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International Commercial Banks in Oman
Done by: Shatha Al-Riyami, Zuwaina Al-Harthi Asma Al-Raisi, Dhuha Al-AghbariSection: 2
Introduction Of Commercial Banks
Commercial banks do not create money; they are simply the intermediaries that move money from the capital markets to businesses.

Commercial banks offer services such as: trade finance, project finance, foreign exchange transactions and trading.

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Without commercial banks, the international finance and import-export industry would not exist.
List of International Commercial Banks in Oman:

Bank Beirut.

National Bank of Oman.

Oman International Bank.

Habib Bank.

Bank of Baroda.

National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations. They serve more than 38 million customers through four global businesses:
Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking.
With around 3,800 offices worldwide, they aim to be where the growth is, connecting customers to opportunities, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to bloom, and ultimately helping people to fulfill their hopes.

Company’s history
HSBC was established in 1865 to finance trade between Europe and Asia.

For over 150 years they have connected customers to opportunities.

HSBC was born from one simple idea – a local bank serving
International needs.
In March 1865, HSBC opened its doors for business in Hong Kong, and
Today they serve more than 38 million customers worldwide in
66 countries.

The experiences of the past 150 years have formed the character of
A glance at their history explains why they believe in capital strength,
in strict cost control and in building long-term relationships with
HSBC has weathered change in all forms
– Revolutions, economic crises, new technologies –
and adapted to survive.

SBC Holdings plc. is a British multinational banking and financial services holding company. It is the 7th largest bank in the world, and the largest in Europe. HSBC traces its origin to a Hong in Hong Kong, and its present form was established in London by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation to act as a new group holding company in 1991. The origins of the bank lie mainly in Hong Kong and to a lesser extent in Shanghai, where branches were first opened in 1865.The HSBC name is derived from the initials of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The company was first formally incorporated in 1866. The company continues to see both the United Kingdom and Hong Kong as its “home markets”.

HSBC has around 3,900 offices in 67 countries and territories across Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America, and around 38 million customers. As of 2014, it was the world’s sixth-largest public company.


-395605-42291000HSBC in Oman
HSBC has been present in Oman since 1948 and for two decades was the only bank operating in the country. In 1970 it assisted in the first issue of the Omani currency.

Over the years the bank has delivered a number of “firsts” for Oman, including being the first to offer ATMs, provide international ATM cash withdrawals, introduce an online banking system, and offer commercial electronic banking.

Today HSBC Bank Oman provides a wide range of banking services for both corporate and retail customers.

HSBC has developed a network of branches located throughout Oman to support their customer’s needs.

Main Office: Bait Al-FalajHead office: Al-Khuwair
Other Branches in Muscat:
Al-Qurm, Muscat City Center, Minaa’ Al-Fahal, Ruwi High Street, Madinat Al-Nahda, Quriyat, Seeb, Al-Khoudh ; Azaiba.

Other Branches;
Al Batinah | Al Dhakiliya | Al Dahirah | Al Sharqiya | Dhofar.Aim
Increase mortgage market share, grow there commercial customer base, and improve customer service.

Gain market share and deliver growth from there international network.

Improve their customer service by investing further in technology.

Simplify the organization and invest in future skills.

HSBC Holdings Vision:They aspire to be one of the world’s great specialist banking groups, driven by commitment to their core philosophies and values.

Mission:Through an international network linked by advanced technology, including a rapidly growing e-commerce capability, HSBC provides a comprehensive range of financial services: personal financial services; commercial banking;corporate, investment banking and markets; private banking;and other activities.

Services Offered:
Personal Loans
HSBC Personal Loans start from 4.6%  with no insurance required.

Loan amounts up to OMR 80,0003
More great benefits:
Flexible repayment periods from (12 to 120 months).
Loan Buy-Out Facility – they have an easy process that will help you transfer your existing loan with another bank to HSBC.

Home loan
Loan to Value Interest rate Repayment period
Up to 80% Starting from 4.5% a year Up to 25 years for villas & townhousesUp to 20 years for apartments
You can ONLY get a HSBC home loan if:
You’re an Omani national /
If Non-Omani your age should be between 25 – 60 (men)/ 55 (women).Minimum salary of OMR 500.HSBC Advance
What is HSBC Advance?
Is a priority banking service that supports you in managing your finances now ; to get you where you need to be in the future.Facilities of the HSBC Advance:
Day to day banking:
Free cheque books.

See all your HSBC accounts on one screen ; make free instant transfers worldwide.

24/7 banking through Phone Banking.

Free Access to the Plaza lounge at Muscat airport.

Entertainment ; Shopping:
Get the exclusive HSBC Entertainer mobile App with over 8,000 ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offers.

Special discounts and offers worldwide.

Recommendation and Conclusion:
To play their pricing strategy very carefully.

To integrate the latest feature of modern technology in their operational strategy to get the competitive advantage.

To attract the lower and the mid-level customers redesign product with additional facilities.

4257675-7366000-4356103408207Bank of Baroda
00Bank of Baroda

Introduction and Evolution: Bank of Baroda also known as BoB is an India state- owned banking and financial services company headquartered in Vadodara (earlier known as Baroda) in Gujarat, India. It offers banking products to meet the banking needs of individuals.
Established in 1908 in Baroda as a private bank and following nationalization by Government Bank of India, it became a wholly-owned Government in 1969. Bank’s head office is in Baroda and the corporate office is in Mumbai.
It is the second-largest bank in India, offers a range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through its branches and through its specialized subsidiaries and affiliates.The bank was founded by Maharaja H.H. on 20 July 1908 in Gujarat.
It all started with a visionary of Maharajas of Baroda.

On 20th July 1908, under the companies act of 1897, and with a paid up capital of Rs10 Lakhs started the legend that has now translated into a strong, trustworthy financial body, the bank of Baroda.

No history is complete without mention of tis heroes, mostly ordinary people, who turn in extra- ordinary performances and contribute to building an institution. Over the years, there have been thousands of such people. The bank salutes these “unknown soldiers” who passionately helped to create the legend of Bank of Baroda.

There were also the leaders, both corporate and royal, who provided the vision and guided the Bank through trail blazing years, and departing, left behind footprints on the sands of time.
Company Profile:
The Bank has presence in world’s major financial centers in New York, London, Brussels, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

With over 5000 branches globally and staff strength of over 42,000 Bank of Baroda has continued to retain its leadership position amongst the nationalized banks.
The Bank enjoys strong fundamentals, large franchise value and good brand image. Story of BOB is scripted in corporate wisdom and social pride. It is a story crafted in private capital, princely patronage and state ownership.
Based on 2014 data, the bank is ranked 801 on Forbes 2000 list.
It won best public Sector Bank Award at MCX and CNBC – TV18, India’s No. 1 Business medium presented for the first time, the India best banks and finance Institutions Awards to felicitate India’s best financial professionals for their contribution in building a robust financial system in 2011.
The bank is the first among public sector Banks in India, to introduce and implement extended working hours like 12-Hours banking and 24 Hours Banking. The bank also introduced the unique concept of Happy Hours banking which is purpose is to encourage customers to avail certain services during lean business hours of the branch by providing them incentives, gifts as well as concessions in service charges.
Third largest public sector bank in India, after State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank.

Founded in 1908
Headquartered at Baroda (Vadodara)
It has total of 4283 branches including 111 overseas
Has a total staff of 43578
CMD OF Bank Baroda is S S Mundra 
To be a top ranking National Bank of International Standards committed to augmenting stake holders “value through concern, care and competence”.

To be the most trusted Emerging Bank, partnering Ghana’s economic transformation through care, concern and competence .Ensuring growth with compliance.

Hong Kong
Africa Republic of South Africa
Sultanate of Oman
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States Of America
Indian Branches Locator
Trinidad and Tobago
Given below is the list of services offered by the Bank of Baroda:-
Retail Banking
Rural Banking
Wholesale Banking
SME Banking
Wealth Management
Product Enquiry
Internet Banking
NRI Remittances
Baroda e-Trading
Interest Rates
Deposit Products
Loan Products
ATM / Debit Cards
Products and Services:
Personal banking:
Personal banking is a form of investment where the products and services a bank is offering are customized to meet the needs of the customers. Personal banking offered by bank of Baroda to its customers encompasses a range of products and services. The two main categories of personal are deposits and advances.

The type of deposits offered the banks are of two types;
Demand deposits
Term deposits
Home loans
Car loans
Educational loans
Gold loans
NRI services:
Bank of Baroda a red carpet welcome to all NRI to bank with us. As a premier nationalized bank in India, with comprehensive banking experience World- wide, and by virtue of our consistent track record of profit making since1908, Bank of Baroda are confident of meeting all your b banking requirements. Convenience of the internet. Internet banking enables the customers to carry out his online bank transaction.

Mobile banking:
Mobile banking is a service provided by Bank of Baroda through which a customer can carry out limited banking transactions from anywhere and at any time. These facilities can be availed by the customer by using the Bank of Baroda app on their mobile phone.

ATM services:
Bank of Baroda offers their customers convenience of over 26,000 ATMS in India, the largest network in the country and continuing to expand fast.

It has the objective of serving its customers in the best way to meet their expectations and work hard to satisfy them.
BoB provides all the banking services that are needed to assist their customers.

Bank of Baroda is pursuing an ambitious overseas expansion plan and is in the process of identifying/opening more overseas centers for increasing its global presence to serve its 43 million global customers in still better way.

From what we presented before we think this bank is one of the best banks and it has a branch in Ruwi if you want to know more about it, give it a visit!
The bank has a wide customer’s base, so the bank should concentrate on this to retain its customers
The majority of customers are satisfied. But the bank should target on the rest of the customers who are not satisfied.
The customers are aware about the banks services but the Bank should try to create more awareness among people. Bank of Baroda should lay more advertisements, both in print as well as in other media for this purpose, to make more people know about it.


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