Topic Outline I

Topic Outline

I. An investigation into the Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising to determine the source of reduction in production and client disappointment.
II. Investigation Techniques
A. Observation.
1. Visited the branch from June 8 – June 12
2. Observed employee performance, client services and management operations
3. Made note of areas that needed correction and more attention

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B. Interviews
1. Engaged with the employees during their lunch breaks
2. Spoke to clients that with and without complaints, to figure out of where the issue(s) originated from
3. Looked into the company policies and procedures with the management team

C. Surveys
1. Mr. Willis received a client survey on June 8th, that I authored and forwarded to him to distribute to our clients on rating work satisfaction, completion time, and interactions with account representatives, account managers and staff
2. I evaluated the client surveys while I was at the Roanoke branch where clients rated the quality of work and customer service prior to the new management team and after implementing the new management team
3. Prior to my week at the Roanoke branch, problematic areas stated in the client surveys steered me to the rectifications that needed to be made when current and future clients are being dealt with

III. Overall Findings
A. Roanoke brand observation discovery included overworked employees
1. Salaried employees have been working at least 10 more hours per week without compensation, which has resulted in less productivity and low morale
2. Branch managers have failed to attend the traditional procedure training and therefore have not been following standard procedure with staff administration

B. Employee interviews show lack of communication between employees and managers
1. Graphic designers aren’t getting feedback from art department
2. Art directors are changing the graphic designers’ work without their knowing

C. Client showed lack of proper customer service and support
1. Accounts managers have not been providing proper service and support because of lack or training for handling our clients and their accounts
2. Accounts department are accepting new clients despite the current workload employees are handling
3. The branch’s social media is not being updated regularly causing customers to give bad reviews

IV. Recommendations to fix office stance , communication and customer satisfaction
A. Employee compensation will be arranged
1. Employees may request personal time off in accordance with their contract
2. Shift system will be implemented and new employees will be hired to ease workload tension

B. Art directors should communicate better with designers
1. Art directors are expected to meet with graphic designers in daily meetings to go over project outlines and updates
2. Art directors will collaborate with the graphic designers for the final project outcome to ensure timely delivery of service to the clients, which will reduce extended work hours for employees therefore improving employee morale

C. Management must complete traditional procedure and customer service training
1. Management must attend training immediately and adhere to standard procedure when addressing the staff
2. A customer service representative should be hired to handle the Roanoke branch’s social media to improve company’s ratings

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