There are 7 different areas of Development for a child to learn

There are 7 different areas of Development for a child to learn, progress in and meet their milestones. Which are;
Personal social and emotional, Physical Development, Communication and language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understand the world and Expressive arts and designs.
Holistic Development sees a child as a whole, it sees all areas of a child put together. All areas of development that a child will develop in all rely on one and other as they are all interconnected. If a child is delayed in one area, this will more than likely have an effect on majority of the other areas. Such as; if a child’s communication and language is behind, this could affect their social skills too.
Holistic Development also deals with a wider range of factors in a child’s development, not just the basic 7 areas.
It deals with factors such as; Social and cultural environments, Physical environments, the spiritual beliefs of parents and caregivers that all influences childhood development. There are many aspects to a child’s life that play a huge role in holistic development such as; poverty, exposure to diseases or pathogens, proper parental care and education of parents, political and civil unrest and many other issues and conditions which can affect how children develop in their early year stages.

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