Tumblr component which plays the role of

Tumblr is a website that deals with microblogging and social networking, allowing its users to post multimedia and any other content to a short form blog. Through this service, users are enabled to follow blogs from other users while bloggers are also enabled to make their blogs private. Tumblr makes use of plug-in media in all its contents, compared to some of the other sites that make use of browser-based technologies. Some of the common plugins used by Tumblr include the Tumblr post on Firefox, the X Kit, Missing E, Share On Tumblr, among others.
A plug-in refers to a software component which plays the role of adding a specific feature to a program that is already existing in a computer. The Tumblr plugin uses the plugin applications over web-based technologies for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons that have made this blog software to use use plug-in applications is to support the addition of new features. As a microblogging and social networking website, Tumblr may require to add a variety of new features to its existing ones for the aim of improving the user experience. For instance, Tumblr would love to add improved features to its dashboard, which is its primary user tool. In this case, Tumblr decided to use plug into that it could have the convenience of adding features that will enable the registered users to reblog, comment and like posts that come from other registered users with ease. Doing this would not have been an easy task if the website was based on the web-based technologies. Since the world of technologies is developing and improving with the dawn of each day, new forms of sharing information will continue to be developed. Since Tumblr is interested in retaining its customers, looks forward to adding new features in the case where a new form of sharing information is launched, like the videos and others. Also. Tumblr decided to settle for the plugin technologies since the main application would be running independently with these plugins, thus it would have the ability to add the plugin updates without having to make any changes to the main applications.
The other reason that made Tumblr make use of plugin rather than the web-based applications is to reduce the size of the application. Since Tumblr was concerned with attracting as many customers as possible, it opted to make its application small so that it could suit the needs of mobile users. For instance, its small size has enabled it to be able to run on mobile operating systems like android, blackberry, windows the iPhone. Tumblr would not have had the ease of making its application available on these mobile platforms if it had used the web-based applications.
Tumblr also uses the plugin technologies for the purpose of separating source codes from its application, which might have arisen due to software components that are not compatible with the main application. There are those components that Tumblr might opt to use in its software, but then prove to be causing inconveniences to the smooth running of the application. When the smooth running of any business is compromised, the result will be customers shifting to other companies that offer the same product, and Tumblr would not like to lose its customers to its competitors like Facebook and Twitter. For this reason, Tumblr opted to use the plugins to avoid the reusing of its source codes in many places where there are incompatible components.

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