The CIPD Profession Map is internationally recognised for HR professionals and organisations

The CIPD Profession Map is internationally recognised for HR professionals and organisations. It is recognised for the standards it sets out for all HR professionals. These standards include activities, knowledge and behaviours, by utilising this map, you are able to show the benefit of business.

The CIPD Professional Map is made up from eight behaviours, ten professional areas and four bands of professional competence.

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CIPD have outlined that the CIPD Professional Map can be utilised for a HR Professional and organisation to:
• define great HR
• diagnose areas of success and improvement
• build HR capability
• recognise achievement through professional qualifications and membership.

How does it define great HR?
How does it diagnose areas of success and improvement?
How does it build HR capabilities?
How does it recognise achievement through professional qualifications and membership?
The CIPD Professional Map is set out into four brands, band 1 being the initial point of HR and band 4 being the Senior HR Leaders. The CIPD Professional Map outlines the acquisition of technical skills lessen while increasing contractual knowledge and understanding of the role of HR within the working environment.

Relative skill Technical
30 70
50 50
60 40
80 20

Show benefits of business

Band 1 – start of HR
Band 4 – Senior HR Leaders
Although the map is set out into individual bands, the map is for all people and organisations, no matter the level or HR experience or size of the organisation. The map is organised around areas of professional competence.
It is not organised around organisation structures, job levels or roles.

The Map is kept up to date with information from HR professions and academics via research and feedback.
The map is designed to always provide the latest and correct information.

The map describes what you need to do, what you need to know and how you need to do it.


The 4 bands help assist with the progression of movement within HR – and focus on assisting with the transition challenges faces when moving forward (to the next band).

Professional areas:
– Service delivery and information
– Organisation design
– Organisation development
– Resourcing and talent planning
– Learning and development
– Performance and reward
– Employee engagement
– Employee relations

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