Media useful purpose of these two forms

Media plays vital role in our life as it has vast range of information, also its very convenient form of communication. Media is a way of communication, information from person to person. The form of media which is designed to reach a large section of the population, is known as mass media.
The mass media is a process of using media technologies to transfer information to the large number of people. By mass media, people get the chance to communicate others. Social media and traditional media are the two main forms of communication. The most important, necessary and useful purpose of these two forms of communication is to let people know about the current updates of the entire world.
Getting news is one of the most useful purpose of them. People get to know about the news by traditional and social media. Both serves best role in disseminating and getting news but their importance depend on how much people use them, whether people like to use social or traditional media. Though traditional media is old and first form and social media is the modern and new form of communication.

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