Pitching for Spotify Presented to

Pitching for Spotify

Presented to: Spotify

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Prepared by: 180257M

Date of submission: 26 November 2018


1. Company Summary
1.1. About Facebook
1.2. Mission and Vision
1.3. Advertisement reach and process
1.4. Entitlement
1.5. Our Track Record

2. Campaign for Spotify
2.1. Summary for Spotify
2.2. Advertisement format
2.3. Our Packages at a Glance
2.4. Customized solutions
2.5. Past client’s success
2.5.1. Their story
2.5.2. Their goal
2.5.3. Their solution
2.5.4. Their success
2.5.5. Product used

1. Company Summary
1.1 About Facebook
Facebook is a measurable digital platform with regional presence. Our site usage has at least 90 Million monthly traffic in Pageview. Facebook have been in the marketing communications industry for 20 years and frequently featured in the press.
Facebook growth rate of the total number of users is increasing every day. The percentage of daily unique users has slightly increase through time. The monthly traffic in pageview has grown through time in proportion to the growth rate of the user base.

1.2 Mission and Vision
Facebook’s corporate mission is “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” This new mission statement was implemented in the midst of data privacy and security issues involving Cambridge Analytica and other parties. In early 2017, the company’s corporate mission was “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” In this regard, the new corporate mission shows that the company now focuses on making its social networking web site an important part of community development.
Facebook’s corporate vision statement, based on the company’s social media service offerings, is “People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.” This corporate vision shows that the business is not just a basic online social networking site. Instead, the company also facilitates knowledge acquisition and valuable communication among individual users.

1.3 Advertisement reach and process
Facebook allows your company to reach to students, alumni, faculty and staff at the library, their work, home or dorm rooms.
You can target users using traditional horizontal/vertical banners, links and other more contextual ad placements. We will help you identify the most effective placements to reach the goals
Firstly, we will understand your business needs by engaging our strategies to speak with you. Subsequently, we will proceed to create your advertisement using effective Facebook ads that will resonate with your customers. Lastly, we implement the ads on Facebook, then we review and fine-tune the ads to ensure success for your company.

1.4 Entitlement
1) Your will get guaranteed Facebook top advertisement ranking
2) Holistic and sustainable advertisement strategies that work
3) Free consultation with our friendly experts
4) Monthly reports to track you progress
5) Digital marketing specialist backed by an experienced team
You will have guaranteed results with at least 7 times return on investments when advertising with us. We do also have proven track records as attached below.

1.5 Our Track Record
• UOB Bank
• SingTel
• Psb Academy
• PropNex
• HomeTeamNS
• LAZADA Group
• Fuji Xerox
• BridgeStone
• Nanyang Technological University
• Certis Cisco
• Royal Caribbean International
• Cathay Cineplexes

2. Campaign for Spotify

2.1 Summary of Spotify
The objective of Spotify is to convert free users into premium users – 75% of its revenue comes from the subscription fees of premium account members. Spotify would like to create brand awareness and increase audience reach.
Given that Spotify total budget for media promotion is $1,250,000, of which 20% will be allocated to Facebook, the best recommended package will meet the cost allocation of $250,000.
The campaign will run from April to September 2018 to targeted audience – youths between 18-21 years-old.
2.2 Advertisement Format
1) Carousel (Create an ad with 2 or more scrollable images or videos)
2) Single Image (Create an ad with one image)
3) Single Video (Create an ad with one video or turn images into a video)
4) Slideshow (Create a looping video as with up to 10 images)
5) Collection (Feature a collection of items that open into a full screen mobile experience)
6) Facebook instant experiences

per month
125,000 Impressions
375 Clicks
Medium to High competitiveness
Dedicated Advertisement project manager
Advanced optimization
Monthly Analytics
6 Ad variations
per month
70,000 Impressions
200 Clicks
Medium to High competitiveness
Dedicated Advertisement project manager
Advanced optimization
Monthly Analytics
3 Ad Variations
2.3 Our Packages at a Glance
per month
35,000 Impressions
100 Clicks
Low Competitiveness
No dedicated Advertisement manager
Basic optimization
No Monthly Analytics

3 Ad Variations

There is a one-time Setup Fee of $1,000 applicable to all packages. Prices quoted is for a single media advertisement. SEO pricing may vary based on competitiveness of industry.

2.4 Customized solutions
As given that Spotify’s budget is $250,000 in our medium, we would recommend going for the exclusive package as it will broaden your reach and impression of your company.
As to increase mobile app installs of Spotify, it is essential to create standout ads for mobile, where it’s easier than on desktop to download an app. The key to a standout mobile ad is to show your app being used in relatable situations. That way, when a mobile user is scrolling through their Feed in their downtime, your app strikes them as the thing they would rather be using to perform an action they find appealing.
It’s important to deep link to your mobile app or the app store to the right audience. Dynamic ads enable deep linking, a gamechanger for increasing installs.
Here is a illustration of how your ad suppose to display like on Facebook:

2.5 Past Client’s Success
2.5.1 Their story
‘Delivery anytime, anywhere’
Founded in Hong Kong as EasyVan in 2013, Lalamove is Asia’s leading delivery platform, with a presence in more than 120 cities. Over the last 5 years, the company has capitalised on the sharing economy and new technologies to improve the logistics industry for more than one million customers, with the aim of improving road congestion, job creation and delivery services.
2.5.2 Their Goal
‘Converting new customers’
Lalamove wanted to encourage people in Taiwan who had recently downloaded the app to make their first purchase within 14 days.

2.5.3 Their solution
‘Instant familiarisation’
The company had a challenge: to educate people who were new to the app about its Helpbuy service. Using the Helpbuy service, people can place a request with the company’s drivers to purchase and then deliver items for them. To bridge the gap between people downloading the app and making their first Helpbuy transaction, Lalamove decided to run a campaign using Instant Experience and compare the results to its previous campaigns, which used multiple ad formats.
Through the Instant Experience, Lalamove used demonstration videos to show people how to navigate the app, create orders and use the Helpbuy service. The immersive Instant Experience placement allowed viewers to scroll through segments of information on Helpbuy’s features to learn how the app works and imagine how it might fit into their daily lives. Lalamove also offered people a promo code they could use within 14 days of their download.
The highly interactive and visual elements of Instant Experience allowed Lalamove to provide information in a creative way and remove the barrier to entry for people who were new to the app to make their first transaction.
2.5.4 Their success
‘Breaking Barriers’
Instant Experience proved to be a highly efficient way for Lalamove to help people understand how the app works and when to use it. The campaign, which ran from April 25–July 31, 2018, resulted in:
• 63% reduction in cost per acquisition
• 12.3X increase in sales conversions
• 7.8X increase in first-time users

2.5.5 Product used
Instant Experience – Use the full screen to bring your story to life
Video adverts – Capture attention with engaging videos adverts
Custom Audiences – Reach your customers and contacts on Facebook
“We had such excellent results with Instant Experience to educate users and help them understand our app’s purpose in their live, all through fast-loading dynamic details, user- friendly navigation and an array of layout templates to choose from.”

Alex Tse
Performance Marketing Manager, Lalamove

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