Essay on Designers: Comparing and Contrasting Marc Newson To Oscar Niemeyer

Report To Compare and Contrast Marc Newson To Oscar Niemeyer

Designing is the planning or drawing that people produce that shows how something may function, work or look like. It is everywhere in our society today and is an important factor in the world. It also allows people to express their views, ideas and creative flairs in different ways. Such as how today we will be looking out how Marc Newson designs compared to Oscar Niemeyer. Although they are people of very different times, different cultures and different passions there is still one thing for sure that unites them which is designing for individuals and the world.

Before I start to compare these designers in depth you should probably get to know a bit about them. Such as Marc Newson was born on 20th of October 1963 in Australia. He designs aircraft, products, furniture, jewelry and clothing. While Oscar Niemeyer who was born on the 15th of December 1907 in Rio de Janeiro and died the 5th of December 2012. He was a Brazilian architect who is considered to be one of the key figures in the modern development of architecture. Though he mainly designs houses and buildings.

Marc Newson and Oscar Niemeyer are very different designers. But I will go into depth about there similarities and differences such as both designers are interested in modernism or development into new technologies. Newson says that he loves to work with new technologies. This is similar to the way Niemeyer was thinking, such as how he wanted to head in the modern direction when designing buildings and houses. He was just a designer before the era of bringing in new technologies. Some examples from Niemeyer’s work would be the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in which he designed. Which has relevance to …

… ideas and create something or design something amazing that can be used and of benefit to not only yourself but the world. But some of the main similarities grasped from this report would be how both designers were very interested in modernism, as well as there love for designing with curved lines and not using many sharp corners in there designs. Some more similarities would be that they were able to create and design things that were multicultural meaning that they weren’t target at one specific culture or country. The last similarity was that they designed different things but aimed whatever they designed to the same target market. So overall we have found that you can take two different designers or people and realize that they may seem completely different in terms of style and what they design but they can have more similarities than you may originally think.

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