The Study of Psychopathy in Women: Implications for the Lack of Information on Female Psychopathy

There are some words that are simply not associated with one another very often. Some examples include: pizza and disgusting, war and happiness, Marilyn Monroe and ugly. Another combination of words that could be added to this list is ‘women and psychopaths’. The women that many men call psychopaths for wanting them to settle down not withstanding, there is very little association with women and psychopathy. This statement is not only true for the general public, but is also true for experts in the fields of personality disorders. In recent years there has been a keen interest from psychologists in the study of the broad field of psychopathy. However, this interest has been pursued mostly in the male population. In order to further examine the lack of information in female psychopathy a few key objectives will need to be achieved. First, the assessment of basic information regarding psychopathy without regard to gender bias; second, an inspection of the limited information considering female psychopathy; third and last, discussion of why there may be such a gender bias in the study of psychopathy. To accomplish these objectives, a careful analysis of several major studies of the past few decades will be needed, as well as the recruitment of expert critiques of these studies. Through the realization of these different objectives it will become painstakingly clear that there is currently a lack of vital information in the field of female psychopathy and this deficiency of information could possibly be leading to many misconceptions about the field of psychopathy as a whole.In order to truly assess the basic information in regard to psychopathy, a variety of different subjects must be addressed. A basic look at the clas…

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