1. school parents concern and their attitude

1. For finding the professional solution for this I was red many countries school parents concern and their attitude toward education, also how these countries face and solve the problem with respectively.
2. There are many purpose of comparative education like; To assist in solving one’s educational problem To assist in the promotion of international relationship To serve as an academic discipline To contribute the formulation of countries educational system and so on.
3. I have a strong purpose for find a solution for this issue; I believe parents volunteer for many school directed tasks.
4. Parent engagement: Encourages parents and staff to help develop a joint vision, Sets the tone and expectations for partnerships and builds capacity among school staff and parents.
5. If we can involve and engaged the parents in education system like this, they will be very much aware and professional might not face those challenges from parents.
6. How can you find a solution for that one issue of interest you identified in Learning Activity 1? My issue which was mentioned in learning activity one was “parent’s lack of awareness towards education system”.
7. Parental task: nature of invitation Parents are encouraged to do something about what the school perceives as important.
8. For example: Parental task: will be taken to develop the vision and delegates responsibilities to the parents support group.
9. Comparative preparation tries to use cross-national records to check propositions about the connection among education and society and among coaching practices and studying results.
10. Parent engagement: Parents are challenged to do something about what they feel is important to them.
11. Parent engagement: Elicits ideas from parents about how to better help their child.
12. Many countries like Singapore, Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific and so on believes that parental engagement in this system is very important to grow the awareness.
13. Parental task: teachers will also involve parents in their roles.
14. The reason behind, I prefer/love to study other theories related to this issue, instead of exploratory and observational I feel more easy to do some experiment to get a solution for my interested issue.
15. Define Comparative Education? Comparative education is the comparative examine of tutorial theories and practices in numerous nations.
16. Currently I believe most of the parents are involve in some job, NGOs, private sectors and so on.
17. Parents have right to raise their concern in government level even.
18. A general consensus, that a good definition of the comparative discipline should contain at least the elements of content, methodology and purpose of the study.
19. By completing this task I will choose a unit of analysis in geographic/ locational level in world regions countries, for Bray; Thomas (1995) Cube it will be in level 1.
20. In my opinion Singapore is one of the best countries to face and overcome this problem in an interesting ways

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