Stephen King is the King Of Horror

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The King of Horror Films

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Stephen King Research Paper Outline

1. Introduction

a. Short biography

b. Thesis Statement: Stephen King uses many different elements in order to scare his readers. The elements include supernatural elements, real life scenarios, and fear of the unknown.

2. How substance abuse and a childhood accident affected King’s creativity

a. Heavy drinking

b. Harder drugs

c. Intervention and Sobriety

d. Watching one of his friends getting hit by a train

3. Using supernatural elements

a. The Tommyknockers uses aliens and mind control

b. Carrie uses things such as witchcraft and supernatural powers.

4. How stories that include real life situations can scare us.

a. Rage

I. Repercussions from Rage

II. Removal from print

5. Fear of the Unknown and things that “go bump in the night”

a. Gerald’s Game

6. Suspenseful writing with very descriptive tone

a. Autopsy Room Four a man is lying on the table awaiting his living autopsy unable to scream.

7. Writing style

A. Tone

B. Word Usage

C. Emphasis

8. Conclusion

The Write Brigade

Horror Films

The King of Horror Films

For such a successful writer, Stephen King really had no secret to his writing style. King has credited free writing for his best ideas. He also has a very down to earth way of looking at his fame. Stephen King would read for four hours, and then he would write for four hours or until he reached 2,000 words. In a Time magazine interview, King called this his nine to five approach and that he, “worked until beer o’ clock.” When asked where his ideas came from, King would often reply, “I have the heart of a small boy. . . And I keep it in a jar on my desk.” Also, he does not have just one particular way of writing horror, and what often sets off the terror in his readers most was the vast amount of detail portrayed.

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