45pv9fXusR63cME)rqX,/,)r
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