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Mind Match

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Host (Kevin): Welcome back to “Mind Match.” After Round 1 Jerry’s in the lead, he’s got Timmy, Suzie, Ramon, Vanessa, and Carlo and Susan is right behind with Amy, Shelly, Tom, and Danny. So Jerry, you’re a computer programmer from Boston. How do you like Beantown?Jerry (Tom): Um, when I came on the show, I was under the impression that you could win prizes or money. Not orphaned children.Host: Oops, looks like someone didn’t read the fine print. Susan, you’re a computer programmer also.Susan (Kerri): Um, I have a very small apartment. I don’t know what I would do with four foster children.Host: Well, figure it out because you’re their legal guardian and it’s time for Round 2, where the orphan points double. Okay, the first question is: “Mick Jagger is the lead singer of the Rolling …..” (ding!) Jerry?Jerry: Bears? The Rolling Bears?Host: Oh, I’m sorry, Jerry, that’s incorrect. The correct answer is stones, the Rolling Stones. So Susan you win that round and here are Matt and Timmy.Susan: I didn’t say anything. I mean, I didn’t answer. You must’ve-Host: A smart move. A wrong answer could have cost you the lead. (Bell) Hey, that bell means it’s time for our Double Dare question! Jerry, how many of your orphans are you willing to wager?Jerry: All- all of them.Host: Hey, it looks like Jerry is looking to double his orphans. Susan, how many will you bet?Susan: Well, uh, all of them.Host: Well, now, it looks like it’s make-it-or-break-it time for our contestants! Okay, Jerry’s behind so he gets the first question. And the question is, “Name a form of transportation?”(ding!)Host: Jerry?Jerry: Blue? (buzzer)Host: Oh, Jerry I am so sorry. Blue is not a form of transportation. And that will cost you your orphans. Oh, so close Jerry. So close. Susan, now’s your chance to win it all. Name a form of transportation!(ding!)Host: Susan?Susan: Wooden?Host: Hmm? Can we accept “wooden”? You can make a car out of wood, boats are wood–(ding!) Boats are wood! Yes! Susan you’ve doubled your orphans!

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