World War II was one of the most detrimental historical events in the world

World War II was one of the most detrimental historical events in the world. The amount of causalities not only for the United States but all together was tragic. While most people believed that the men were the superior sex because of how they sacrificed their lives to fight for their countries, don’t neglect the work that women were doing back home. Women all over the U.S. worked just as hard as the men in war.
World War II was the deadliest war in all of history, with the amount of causalities coming out to 56.4 million. World War I, the Great Depression, the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler’s rise to power, Japan after the first world war; these are some of the many causes that led to WWII. There are multiple different opinions on when this war started. Some believe that it started when Japan invaded China in 1937 while other believe that it began when Germany invaded Poland on the first of September in 1939.
The United States first joined this war after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. This attack formulated by the Japanese was a stunning blow. Around 2,400 Americans were left dead and 1,000 wounded. This attack caused the US to declare war on Japan three days and eventually on Japan’s allies. The United States soon turned to their highly powerful economy to winning the war, “against such military might, the forces of Germany and Japan did not really stand a chance,”(Dowswell 41).
While men and some women were abroad fighting to protect their country, most women stayed home doing multiple difficult tasks. “Women on the Home Front worked in defense plants and volunteered for war-related organizations, in addition to managing their households,” (The National WWII Museum). Around 350,000 women served in uniform volunteer for multiple newly formed organizations such as the Women’s Army Corps, Navy Womens Reserve, Women Airforce Service Pilots, etc. Women also took the places of men in the workforce to free them to fight abroad.
Women were left with lots of tiring jobs such as welders, electricians, mechanics, operating streetcars, cranes, tractors, etc. According to Penny Coleman many women “worked for the Civilian Defense; they also devoted hours to scanning the sky in look for enemy planes,” (19). By the time WWII ended, America’s wartime production record included 296,429 airplanes, 102,351 tanks and self- propelled guns, 372,431 artillery pieces and so much more. Even Time magazine stated that America’s wartime production a miracle; but this miracle would not have come to be without Rosie the Riveter and strong women like her. Rosie the Riveter is a cartoon of a woman wearing a denim shirt and red bandana with the words ‘We Can Do It!’ In a speech bubble above. This cartoon has influenced many women to get out their hiding spots and start working. Women like JoAnn Hudlicky or Rose Bonavita are perfect examples of Rosie would be like if she was a real woman. Although Rosie the Riveter was an influential war advertisement, as soon as the war ended, the job opportunities and Rosie disappeared just as quickly as they came. Even if women weren’t needed in the work field anymore their contributions will not go unnoticed.
Overall, without the women, winning the war and keeping our country safe would not have been possible. Women deserved the right to be able to do whatever they felt the need to do,
not just sit at home and take care the children, and they proved that to be true. WWII was a very stressful situation to be put in and they were still capable of working to help their home. Their work and achievements will not be forgotten.

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