MULTAN Asrar Class Msc (A/F) Roll No. MAF-16-02

MULTAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY Submitted to Dr. Zeeshan Mehmood Coordinator, Msc (A/F) Submitted by Hira Asrar Class Msc (A/F) Roll No.

MAF-16-02 Session 2016-2018 DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE BAHAUDDIN ZAKARIYA UNIVERSITY MULTAN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT All praise to Almighty Allah, the most merciful and compassionate, who give me skills andabilities to complete this report successfully I am grateful to my parents who are always been a source of encouragement for me throughoutmy life and from start to the end of this report. I am thankful toall my staffmembers of MEPCO. I found MEPCO employees helpful for providing me Theoretical as well aspractical knowledge about the function and operation of the MEPCO. I express mygratitude toSupervisorDr.

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Zeeshan Mehmood who made me able to complete this report. DEDICATION I dedicate this report to my Beloved Parents for all their love attention which has made it possible for me to make it up to this point and all my Respectable Teachers who bestowed me with the courage, by their unmatchable style and best possible training, I also want to dedicate all these efforts to my supervisor Dr. Zeeshan Mehmood.

TABLE OF CONTENTS TOC o 1-3 h z u HYPERLINK l _Toc521359707 CHAPTER 1 OVERVIEW OF ORGANIZATION PAGEREF _Toc521359707 h 1 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359712 1.1 Brief History of MEPCO PAGEREF _Toc521359712 h 1 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359716 1.2 Vision PAGEREF _Toc521359716 h 2 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359717 1.3 Mission PAGEREF _Toc521359717 h 2 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359718 1.4 Objectives PAGEREF _Toc521359718 h 2 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359719 CHAPTER 2 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE PAGEREF _Toc521359719 h 3 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359720 2.1 MEPCOs Organizational Chart PAGEREF _Toc521359720 h 3 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359721 2.

2 Organization Chart PAGEREF _Toc521359721 h 3 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359722 CHAPTER 3 FINANCE DEPARTMENT PAGEREF _Toc521359722 h 4 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359723 3.1 Introduction of the Branch PAGEREF _Toc521359723 h 4 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359724 3.2 Starting and Ending Date PAGEREF _Toc521359724 h 4 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359725 3.3 Name of the Department in which I got Training PAGEREF _Toc521359725 h 4 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359726 3.

4 Finance Department PAGEREF _Toc521359726 h 4 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359727 3.4.1 DUTIES OF MEPCOs FINANCE OFFICER PAGEREF _Toc521359727 h 4 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359728 3.4.2 TRAINNING SECTIONS FOR AN INTERNEE PAGEREF _Toc521359728 h 4 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359730 3.4.

3 TYPES OF SECTIONS PAGEREF _Toc521359730 h 5 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359731 3.5 What I Learned During Internship PAGEREF _Toc521359731 h 6 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359734 CHAPTER 4 ANALYSIS PAGEREF _Toc521359734 h 9 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359735 4.1 Financial Analysis PAGEREF _Toc521359735 h 9 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359736 4.2 SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc521359736 h 12 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359737 Strength PAGEREF _Toc521359737 h 13 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359738 Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc521359738 h 13 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359739 Opportunities PAGEREF _Toc521359739 h 14 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359740 Threats PAGEREF _Toc521359740 h 14 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359741 CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS PAGEREF _Toc521359741 h 15 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359742 5.1 Conclusions PAGEREF _Toc521359742 h 15 HYPERLINK l _Toc521359743 5.

2 Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc521359743 h 15 CHAPTER 1 OVERVIEW OF ORGANIZATION 1.1 Brief History of MEPCO WAPDA WAPDA, the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority, was created in 1958 as a Semi-Autonomous Body for the purpose of coordinating and giving a unified direction to the development of schemes in Water and Power Sectors, which were previously being dealt with, by the respective Electricity and Irrigation Department of the Provinces. Since October 2007, WAPDA has been bifurcated into two distinct entities i.e. WAPDA and Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO). WAPDA is responsible for water and hydropower development whereas PEPCO is vested with the responsibility of thermal power generation, transmission, distribution and billing. There is an independent Chairman and MD (PEPCO) www. replacing Chairman WAPDA and Member (Power) who were previously holding the additional charges of these posts. WAPDA is now fully responsible for the development of Hydel Power and Water Sector Projects. PEPCO has been fully empowered and is responsible for the management of all the affairs of corporatized nine Distribution Companies (DISCOs), four Generation Companies (GENCOs) and a National Transmission Dispatch Company (NTDC). These companies are working under independent Board of Directors (Chairman and some Directors are from Private Sectors).

The Companies are administratively autonomous and leading to financial autonomy by restructuring their balance sheets by bringing their equity position to at least 20 percent, required to meet the prudential regulations and to facilitate financing from commercial sector (approved by ECC). The Loan Liability Transfer Agreements (LLTA) has been signed with Corporate Entities and execution of loan transfer is complete. Area Electricity Board Multan The local areas electricity distribution service was being performed by various Regions of WAPDA. Then the Area Electricity Board (AEB) Multan, on the eight AEBs in Pakistan, was established under the scheme of Area Electricity Boards in 1982, in order to provide more autonomy and representation to provincial government, elected representatives, industrialists, agriculturalists and other interest groups in functions of the AEBs. Multan Electric Power Company Limited (MEPCO) The 2002 Power Generation Policy of the Government of Pakistan allows provinces of Pakistan and AJK to develop power generation projects of sufficient capacity in public and/or private sectors at the least cost to utilize the available natural resources for power generation and to avoid capacity shortfall. This Policy has therefore been framed by the Government of the Punjab to attract investors to develop and implement power generation projects up to maximum capacity of 50 MW.

Electricity is one of the most important components of infrastructure and plays a key role in national development and economic growth. To make power available in all areas and sectors, the Government of the Punjab approved the establishment of PPDB in 1995. PPDB has been given the mandate to implement power generation projects in the private sector through the utilization of the water resources of canals/rivers and other resources based on indigenous fuel like oil, gas, coal, biogases as well as wind and solar energy, wherever economically available.

The increased availability of electric power to a population of 140.5 million (as assessed in the 2001 census), shall generate industrial growth, uplift the economy and society, and also lead to improvement in urbanized areas. The expansion of power infrastructure through the intervention of the private sector shall also relieve other entities from unsatisfactory performance and shall give rise to additional production and economic growth which in turn shall eliminate the problems of a limited budget in this sector.

The subsidies and cross-subsidies in the tariff shall gradually decrease and the tariff shall therefore ultimately be free from any such influence. As a consequence of this economic stimulus, resource mobilization shall also be increased which shall further initiate a cycle of growing financial returns. Multan Electric Power Company Limited (MEPCO) is a public limited company incorporated on 14 May 1998 and commenced commercial operation on 01 July 1998. After the unbundling of Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) the Assets and Liabilities of Multan Area Electricity Board are, now, transferred in the name of MEPCO.

MEPCO is envisaged for the creation of the resources and engineering plans for additions, renovation and augmentation of distribution system of electricity in the urban areas of its jurisdiction. MEPCO also electrify the rural areas of the company through its Project Director (construction) and the Govt. of Pakistan makes funding in the project.

In the F/Y 2007, more than four thousand (4,000) villages were electrified by the P.D (c) and handed over to the Operation Divisions for supply of electricity in the areas. MEPCO has Authorized share capital of 5,000,000,000 shares @ Rs.10 each but capital employed and paid up share capital is PRs 10,000/- and the remaining shares are down by WAPDA. The environment and structure of the power industry throughout the world is undergoing dramatic change. The power sector is moving from monopoly to privatization and from integration to disintegration.

To keep pace with this change, the Government of Pakistan approved a Strategic Plan in 1994 as a consequence of which the power wing of WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) has been unbundled into 12 Companies for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Multan Area Electricity Board was reorganized into one such corporatized entity under the name of Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) with effect from 14.05.1998, with the aim of commercialization and eventually privatization. MEPCO has been working vigorously to meet the challenges to provide the Electricity in the whole MEPCO region. A measure of this understanding is progressive measure such as establishment of VILLAGE ELECTRIFICATION EUROPEON COMMISSION PROJECT to provide electricity in the whole region, the area of MEPCO is increasing day by day. It is one of the biggest companies among WAPDA.

The Multan Electric Power Company is the largest Distribution Company of PEPCO. Its area of operation is comprises of 13 districts of south Punjab. MEPCO is the only distribution company which touches three provinces and five distribution companies of PAKISTAN as HESCO (Sindh) at Sadiq Abad, PESCO (KPK) at Vahova, QESCO(Baluchistan) at Fort Manro, FESCO at Bakker and LESCO at Sahiwal. MEPCO also touches the border of INDIA at Minchin Abad Bahawal Nager. Administratively MEPCO control this area through its eight operation circles names Multan, Sahiwal, Bahawalpur,Bahawal Nager, Muzaffargarh, D.

G.Khan, Rahim Yar Khan and Vehari. The charter of MEPCO is to provide the reliability, quality and safety of electric power supply to the consumers in its jurisdiction. Its area of operation is from Sahiwal to Sadiq Abad Bahawal Nager to Bahawalpur Tounsa Sharif to Rajanpur Boarded with Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP 1.2 Vision To ensure convenient availability of highquality power in areaof responsibility, in orderto alleviate thepoverty, improve quality oflife and makethe Industrial and Agriculture Sector competitive inthe World Market. 1.

3 Mission Ensure convenient availability of high quality electric power to the people at affordableprice, retaining financial viability of the Company. 1.4 Objectives To play an active role to make Sar Sabz and Roshan Pakistan To overcome the difficulty of load shedding.

Built new and high technology grid stations. Reducing line lossesminimizing trippingandtheft control. To help agriculture andindustries. CHAPTER 2 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 2.1 MEPCOs Organizational Chart MEPCO has eight (08) distribution Operation Circles which are as under 2.

2 Organization Chart Departments Accounts department Finance Department IT Department Revenue Department HR Department Inventory control Department Training Department CHAPTER 3 FINANCE DEPARTMENT 3.1 Introduction of the Branch The MEPCO head office is situated at Khanewal road Multan, which is central place of Multan city. All the operation and policies are making in this office. 3.2 Starting and Ending Date I start internship from 22 June 2018 to 1st August 2018. 3.

3 Name of the Department in which I got Training During my work in MEPCO Division I was assigned different task. Finance Department 3.4 Finance Department Finance department MEPCO, under the guidance of MEPCO finance, controls the budgeting, Payment, expenditures, pensions, assets, collections, foreign loans, etc of MEPCO, WAPDA. Everyday its own staff and officials. Description of every department is given in detail ahead. But first we will look at the official structure of this department with its senior officials and duties of the staff as being related to financials. 3.

4.1 DUTIES OF MEPCOs FINANCE OFFICER As being a financial officer or accountant in MEPCO, one has got following responsibilities to perform on each and every level. These are To act as a financial advisor.

To act as a compiler of Accounts. To act as a primary advisor. 3.

4.2 TRAINNING SECTIONS FOR AN INTERNEE As being an internee, finance department has offered us training in the following sections Banking Consolidation Department/A/R A/P Pre-Audit Audit Tax Section Budget Section Salary/Pension Section Admin Section Compilation Section Asset Section Payment Section We spent recommended span of time in each section in order to get trained in the deep work of finance activities in this every department. Details of each section are explained as this report proceeds.

Executive of Finance worked under administrative control of MEPCO (CEO) Multan. Limit of office is procured facts from Operations division and oblige and arranging of hardened statement and cash related time of the association. Finance in charge of status of associations PLA, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow announcements, to control the Financial game plan of the affiliation, Mobilization of benefits, Generation of advantages and utilize and part of benefits as required by the Companys Ordinance 1984, Income Tax month to month, Annually Statements, Income Tax Returns, Payment of Advance Tax on Quarterly (Turnover Tax) according to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 Monthly Sales Tax Returns, Monthly withholding Sales Tax Statement to the Sales Tax Department are moreover overseen in the Finance Departments 3.4.3 TYPES OF SECTIONS Banking Consolidation Department A/R A/P Pre Audit Audit Tax section Budget Section Salary/Pension Section Admin Section Compilation Section Asset Section Payment Section 1.

Banking Section This section deal with the different Banks Post Offices which are authorized banks of the company under the area covered by the company. This section monitors the collections of Electricity Bills, Security Deposits, RCO fees, and other receipt as well as remittance of the collection in to Main Branches of the Company at Multan and reconcile it with the remittance cash book (CP-48) provided by the Revenue Offices operating under MEPCO. There are two basic functions of banking sections which are Demand Notice Billing Collection i. Demand Notice In demand notice, there are two kind of deposits which are collected by banking section of finance department. The first one is security. Which customers will deposit at the time of application and it is refundable. The second type of deposit is Capital deposit.

In capital deposits, customers deposits according to their requirements (for example Wire, meters, transformers etc.), which is not refundable. ii. Billing Collection Customers paid their bills in different banks, and banking section is responsible to collect data from revenue office and prepare bank reconciliation statement and match balances. There are approximately 1700 branches of different banks are working with MEPCO.

2. Consolidation Department/ A/R A/P Basic purpose of consolidation department is to prepare consolidated statements. They received data from revenue office and make consolidated statements of MEPCO.

They basically make two types of statements which are Income statement Balance Sheet Another function of consolidation department is to control the account receivable and account payable. 3. Pre-Audit Audit Pre-audit and audit sections are responsible for all the work before audit. They perform three types of functions which are Internal audit Private audit Government audit i. Internal Audit Internal audit is the responsibility of Pre-audit section.

They have 5 to 7 person audit team and performed internal audit by getting information and data from revenue and other departments. ii. Private Audit After the Internal audit, Pre-audit team hire the services of private audit company and perform the private audit and helped them while getting different type of information and data from different sections. iii. Government Audit It is the responsibility of Audit section of finance department. NEPRA has its audit team which has its head office in LAHORE. They send their team in MEPCO in every year for major audit.

Audit team helped them to perform major audit. This is how pre-audit and audit sections works. If there is any gape exist they send para to particular department and ask them to answer. 4. Tax Section Tax section has been established to fulfill the requirements of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 as applicable to corporatized entity anywhere in Pakistan.

WAPDA is exempt from the levy of Tax but in the current scenario, MEPCO, being Limited Company, is payable to Tax liability as prescribed to corporatized entity and according, even in case of loss MEPCO has to pay Minimum TAX of its Turnover to the Tax Department. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has recently allotted National Tax Number (NTN) and Sales Tax Registration No. (STRN) to MEPCO the no as under NTN 04-10-3011207-9 STRN 04-07-2716-007-55 5.

Budget Section Estimate of operating budget and system augmentation program are prepared in the budget section. The estimate is send to the Board of Director and then sent to the authority (WAPDA House) for approval. If any objection is there then it is try to remove than sent to MEPCO LTD MULTAN and then budget section distribute the approve budget to the field offices, accordingly. Budget section of finance department make two types of budgets which are Capital Budget Expenditure Budget I. Capital Budget In capital budget, budget section make budget for long term assets like machinery, towers, vehicles etc. They basically get budget requirements from different departments and after identification send the requirements to NEPRA and get the overall budget.

Then budget department distribute budget to all required departments and get all types of bills and time to time information about budget spending. II. Expenditure Budget Expenditure budget is required to fulfill the expenses within the year, like petty cash, telephone requirements etc. All the procedure of expenditure budget is same just like capital budget. 6. Salary/Pension Section MEPCO is providing a big facility of pension to its employees in the reward of their services, which they provide for the company and this section deals with the pension cases submitted by the field offices.

Priority is given to the death cases and family pensions. MEPCO is also in the process of establishing of its trust for Employees Retirement Benefit Trust Fund to overcome its pension liability. Salary and pension section is responsible for making the salaries of all the employees of MEPCO. On monthly bases, they make salaries slips and calculate the total figure and get salaries from banking department and transfer it to individual salaries account which has contract with HBL bank. Second function of salary department is to make pension for all the retire employees of MEPCO.

Gross Pension Basic Pay x Qualifying service /30 x 70/100Net Pension Gross Pension x 65/100 Amount of gratuity / commutation (Gross Pension x 25/100) x 12 x age factor 7. Admin Section Admin section is responsible to control all the sections and maintain all type records on monthly bases. They send the record to head office of WAPDA. This is how MEPCO finance department works.

8. Compilation Section This section deals with the compilation of Companys Accounts on Monthly basis. This section maintains different books of accounts. The Divisional Accounts Officers (DAO) is the representative of the Finance Department in the Operation Division and deals with the accounts matters in the Field Offices. The DAO submitted the monthly accounts to the compilation section of the Finance Department and this section has to consolidate the Accounts according to the International Accounting Standards (IAS). At the end of each month they prepare Trial Balance, Profit and Loss accounts, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and detail of accounts of different heads.

9. Asset Section This section is established to deal with all the movable and immovable assets of the company. Now, the concerned Divisions monthly submit the Assets Sheets to the section to calculate the depreciation on monthly basis. Company charges depreciation on its asset by using the following rates. Asset Tile Depreciation RateLand0 Buildings2 Office Equipment10 IT Equipment10 Distribution Equipment 3.5 Other plant and equipment 10 Furniture10 Vehicles10 10.

Payment Section Main responsibilities of payment section are related to the payment of salaries to staff and reimbursement of all kind of bills etc. All the approved bills and vouchers are sent to the Administration section where they are approved for verification. 3.5 What I Iearned During Internship 1. Banking Section Demand Notice In demand notice, there are two kinds of deposits which are collected by banking section of finance department.

1) The first one is security. Which customers will deposit at the time of application and it is refundable. 2) The second type of deposit is Capital deposit. In capital deposits, customers deposits according to their requirements (for example Wire, meters, transformers etc.

), which is not refundable. Billing Collection Customers paid their bills in different banks, and banking section is responsible to collect data from revenue office and prepare bank reconciliation statement and match balances. There are approximately 1700 branches of different banks are working with MEPCO. In the Banking section of the Finance Department I was assigned the duty to make the lists of all the field offices according to the submission of Revenue Collection Summary (CP-48) whether they have submitted the summary within due date or not. The list was prepared by me keeping in view the due date 10th of each months. I hand over the list to the higher officer Mr. Rao Taswar Assistant Manager Accounts Banking Section who then call the justification from the field office for late submission of Summaries.

I also learned the procedure from the summary that how every banks remit daily collection to their main branches operated in Multan. This is a very sensitive section and utmost care is made to handle the work as there is a great chance of figure mistake while transferring funds to different filed offices as per their demand. I assigned the duty to make entries in the register maintained about the funds released to field formations. The register is made keeping in view the ledger concept where the entries are made accordingly as and when the funds are released to the field formation. There are no chances of double posting as classification is made office wise.

The pension funds are also released through this section on receiving the release orders prepared by the pension section of this department. The bank reconciliation statement is also checked with the cash books submitted by the field formations. The pattern of the bank reconciliation is the same as applicable in the books of accounts. Some of the banks are UBL (180 branches) HBL (195 branches) NBL (185 branches) MCB (180 branches) ABL (80 branches) MOP (65 branches) 2. Consolidation Department/A/R A/P Basic purpose of consolidation department is to prepare consolidated statements. They received data from revenue office and make consolidated statements of MEPCO. They basically make two type of statements which are Income statement Balance Sheet Another function of consolidation department is to control the account receivable and account payable.

3. Pre-Audit Audit Pre-audit and audit sections are responsible for all the work before audit. They perform three type of functions which are Internal audit Private audit Government audit I.

Internal Audit Internal audit is the responsibility of Pre-audit section. They have 5 to 7 person audit team and performed internal audit by getting information and data from revenue and other departments. II. Private Audit After the Internal audit, Pre-audit team hire the services of private audit company and perform the private audit and helped them while getting different type of information and data from different sections. III.

Government Audit It is the responsibility of Audit section of finance department. NEPRA has its audit team which has its head office in LAHORE. They send their team in MEPCO in every year for major audit.

Audit team helped them to perform major audit. This is how pre-audit and audit sections works. If there is any gape exist they send para to particular department and ask them to answer. 4. Tax Section Tax section get the revenue figure from revenue department and calculate the tax and report to WAPDA as well as PAKISTAN tax authority. This is how tax section works for MEPCO.

5. Budget Section In the budget section the whole planning is made by the top management. I was taught how the budget is allocated to each division. In this respect according to my learning the budget is allocated to each demanding units keeping in view their requirements and last year actual spending. A letter mentioning the allocation of budget under different account head is issued to each division under MEPCO.

In this section Mr. Zargham Abbas Accounts Assistant and Mr. Akram Niazi Assistant Budget Accounts Officer greatly help me by giving a thorough knowledge about the allocation of budget. There are two basic functions of budget sections which are Capital Budget Expenditure Budget Capital Budget In capital budget, budget section make budget for long term assets like machinery, towers, vehicles etc. They basically get budget requirements from different departments. Expenditure Budget Expenditure budget is required to fulfill the expenses within the year, like petty cash, telephone requirements etc. 1. Operating Budget Operating budget consist of the following types of budget Operating Expense Budget Operating Revenue Budget. I. Operating Expense Budget Operating expense budget consist of General establishment Maintenance. i. General Establishment General establishment consist of the following budgets. Salary (pay and allowance) Free electricity supply Medical free supply Office expense Telephone bills Gas bills. Traveling Allowance bills ii. Maintenance Budget Maintenance consists of the following types of budget. Insurance Vehicle expenses Repair and maintenance of building Line Maintenance. II. Operating Revenue Operating revenue consist of the following budgets Sale of electricity Hydel surcharge Fuel adjustment surcharge Additional surcharge. 2. Capital Budget Capital budget consist of the following type of budgets System augmentation program Development of power Energy loss reduction 6. Salary/Pension Section Salary and pension section is responsible for making the salaries of all the employees of MEPCO. On monthly bases, they make salaries slips and calculate the total figure and get salaries from banking department and transfer it to individual salaries account which has contract with HBL bank. Second function of salary department is to make pension for all the retire employees of MEPCO. In the pension cell a complete list of observations was given to me to check the pension case lodged by different division under MEPCO. There should be no discrepancies in the fulfillment of the entire documentation requirement relating to retired person. The most important certificate is nothing is outstanding against the retired persons duly verified by the head of the department and NAB (National Accountability Bureau). Following formula is used to calculate the monthly pension and gratuity payment of gratuity / commutation. 7. Admin Section Admin section is responsible to control all the sections and maintain all type records on monthly bases. They send the record to head office of WAPDA. This is how MEPCO finance department works. 8. Payment Section In payment section I was assigned the duty to check the supporting documents with the medical claims and submit to higher officer for further process the matter. The supporting documents in respect of medical claims should comprise the proper verification from the Medical Superintendent of WAPDA Hospitals on outdoor medical slip and on all the medical store bills. There store bills must be made on cash memo not on a simple pad. Moreover while scrutinize the Petrol bills the log book of each vehicles should be carefully examined and no one should cross the limits prescribed by the authority. The contractor bills are also passed in this section, but I was not allowed to examine or study the bills being heavy amount and to minimize the chances of misplace of the bills. 9. Asset Section In the Assets Section I was advised to check the information submitted from the field office with their proper supporting documents. The field offices submit the assets sheet on monthly basis along with all supporting documents. The assets may be purchase of furniture, HT poles, LT poles, meters, meter cables and transformers and other accessories. The posting is computerized on a prescribed format it makes it easy to know the assets position division wise and feeder wise. Moreover a consolidated abstract is made in order to know the assets position of the whole region. The deprecation is charged according to the diminishing balance method. FORMAT USED IN ASSETS SECTION Name of Division_______________________ Name of Sub Division___________________ Rate of Deprecation______ Feed Name Code_____________________ Financial Year-2012-2013 CHAPTER 4 ANALYSIS 4.1 Financial Analysis Ratio Analysis There are following ratios 1) Liquidity Ratios 2) Long Term Debt Paying Ability Ratio 3) Profitability Ratios 4) Activity Ratios Liquidity Ratios Current Ratio CR CA/ CL Year 2015 2014 2013C.A12000000001080000000140000000C.L231000000207000000231000000C.R5.19 times5.21 times0.61 times Interpretation The current ratios for the year 2015, 2014 2013 are 0.51 times, 0.52 times and 0.61 times respectively and value is decreasing gradually. Acid Test Ratio Q.R C.A Inventories / C.L Year 2015 20142013C.A 1200000000 1080000000 140000000Inventory141000000141000000148000000C.L 231000000 207000000 231000000Acid Test ratio 4.58 times4.53 times0.034 times Interpretation The current ratios for the year 2015, 2014 2013 are 4.58 times, 4.53 times and 0.034 times respectively and values are increasing gradually. Debt to E.R Debt to E.R T.D / T.E Year 2015 20142013T.D620000000579000000530000000T.E46,000,000044,500,000043,200,0000D to E Ratio1.34 times1.30 times1.22 timesInterpretation The current ratios for the year 2015, 2014 2013 are 1.34 times, 1.30 times and 1.22 times respectively and values are increasing every year. Debt Ratio Debt Ratio Total Debt / Total Assets Year 2015 20142013Total debt620000000579000000530000000Total Assets163300000015670000001485000000Debt Ratio 0.37 times0.36 times0.35 times Description The current ratios for the year 2015, 2014 2013 are 1.34 times, 1.30 times and 1.22 times respectively and values are increasing yearly. Total Capitalization Ratio Total Capitalization Ratio Long-term debt / long-term debt shareholders equity Year 2015 20142013Long Term debt142000000117000000102000000Long term debt Equity602000000562000000534000000Capitalization Ratio 0.23 times 0.20 times0.19 timesInterpretation The current ratios for the year 2015, 2014 2013 are 0.23 times, 0.20 times and 0.19 times respectively and values are increasing. Profitability Ratios NPM Net Profit margin Net Profit / Sales x 100 Year 2015 20142013NP327000000242000000(212000000)Sales502000000488000000467000000NPM 65.13 49.79 45.39 Interpretation The current ratios for the year 2015, 2014 2013 are 65.13, 49.79 and 45.39 respectively and values are increasing. Gross Profit Margin Gross Profit Margin Gross Profit / Net Sales x 100 Year 2015 20142013Gross Profit174000000167000000160000000Net Sales502000000488000000467000000Gross profit Margin 34.6 34.2234.26 Interpretation The current ratios for the year 2015, 2014 2013 are 34.6, 34.22 and 34.26 respectively and values are increasing every year. Fixed Assets Turnover Fixed Assets Turnover Sales Revenue/ Fixed Assets Year 2015 20142013Sales Revenue502000000488000000467000000Fixed Assets4330000004870000001345000000Fixed Assets Turnover1.15 times1.00 times0.34 times Interpretation The current ratios for the year 2015, 2014 2013 are 1.15 times, 1.00 times and 0.34 times respectively and values are increasing yearly 4.2 SWOT Analysis Quality and shortcoming are fundamentally happening in the inner conditions of the association. It gives the data that in which zone we are solid and feeble and it gives the arrangement how we can beat the shortcoming and use the quality a correct way. The SWOT investigation is a thorough and basic outline of the tasks, methodology, tenets and controls, administrations and other related exercises, the examination incorporate the examination of MEPCO in the light of the particular factors which straightforwardly or by implication influence the activities of the MEPCO. The instrument chose for the investigation of association is SWOT examination. Strength to build on Weaknesses to cover Opportunities to capture Threats to define against Strength The MEPCO top administration is the mix of experiences and youthful vivacious experts which are ended up being the genuine quality of MEPCO. MEPCO site gives each data about MEPCO to the clients and financial specialists. MEPCO has furnished with the most recent innovation. MEPCO has great connection with various offices. The MEPCO workers are locally thus, the turnover rate is low. The MEPCO has productive inward review office, which keep check and adjust. The MEPCO has encountered of key peak and administrative gifted staff. Full help from Federal Government Weaknesses The regulatory cost of the organization is high, because of which the gainfulness of the organization diminishes. There divisions are not very much outfitted they want to enhance them. Telecom and Media unrest Reliance on providers of Power age hardware Opportunities There is no rival in the neighborhood advertise, there is a major chance to get more offer. Purchasers of MEPCO administrations are effectively accessible in the neighborhood advertise. The procedures of MEPCO are exceptionally solid which assist them with getting favorable circumstances over the contenders. Innovative work in control age hardware Characteristic assets to build water assets and less expensive power There are fast changes in innovation of intensity age and to upset with it service should get ready for the feasible arrangements remembering the progressions Threats One noteworthy threat to MEPCO is expanding number of customers step by step. Because of change happen in the supply is lasting danger to the MEPCO. There is dependably a danger the legislature may force a few obligations on the MEPCO. Removal of help from providers. Abridgement of spending plan. CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5.1 Conclusions I got an extensive measure of inclusion in MEPCO. In the midst of my working I come to understand that the assorted units are working under one umbrella. I have seen that they are getting the favorable circumstances by constraining various costs which earlier they were paying a direct result of nonattendance of development of PC. The MEPCO has latest advancement for its organizations and they are serving the close-by advertise uncommonly well. MEPCO has open gateway plan for all handle all issues blunt Merit, Justice, Fair play be the trademark Transparency in all fields Accountability of everyone. The Multan Electric Supply Co. is a noteworthy affiliation. It offers capacity to the buyers. It is playing out his action outstandingly well yet certain upgrades and enhancements are required. This affiliation has vertical organization system. The best level organization can make this association as a glorious association. The inside level and base level organization is similarly driving forward, dependable and wonders. In any case, tragically the game plan of equipments for upkeep purposes, the organizations extended planes, and fresh customer organizations division is demolishing the photo of the association. The ask for of intensity of the clients must be fulfilled at top need. Key moves should be made against the navigate between the demand and supply.The response of the specialists on the failure of the supply must be progressed. Following conclusions are described here Raw material should be increased Slow speed of implementation must be eliminated Exact estimated demand is made. Reduce the political factors in MEPCOs projects. 5.2 Recommendations The following are some suggestions about the MEPCO- Management should attempt make all the more understanding between various offices is to build their profitability. All the obligations and duties of the representatives and the specialists ought to be plainly characterized. The administration should select perfect individual for right employment. The administration should employ multi talented specialists to get economy of scales. The DISCOS should purchase all rating capacitors 11 KV, 132 KV and 415 KV for improving voltage of the lines. Technical assistance should be given to the line staff regarding power factor improvement through capacitors. For new connection applicants of industries, a condition for installing capacitors at factories must be imposed on industrialists to avoid voltage drop due to heavy load. A penalty should be imposed on industrialists who are not using capacitors. 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