McCormack was said to have been a determined

McCormack was said to have been a determined, fun-loving child. She was also said to have been an enthusiastic football fan. During her school life she found a strong passion and grasp( fix word ) towards serving god. McCormack was firstly educated by the Sisters of St Joseph, however she transferred to Santa Maria College, Perth to become a boarder. At the young age of 15 was when Irene McCormack desired to be apart of the religious sisters. Her ambitions came true as she became apart of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1957, the following year she she professed her first religious vows.Throughout her life she has a strong passion for teaching and educating the youth, McCormack was well known teacher in Western Australia for the next 30 years of her life. She however was also fond on both tennis and golf and was a accomplished player.

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