John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John F. Kennedy ( JFK ) was known throughout the world for

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his heroic deeds. He has helped many Americans many different

ways from saving a mans life and keeping him from drowning, to

helping African Americans. He had come from a very political

family, and knowing that he felt that he had to carry on the tradition

of that after his brother Joe had past away. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts

on May 29, 1917, the second oldest in a family of nine children.Although their families had not come to the United States with much

money, both of John Kennedy’s grandfathers became political leaders

in Boston. One of them, John Fitzgerald (for whom he was named),

was elected mayor in 1905. John Kennedy’s father, Joseph Patrick

Kennedy became a very wealthy businessman, an adviser to

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the United States Ambassador

to Great Britain from 1938 to 1940. John Kennedy (his family called

him “Jack”) moved to New York when he was ten years old. Since the

family spent the summer months at their home in Hyannis, Cape

Cod, Jack still lived a good part of his life in Massachusetts. As a boy

and a young man, he traveled to other parts of the United States and

to other countries. After graduating from the Choate School in

Connecticut in 1935, he went on to Harvard College and graduated in

1940. That same year he wrote a best-selling book, Why England Slept,

about some of the decisions which led to World War II.

Kennedy described himself as “ an idealist without illusion “.He considered his best quality to be curiosity, and he worst

irritability. Kennedy’s charm, grace, and wit were to a great extent

responsible for his immense popularity as president. He remained a

bit detached from things in order to counter his extremely sensitive

side, for the most part he controlled his temper. Kennedy met his future wife at a dinner party in

Washington, D.C. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was the daughter of a

wealthy Wall Street broker, John V. Bouvier III. She had attended

Vassar College and the Sorbonne in Paris. When she met Kennedy,

she was a student at George Washington University in Washington.

Later, she worked as an…

…uals, like the African

Americans. He treated people equally, no matter who they

were or what color there skin was. As the years have gone by and other Presidents have written

their chapters in history, John Kennedy’s brief time in office stands

out in people’s memories–for his leadership, personality, and

accomplishments. Many respect his coolness when faced with

difficult decisions–like what to do about the missiles in Cuba. Others

admire his ability to inspire people with his eloquent speeches. Still

others think his compassion and his willingness to fight for new

government programs to help the poor, the elderly and the ill were

most important. Like all leaders, John Kennedy made mistakes, but

he was always optimistic about the future. He believed that people

could solve their common problems if they put their country’s

interests first and worked together.


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