The Media is the Unofficial Fourth Branch of Government Essays

Consider the people around you. Most of them are informed adults who keep up with the

current events and state of their nation. How they do this, is, of course, by watching the 7­o­clock

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news with their family, or maybe reading CNN on their mobile phone on their morning bus ride to

work. Even listening to the radio as they drove in their car for 5 minutes could have given them

some idea as to how their government is doing. And what matters the most is how it’s presented.

The media has this immense power, this way of showing things how their network wants, and

influencing how citizens might look at the actions of their government. I do agree with the notion

that the media is the unofficial fourth branch of government, because in a democratic country such

as ours, the view that the public has is the most important aspect? the media has the power to

support, the power to destroy, and most importantly the power to inform. The legislative branch

may be voting on laws, but one scandal about a senator, and it could be the difference between

legislation being passed or not. Scholars recognize this power and recognize that it can make a big

enough difference to affect the other branches.

Firstly, the media has the power to support. Who the media supports is often having a bit

of an easier time than the unsupported party. The popular broadcasting station, Fox News, is

known for being extremely right­swinging, and viewers who watch this channel are presented with

information that reviles President Obama and supports Governor Christie after his recent

“Bridgegate” scandal. The media’s decisions on who to support and who to criticize reach every

single one of their viewers,…

…ts own right, and some citizens do

indeed look to this authority over their senator’s own words. The media has its own special brand

of power, and these powers can make or break citizens’ political participation. The media, with its

powers to inform, destroy and support can affect more people than some legislation even will, and

with millions of viewers, their follower pool is much larger than a state representative. One fact

left out, one fact presented strongly­ this can affect the public’s perception of political events and

government. In a democratic nation such as ours, where the government only runs smoothly if its

citizens participate actively in its systems, this kind of influence can hold its own against the three

branches. Scholars would likely recognize this power, and this is why the media is such an

extreme, and powerful tool.

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