It of education in Bhutan. Therefore in order

It is twenty first century now and still if we go to any schools and observe the teaching and learning process, the common scenario that we will find is didactic form of teaching where learning is teacher centered. The students are the listener and only teachers will be talking continuously leaving no space for student to give their suggestions. This is an unhealthy practice in our education system. As students were mostly groomed to listening (since their early education), their interaction with teacher with and amongst themselves has been less frequent. Besides, their class participation is very poor. Students rarely clarify their doubts because they hesitate to approach the concern teacher. Moreover, their enthusiasm in active class participation is low. This has impacted their learning because their exploration in learning is poor, thus attributing to poor quality of education in Bhutan.
Therefore in order not to continue with the same strategy and to improve our quality of education, we have selected the topic: “how to enhance the active participation of students in a class” as our research topic with aim to improve student class participation during the learning process. We came up with this topic through our own experience as a student when we were in our school and we felt that students still lack confident and they lack behind in everything that is carried out in the school.

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