The internet is originally begun as a military computer by ARPAnet

The internet is originally begun as a military computer by ARPAnet (Advance Research Project Agency network) in 1969. From then other government agencies and universities created internal network based on ARPAnet model with the medium provided by National Science Foundation (NSF). Internet has emerged as a useful method for all age group, exceptionally; internet has become a useful method of learning among the students. Moreover, internet has productive applications in many fields such as communication, knowledge, news, entertainment and education. Therefore, internet has become best platform for student to learn. However, overreliance on internet has its impacts such as impacts on student’s creativity, wastage of time and internet addiction.
Firstly, one of the prominent impacts of internet is on the creativity of student. The major features of internet are the limitless sources of information where users can have quick access to it (Rubin, 2012). When the whole thing is accessible on internet there is no need of creativity. Students do not have to pay much attention on their assignments and projects, as every information is on internet, they only need to copy and paste on their work. Most of the students land up copying others works where they become more dependent on internet leading to incumbent of their creativity. Moreover, students now are normally organized to read short summery and articles rather than a lengthy novels and text that will probably affect the ability of writing. There are also many websites dedicated to art and other creative design that made student harder to become creative (Leslie, 2016). From there, students they just go through the things that other have done instead of doing their own. In addition internet encourages student to be more interested in all the wrong things leading student to be of less creative. Thus complete reliance on internet has direct impacts the creativity of student.
Secondly, internet has wider impacts on the student’s time. Though internet is an important tool for learning, students use it for playing games and surfing Facebook which results in the wastage of time (Siddiqi, 2016). There are many ways to use time on internet in a productive ways, yet youths fails to manage time by watching too much TV series, movies, YouTube videos, playing games, and surfing Facebook. These leads to the challenges on the life of students, where they fails to do the assignments and acquire knowledge that really counts on their life. Hardy, Q. (2016) claims that the research found that just 14 percent of students use internet for their study and 62 percent of the use of internet is unnecessary which s one of the downsides of using internet as a means of knowledge tool. Students waste their time in the class by using internet which drives their attention. Moreover, many students get distracted by the fantastical offerings and advertisement. These left many students into browsing advertisement and offerings wasting their time. Thus the academic result of the students goes down owning to the misuse and wastage of time on internet.
Lastly, the daily use of internet has a tremendous side effect of internet addiction. Internet addiction is a growing occurrence that that draws users to internet a kind dependency. Students use internet more than other people in order to meet educational needs, for this reason they are more prone to the internet addiction. Students spend hours on the internet will eventually starts to see its side effects such as affect on social health, physical health and emotional effects (Noonan, 2006). Moreover, Internet addiction have serious consequences such as changing the way of life to spend more time on the internet, ignoring the individual health and main activities, reducing social relationship, ignoring family and friends, and finally educational and financial problems. Other problem of internet addiction within students include psychological problem where st

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