“Absence make the heart grow fonder” or that’s what they say

“Absence make the heart grow fonder” or that’s what they say. A statement that has been around for many years and remains statement now. Not being able to see a family member or love one for so long makes you miss and love them more. The cause of not being able to see each other may be because of long distance or even death. Having a someone you love to be there for you when you need is important. When you do not have that, it’s hard to not look elsewhere to get the same affection the love one gave you.
Communication with your love one is the essential. For me being without someone I love is difficult. Just not being to see someone for even a day, week, or even months is difficult. A simple text message or phone call is not enough for me. I need a face to face communication. I had once met this beautiful girl at a festival. She someone you could ever dream of a beautiful girl with great personality. I asked her for her phone number, so I can take her out for lunch, dinner, or just be in contact with her. For next couple of months, we hanged out mostly every day I fell in love she was the best girl I could’ve ask for. Until one day 6 months later I got devastating news from her saying she was moving into another town that was about two hours from the town we were currently living at. It was devastating to hear that your love one is moving and won’t be able she each mostly every day like it used to be. She was the one that was always there for me when I need help. It’s now hard to look somewhere to get the same affection that she gave me. I make plans with her every other weekend spending every second, minute, and hour with her because I won’t be able to see her until the next week. Every day that goes by it makes it difficult to have a long-distance relationship with her. I promised her that no matter how long the distance or how hard it gets to be together we would always be together. Even to this day we still are and always going to be together. It doesn’t matter how far we live from each, but the love we have for each.
“The absence makes the heart grow fonder” or that’s what people say. Relationship does not always end up because of long distance relationship. It does not always depend on the distance itself but the feeling that each other have for each other. It takes strength and love

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