?General and programs, they become interested in manifestations

?General introductionViolence, in general, is to cause harm or injury to others on the physical or moral level, which is not a modern phenomenon born of globalization, but dates back to the first humanitarian community, as in the story of Cain and Abel, and since that time to this day, humanity has seen various types of cruelty, Barbarism, and violence .

.. etc. Causing a series of successive tragic disasters, because violence breeds only violence. which is the subject of this research, has become the subject of the hour, and a lot of talk about it, especially in recent times it is the subject of many books, magazines, newspapers, and programs, they become interested in manifestations of this phenomenon in various fields of community life, And went many researchers and scholars to seek for scientific explanations of this phenomenon, and it is clear that these studies showed that the social and cultural system and the economic situation and standard of living are all factors that explain this phenomenon, it is noticeable that these studies and research did not put the question of the relationship between violence and the formation of masculine identity, so many researchers had relied on some intellectual references and theoretical premises to search for an explanation of this fact without standing up to its basic components. It began mainly from the issue of violence as a general phenomenon, The comparison project used in the study of male dominance is to analyze the phenomenon of violence against women by men and to identify the relationship of violence to the formation of masculine identity.

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The types of violence are strongly intertwined to support and lead to each other. All forms of violence against women result from discrimination against them at all levels. We will also talk about two types of violence that are also highly intertwined and the most prevalent. One of the WHO reports in 2014 reported that 15 to 71 of women between the ages of 15 and 45 were subjected to physical or sexual violence, and were also limited to being beaten by an intimate companion, parents or siblings …

The disparity between these ratios Subject to the different status of women from one society to another or even within a single society we can define this type of violence as an act causing physical harm or aims to abuse, and targets women in particular, As that all forms of sexual violence are usually included as physical violence.so I will talk about the use of physical violence against women as a means of war.Physical violence is defined as the intentional use of physical force, with the possibility of causing general harm. Physical violence includes slapping, pushing, pulling, punches, kicking, skin, beatings, strangling, binding, burning, intentional poisoning, use or threat of weapons. physical harm is widespread throughout the world and is often caused by the husband or partner, or individuals deprived of the right to life with intentional of murder. It appears from the few statistics available on the subject in developed and developing countries that physical violence is still present in all these countries. This type of violence has consequences for women with health problems that have made the World Health Organization (WHO) classify this violence as a global health problem with epidemic proportions, including severe injuries and fatal beatings, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy and thus abortion Or severe births as a result of sexual violence.

This violence may reach the point of intentional murder, and most Arab countries in the East continue to have cases of crimes which, in their laws, justify the crimes of the East as an excuse to reduce the death penalty, which may sometimes not exceed a few months. So Psychological disorders are caused by physical violence on the one hand and psychological on the other, where deliberate beatings and injuries leave women with the impression that women who are exposed to violence are highly exposed to problems and mental disorders, such as depression and fear, and these can increase the risk of addiction to Alcohol and drugs, and those who are exposed to violence in childhood and adolescence tend to practice this violence later, and thus affected children of the mother affected by the consequences of this violence. In addition, medical services provided in the context of physical violence cost countries large amounts for these services, on the one hand, and the weakness of the productivity of battered women on the other, and tend to be abused women to form shaky personalities, and linking this type of violence with many factors such as education. The social environment, however, is still widespread in all societies, although its disadvantages are exacerbated. It seems that the solution to eliminate this type of violence requires close cooperation between several parties and efforts, the most important of which is women’s awareness of their rights and the necessity of forcing them to remain silent. In this regard, it is necessary to amend discriminatory laws that allow or tolerate such violence, to abolish the mitigating causes of honor crimes, and to tighten laws to the detriment of women, And amend the laws of sexual assault in the Arab regions, and to provide mental health services and care for battered women, and also provide them with the necessary awareness and work to combat sexual violence against women in particular, sexual violence from partners, in the workplace and in times of conflict, and eliminate the societal perception of women as partners or causes Violence, rather than victimization, as well as physical and sexual violence, constitutes a large part of the other forms of violence practiced by women in terms of geographic prevalence, as well as high incidence of violence. However, the decline in these rates in certain countries means that this type It can be controlled if the efforts of society, especially women and law, are in line.

In view of the importance of this topic, I will address in my analysis a number of problems posed by physical violence against women in general, and thus I will highlight the motives, causes and general effects and legislative efforts to combat this phenomenon, which has become a scourge in the life of women.1. Causes and motives of physical violence against womenViolence against women is one of the social prevalent phenomena in many Arab societies, although the majority of them embrace the Islamic religion, because Islamic religion gave women great status and generosity more than men, and it has given them great importance and value within the society in which they live, yet even that she still suffering from injustice and persecution on a daily basis and in different areas and this phenomenon is increasing and rising at a great pace recently, in parallel with the increasingly technological and cultural progress in these communities as a whole, because lately despite the progress of cultural science, individuals don’t care about the granted humanitarian value that had given to women by nature, their presence is an important element in the formation and building of these communities, and Despite all this moral value that she has she still go through violence, and thus violence against women is due to a number of reasons and motives that have made it spread largely without any deterrent or comprehensive stand against these aggressors who are a threat to women’s lives in general.A) The social environment in which battered women live Violence against women is due to a number of reasons, which have led to their widespread prevalence according to the social environment in which women generally live.

The environmental causes in which individuals live may play a major role in the spread of violence against women, such as the presence of large numbers of people, the stifling congestion, lack of necessary services, high unemployment, and widespread poverty, This group of reasons can be highlighted as follows :The silence of women and their acceptance of co-existence with the violence they are subjected to is one of the most important reasons that led to the spread of this phenomenon largely because the aggressor did not find any kind of rejection or resistance, for what it does, which led to its persistence and persistence in carrying out acts of violence against women . Cultural causes can also be considered as having a significant role in the occurrence of violence against women due to differences in cultural and intellectual levels between the two parties, which leads to the lack of sufficient awareness of how to deal with the other party and how to respect him. The cultural and educational level of women is much higher than that of men, leading to differences in all aspects of their lives, and consequently women’s abuse by men. The factor of human education and the type of origin that arises from childhood reflect on the personality and way of life in the future, the person who is raised in a violent atmosphere in his life will deal with others in a manner of violence and especially with women. When children see the way violent parents deal with mothers, they are imagining and imitating this method, dealing with women in a disrespectful manner in any connection, and treating them as a person of no value and should not be respected and appreciated.The distinction and separation between male and female, which many people deal with under the pretext of customs and traditions prevailing and known, which lead to the marginalization of the role of women and reduce the lack of any kind of respect for them, in return is maximizing the role of men and make it the only active and important in the community.

Living in difficult economic conditions and the inability of a person to obtain his most basic needs leads to a man of such a difficult, cruel and violent nature, and leads to the discharge of his negative and emotional energies to women.There are some States and Governments that have a major role in the spread of violence against women, through the imposition and enactment of encouraging laws and the non-imposition of sanctions on persons who practice violence against women.2. Means of physical violence against womenWe can talk about the physical violence of women in general and this is done by a variety of means that are used to harass women, many and multiple, and these tools are manifested in any tool that can harm the body of women, whether material or moral, and These methods are available either at home or outside and are often used against women in anger. Both within the home and in order to be attacked and threatened by the family or husband. And outside the house by the intimate friend or otherwise, by the intention of forcibly subjected to sex or the intention of theft and the extraction of property, in public parks or street or public places such as cafes, stations and markets, and thus can generally analyze and highlight a range of means used in violence against women We will mention some of them :The rope : Several forms of violence against women are practiced by it so they link women to the tree and swirling and suspension them in the branches and surfaces and the bosom, and it is practiced for beatings and handcuffs, and it is also the process of traction land either by hand or by car or other, all this expose women to pain And torture.Sticking: This method is used to punish or to obey orders.

The rod is a dangerous device in itself so that it may break a member’s head or ribs and may lead to loss of consciousness or murder and can bring a sustainable public to women.Iron poles: They have a great impact on the woman’s body and it leaves an exposed traces visible and inflicts great pain.Glass cutting: It is a dangerous way that in turn lead to body damage of women, which causes serious phenomena such as scratches and wounds that remain of serious effects, and may lead to permanent disabilities. Such as severing the nerves, the throat, loss of the eye, and the cut of the ear, nose or finger.The knife, the sledgehammer: All these methods have the same result so that they are considered more dangerous to violence against women and these methods are dangerous for women’s lives. So that one stroke may lead to death or loss of life if the hit is strong and deep.

Shotgun: a firearm used for hunting or war, sometimes used by men in the violence against women, either to force and threaten to take out their clothes and force them to have sex by force and under threat or to abandon their property and jewelry and rob them of what they have.Types of physical violence against womenAs part of the International Day for the Elimination of Physical Violence against Women, many men consider violence to be just physical violence, but in other words, many kinds of violence may be more severe than beatings, And wounds that are not healed as in the superficial wounds, but remain a monument with a visible effect in the body and in the soul forever. If women are exposed to any kind of violence that we are talking about now, we invite you to break the silence and stay away from such inferior treatment that you are subjected to, you can be considered the only one who can free and restore hope in life again free without trouble or torment. It is possible to talk in general about a wide range of physical violence, which we limit to talk about some of them and the most dangerous impact on the body of women and we will mention the extent of the risk for the body of women, which is weak physiological compared to what is exposed to various types of violence practiced and can be mentioned these types as follows :kicking : which is a foot strike towards the woman’s body without regard to the damage that can be followed by such a strong kick, such as abortion or loss of virginity for the girl or may cause the break of the hand or leg or the ribs and damage to the head and face as the strength of the kick aimed at women.Stamping: This kind is limit of the act of animal behavior practiced by men.

It is a wild animal operation practiced only by an animal within forest area.Biting: It is a process performed by the man to cause harm to the body of women using his teeth to heal and full his desire, he keeps pressing and damage her body until she feels pain without taking into account the consequences of damage attached to it, and remain the biting features prominent on the body of the woman for a long time that may reach sometimes cut pieces of flesh or ear Or finger, hand, nose or lip.Beating : This type exists in various means so that the woman is subjected to beatings by the husband or family or intimates both inside the house or out from people who are greedy for women either for sexual exploitation or theft or for the extraction of property that carries with them such as jewelry and ornaments and Money is also becoming a new phenomenon in which women can be beaten and used against them in order to rob them of a mobile phone that evokes the greed of thieves and the reckless young men who object to women and steal their possessions by threatening and beatings.choking: It is to put a pillow or cover or dress on the face of the woman or the hand grip on her neck to stop her breath, the goal of this is to try to kill and may lead to fainting or dying.insult: men’s berate women in order to devalue their value so they use words carries the forms and types of disrespect like underestimating and cursing woman’s origin or use bad words looting, prostitute and the traitor and that she has no honor or value and all in order to get them to The deterioration of her personality in addition to psychological damage.

Rape : This type of violence is the sexual assault of women by force and or fraud and the purpose of which is to sexually humiliate and includes this type especially women outside the house in the street or public places or in places free and is done either by tricks or by force such as the threat of knife or It is also considered to be the use of force, such as a gun, in order to remove clothing by force and threat because women are considered targets of sex. Rape is also the use of force or threat by any person, either to achieve sexual contact with the girl or to use sex in sexual abuse and harassment. Of decency, abandonment by the husband, forced sex, forced to perform sexual acts abnormal is not acceptable to women.

Hair pulling: Due to the availability of physiology on thick hair, which makes it easier for men to use it to drag and drop the ground, and this because of its damage both on the level of health or head pain.Scratching: which shows a clear seal on the body of women whether this scratching nails or sharp tool can leave traces and wounds cannot remove the manifestations such as broken glass and knife.pushing: The man will push the woman back and fall to the ground, and may cause her to break in the legs or hands or the other members.Throwing: to throw from rooftops or the balcony of houses or throwing outside cars and throwing in holes and wells is a type that may lead to murder and aim to get rid of women who are subjected to violence for sure.Conclusion In general, it is possible to talk about violence against women, which is due to various reasons, whether social, economic or other, that are practiced on women in various ways that are used to harass women. The signs are visible on different parts of the woman’s body.

These marks may remain visible on the woman’s body and can not be removed because they have become a wound of the past. Pain As a woman, she is the basis of birth, care and education for generations through history. It is, therefore, women who establish societies of all kinds and forms, Yet they are always subject to violence, persecution, humiliation, and reduced victimization. Despite the weakness of physiological structure, why this question, which can not be answered by anyone. Women live side by side with men, and this is why they must protect them, ensure them a healthy and secure life, and live with them in conditions conducive to life, not violence. The social environment in which women live in poverty and misery is a motive for violence, But men must overcome all these motives that make them despise women due to the conditions of poverty and misery, and considers them as being creatures created by God to be alongside the man to coexist and cooperate between them and care for their children, women contribute to the formation of generations and in the creation of high society.The effects of physical violence against women Violence is one of the most common problems faced by society.

Women are the most affected group, both physically and psychologically and socially, and this phenomenon is growing and increasing, leaving behind many negative effects that destroy societies and their members. We will address the effects of this violence on women in general , So that the psychological effects include the loss of self-confidence of women, their sense of guilt about the actions they do and their sense of dependency on men, and their sense of frustration and depression, and also humiliation, and mental disorder, and loss of sense of initiative and decision-making.in the other hand, The social impact is one of the most prominent and obvious manifestations of violence on women, such as family disintegration, divorce, evasion of schools, disruption of relations between parents and loved ones, the emergence of aggression and the destruction of women’s personality and humanity.

Men and women and social violence prevent proper family planning and development. Physical impact also affects the health of women so that violence can lead to disability and inability to perform their duties properly, which creates a lack of their mission in life, in addition to a lack of safety for creativity and development, and as a result of this shows many suicide and murder. In my analysis, I will discuss the effects of violence against women in particular and their impact on the personality and life of women.

Psychological impact As we all know that physical abuse has negative psychological consequences on women .Depression, anxiety, fear and anger, force them to have common reactions to physical abuse experiences, while situations where the Beck scale results of depression that ask respondents to assess feelings of self-hatred, as there are many psychological reactions, include persistent feelings of depression, despair and failure Lack of value, as well as suicidal thoughts and decision-making difficulty also show decreased appetite, libido, sleep, and concentration.It is not possible to link behavioral changes in psychological performance to the violation of beliefs and pre-existing borrowings. However, such difficulties as fear of the unknown and obsessions indicate a negative change in the way the victim views the world. And these Difficulties were due to study, employment or work, and relationship problems were common.

The economic and social effects of victimization are as important as understanding physical and psychological effects as they seek to achieve a successful recovery and the negative consequences can have long-term consequences for the victim and her family.The impact of physical injuries Violence against women clearly affects her body by causing serious brain injury from concussion or loss of unconsciousness. However, the only negative side that the victim suffers from in this case is the scars and marks , because these physical effects can have direct and indirect effects on the victim, for any powerful blow directed at women to have a direct impact includes a strong headache Epileptic seizures and loss of consciousness, Blindness around the eyes may lead to loss of sight, and sometimes this effect may lead to difficulty in their functioning, career and social , Because the injury to the hand caused may lead to inability to work and thus can not perform the daily duties, however, the scars and pain can have an indirect impact and thus bring back the shock when the return of the feedback , So that the victim feels when the scar remains clear in the face like a criminal, and one of the psychiatrists said traces of strickes are a constant reminder of the incident of the victim, Causing her to feel angry, sad, afraid and anxious each time she sees them on her body.Social impact Brown abuse and social relations can be considered complex.

Thus, the social bonds of the victims and the family provide continuous support, which helps to deal with the negative consequences of imitation. Relations are a cause of physical abuse, sometimes leading to the social collapse of the victim. Family members and partners are also the most important source of social support for victims.

To provide emotional support and care in a disproportionate manner, by ensuring that the victims’ personal hygiene or domestic arrangements are maintained and that some individuals have been dealing with serious physical injuries as a result of the attack. The impact of victimization can affect the change of these relationships, while the victim depends on caring for the family and their parents. As a result of the injury sustained during the attack which limited the victim’s use of her hands. These close relationships often cause psychological performance such as anger, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder to break down.

This is highlighted by the emotion of a prominent couple because of the constant friction and fighting that has taken place after the victim’s emotional and psychological changes. This causes great frustration to the victim. The use of alcohol or lack of interest in the other party greatly damages their relationship despite the strong association of their previous relationship. Psychological that the relationship of the parties affected by a large and devastating, and did not affect these changes only on their relationship, but even close to them, and the experience of physical abuse of victims To withdraw from the social milieu, to isolate themselves and to fail to deal with life, and to live in situations of anxiety that can only be expressed by silence, thus avoiding social contact, which in some cases contributed to their isolation.ConclusionFor many victims, the effect of physical abuse is severe and widespread, The impact may go beyond the psychological and physical injury that includes all aspects of the victim’s life, by not being able to return to study or work to become isolated from family and friends, yet family and friends bear the responsibility and deal with the psychological needs of the victim , Although the age of these effects is not known accurately, so the seriousness of the impact of physical abuse can not know the length of time that these symptoms continue and know the effectiveness of treatment and What is important from all of this is the discussions about the needs of victims of physical abuse that remain distinct from other types of violence against women, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, so that commonalities remain common in women’s bodies and psyche.

Legislative Efforts to Combat Violence Against Women Violence against women is one of the most important manifestations of gender inequality and an obstacle to its achievement, as it is closely linked to relations The unequal forces of men and women, and the right not to be subjected to violence as well as the inherent and equal dignity of all human beings without discrimination constitutes the basis of human rights.The issue of violence against women and the discrimination against women have undergone significant developments as a result of the activity of women’s movements calling for measures to address these violations at the national and international levels, considering that violence against women has been a form of discrimination and a mechanism for its perpetuation. and international efforts were made to reduce this phenomenon, or perhaps to create a logical explanation for it, while there is a link between the law and the fight against violence against women.If the phenomenon of violence is old, its forms are numerous, and its victims are not in terms of their physical or moral status, nor is it a phenomenon that is not absorbed by the minds.

Especially when it comes to women, and practices violence under moral or religious pretexts and under the rule of law sometimes, in view of the multiplicity of manifestations and the difficulty of putting an end to them in some cases, the phenomenon of violence against women and the quest is controversial and an engine of collective efforts and reform programs across the world. Social initiative to combat the problem of physical violence against womenWomen’s Network Against Gender Violence, in protest at the absence of a participatory approach, stated that women’s organizations were not included in the consultations preceding the submission of the project against women violence and children, in the light of consultations at the level of women’s solidarity networks and associations since Thursday 7 On the text of the bill, which was discussed by the last government council, the meeting organized by the Federation of the Democratic League for Women’s Rights.In connection with the contents of the project, the Network recorded, after reading and studying, the following preliminary observations. To provide a comprehensive approach to violence that is not confined to marital violence, but rather to all forms practiced by women.

The word “equality” was not included in the text and was replaced by the word “parity”.There are no other features of a law in which a gender-specific definition of violence, clearly physical, sexual, psychological, and economic, with references in the text to the problems of protection and prevention.The introduction of the project included a number of important references, including a reference to human rights and international mechanisms ratified by Morocco with the Agreement on Combating Discrimination. Enter a clear and positive legal context in situations of harassment and marital violence.

Despite the importance of the submission of the project, it has not been incorporated into the legal text, thus weakening the burden of the Basic Law against Violence. There is a severe absence weakness of the social protection of victims in the matter of housing and employment, the absence of reference to marital rape, and the lack of reference to abused girls in the family setting by relatives or engaged in engagement. and Absence after sensitization and dissemination of the culture of equality and the lack of reference to the collective actors in the field of protection.

Therefore, the network stresses the need to overcome the shortcomings of the text of the project by inviting the concerned parties to an open dialogue about its content and confirming its willingness to direct dialogue on this subject as soon as possible. This ensures the prevention and protection of women from the scourge of violence. To compensate victims for harm is the best way to eliminate violence and gender in our country, and to recognize effectively the human rights of women, citizenship and equality.

This is the list of associations that form a network of women in solidarity : Agadir – Voice of Moroccan Women Association Safi – Women’s Association Against Violence Against WomenEssaouira – Association of Social Welfare for Social WorkCasablanca – Moroccan Association for Education and Social SolidarityShishawah – Association of the nucleus for women and childrenAl Hoceima – Association of reception, listening and guidance for psychological supportAl Hoceima – Development Associations Network in Al Hoceima RegionCouncil of Civil Society for the maintenance of local management in the region – Al HoceimaTaza Taroudant KarsifFez – Society for Sustainable Development SpaceAgadir – Hanan Women’s Association in a difficult situationAn akan – WafaWomen AssociationAnzakan – Motherhood AssociationTaroudant – Tewizi AssociationAshtokh Ait Baha – AfusHoves AssociationAl Rashidiya – Your Lady SocietyCasablanca – Movement of women associationsTata – Al – Sawah Association for the Development of WomenAgadir – WomenTomorrow AssociationAitMelloul – Association of Working WomenThe Law of Violence Against WomenIf the Moroccan legislator continues to rely on the Criminal Code of 26 November 1962, which focus on criminal policy, as well as in the strategy of States to reduce crime in general and violence against women in particular, which, in half a century, The amendments were partial, making it limited to keeping pace with the transformations and aspirations of Morocco which touched on many areas. The issues of promoting and protecting women’s rights were the most important part. This was reflected in the Kingdom’s ratification of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in 1993, In the area of ??personal status, criminal law, labor law and nationality law, and then supporting women’s political participation, To the provisions of the Constitution in 2011 that promote and promote the rights of women. However, women continue to suffer from a difficult situation characterized by the absence of equity and justice in dealing with them. Although the reduction of violence against women has remained a governmental concern through government strategies and plans, The evaluation of these strategies was followed by the low rate of violence, which led to the Moroccan legislator to enact Law No 13-103 it’s about combating violence against women, which includes six sections interspersed with 18 articles, issued by the dahir 19-18-1 issued in Jumada 1439 (22 February 2018), called Nasima al-Hakawi, and Zi Of Solidarity, Family and Social Development, to the ratification of 13-103 on violence against women on the grounds that the law of basic legal mechanism to fight this phenomenon, It is interesting to note that impunity was one of the most important reasons contributing to the increasing of violence against women, It was during Rabat, a safe city, a workshop under a project that was held Tuesday without violence towards women and girls in the Moroccan capital. Violence against women, ratified by the Moroccan government in March 2016. This law is unique in Morocco and is based on the rights enshrined in the Kingdom’s Constitution, which insists on equality, promotion and protection of women’s rights, and the threat and control of all forms of discrimination.

The Constitution of Morocco entrenched citizens from all forms of violence against them. Chapter 22 considers that no person’s physical or moral integrity shall be prejudiced nor shall be subjected to any cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of human dignity as a practice of torture in all its forms, It is a crime punishable by law.The Islamic view of violence against women The basic source of legislation in Islam is the Holy Quran and Prophetic Hadiths. Islam deals with the concept of violence and obstacles as separate and different concepts, religion It renounces violence and calls for compassion and tolerance. the prophet (all prayers and blessings of Allah be upon him ) said: keep ties with those who cut you off and do good to those who harmed you, and speak the truth even if it were against your own self. The fact that there is no doubt about it, is that Islam placed women in their rightful place, because it is a deduction from the Almighty, He corrected many of the erroneous ideas that were taken from the ancient philosophies about Religion, and honored women highly, Islam has honored women and protected them and gave them their rights as a human beings, and as a female, and as a daughter, and as a wife, and as a mother.

the lord has raise women status. and if Islam Make power in man’s hand, and allowed him to punish his wife if she did something wrong, it doesn’t mean to take control over her or underestimate her or forbid her from her rights.In Saheeh Muslim and other hadeeths of Jabir al-Tawil, which describes the farewell plea and the speech of the Prophet ( all prayers and blessings of Allah be upon him ), in which he did the laws of Islam and interpret them, and among them he said :fear Allah regarding women .

Verily, you have taken them as a trust from Allah and intercourse has been made permissible by the word of Allah, your rights over them are that they do not let anyone in the house you dislike. if they do so , then you may strike them without causing pain. Their rights over you are that you provide for them clothes, food, in a reasonable manner . And in Sunna al-Tirmidhi from the hadeeth of ‘Umar and Ibn al-‘Asooq ( blessings of god be upon them ) said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said : and indeed, i order you to be good to the women, for they are but captives with you over whom you have no power than that, except if they come with manifest fahishah ( evil behavior ) , if they do that , then abandon their beds , and beat them but not harmful , and if they obey you then you have no cause against them .

indeed you have rights over your women , And for that Islam came with a revolution that includes the injustice that is inflicted on women in these nomadic communities, And is still to this day women suffer from violence practiced by her husband or her brother, and sometimes from the children and most of it is due to sugar or drug abuse, and some is due to the misconception of the legitimacy of the husband’s torture of his wife, mentioned in the verse: those wives from whom you fear their disobedience, first advise them, if they persist, forsake them in beds, and strike them but not to hard, but if they obey you once more seek no means against them, indeed, Allah is ever exalted or grandAyas bin Abdullah bin Abi Dawood said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said : (Do not hit the blessings of Allah ), Omar came to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and said: women disobey their husbands, Then the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “There are many women whom came to Muhammad complaining about their husbands, not those of your choice.” Narrated by Abu Dawood (46 21). Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi David It is clear from this incident that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was treating penance that did not yet get rid of the effects of ignorance that considered the discipline of women in the West and others a normal matter. This is the ignorance that still covers the dense souls that do not see the softness of this gentle creature, and this is occurring even in developed countries that have enacted laws that criminalizing violence against women.ClosureThis study deals with the definition of the concept of violence from the point of view of different studies (social, economic, political, psychological and biological). Then we tried to distinguish between legitimate and illegal violence from the point of view of law, and violence ranged from verbal (verbal, threatening) to physical (causing disability or killing), and then we talked about patterns of violence in quality (individual violence and collective violence) The causes of violence and its effects, and then we turn to forms of physical violence .theni attempted to explain the neglecting of violence in terms of its impact on organ functions (physiology of violence and its effect on organ functions).

The most important subject in the research is the phenomenon of violence, both inside and outside the house, and then, I discussed violence from the view of religion. Considering that physical violence against women is a violation of human rights and an obstacle to women’s full enjoyment of all human rights. At the national level, as violence against women is a human rights issue, it clarifies the binding obligations of States to prevent such violence and to punish the perpetrators and to hold them responsible, To stand against the persistence of violence against women in its various manifestations.In addition, in my analysis, i also discussed the means used in violence against women and the extent of their impact on their bodies, and these tools effect on women and leaving a painful marks on their body. These effects may remain over time without being erased, both outward and deep, such as psychological effects. On the other hand, we have also dealt with all forms and various kinds of violence, as well as a variety of manifestations in which women are clearly victims, and for The social environment and social conditions, which play the most important role in the exacerbation of violence against women, are also reflected by the issue of poverty, misery, lack of material, unemployment and high fertility, This is a factor in the violence against women because it intensifies debates and conflicts within the home.

The role of the social environment in the violence against women outside home, which is the widespread phenomenon of theft they stop women or girls to steal their money or gold or mobile phone, All these things lead young people to object the path of women or girls in public places, stations, markets or gardens or in public street. and in the latter woman remains despite of her physiological weak structure a target of violence in the eye of men, whether husband or brother or father, either in defense of honor and Out of the house by the parties to the desire to have sex, because women by virtue of a female always remain a supreme goal to raise the ambitions of those who practice violence on women. In the last of my research, i look at the legislation of the law and the legislation of the Islamic religion in protection of women this creature, which God honored them and talked about them in the Koran a lot in a large collection of verses, and the Prophet peace be upon him always recommended to take care of women and preserve them .women are considered half of the society which are honored to educate and create generations and. Woman is a mother, a sister, a wife.

and in the view of the law, the legislator has initiated a series of laws to protect them and preserve their dignity. and Many groups of women’s associations have emerged in order to preserve and defend their rights and to live in society without problems. Therefore, all persons must maintain co-existence, solidarity and cooperation with women to live side by side in security and safety, to move away from oppression and exploitation, and to provide freedom and dignity for women so that they can contribute to the progress and success of societies and become an economic and social contributors to their advancement, and to have a society Free from violence and persecution .

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