The Rolling Stones: A Brief Biography Essay

The Rolling Stones are one of the most well known hard rock bands. They have a distinctive history that separates them from other similar rock bands. Their unique sound formed the basis of rock and roll. The band had a huge influence on British music through things such as their fashion, fusion of obscure genres, and attitude. Over the course of the last fifty years, The Rolling Stones unique history, sound, and overall look still has an influence on modern British bands.The bad has an obscure early history. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were childhood friends in 1951 at Dartford Maypole County Primary School. Jagger said, “I distinctly remember this conversation I had with Keith. We lived in the same block and I asked Keith what he wanted to do when he grew up. He said he wanted to be like Roy Rogers and play guitar. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the Roy Rogers bit, but the part about the guitar did interest me.” (Schlesinger, 15-16) The two boys were separated in the mid fifties because their families moved. However, Jagger and Richards were reunited in 1960 on a train in October. They shared a passion for R&B. Keith Richards said, “We started talking about Berry and people like that. I only had a few records at the time, but Mick had a fantastic collection, so we decided to get together and listen to them.” (Hayward, 10)

The band was officially formed in 1962, having six original members. Mick Jagger was lead vocals and also played the harmonica. Jagger’s signature look has always been his lips, but they were often criticized. Keith Richards played the guitar and also sang. Charlie Watts was on drums, and Brian Jones played the guitar, harmonica, sitar, and sang. Two less popular members were I…

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