Marlee’s well as an oscor for her portrayal.

Marlee’s full name is Marlee Beth Matlin, she was born on August 24, 1965. Marlee is an american actress for her debut film performance, in in children of a lesser god. Marlee was honoured for her moving portrayal of a hearing-impaired cleaning woman at the school for the deaf who only wants to use sign language, evern with her boyfriend who is hearing. At 18 months old marlee lost all her hearing which meant that she was completely deaf. In 1974 she made her first stage debut, she was in the production The Wizard of Oz. she performed at the Children’s Theater of the Deaf and sponsored by the Center on Deafness. She continued to act with that theater for several years. Following her high school graduation, Marlee began studying criminal justice at a comuntiy college with an intrest toward becoming a police officer. Her deafness would affect her options in law so she left school. The director of the fim adaptation ,Haines, saw a video of that production, she chose to cast Marlee in the lead role of her movie. Matlin won her first Golden Globe Award as well as an oscor for her portrayal. After that Marlee started in lots mor films and tv shows like bridge to silence, reasonable doubts, and walker. She won lots for awards for her films she stared in, Marlee was nominated two golden globes for her debut in the movie doubts. In 2004 she stared on the show Law and Order as a guest. Marlee Matlin’s personal life has both tastes of good and bad. She had a two year affair with her first spouse, who starred with her in Children of a Lesser God, William Hurt. They divorced due to issues with drugs and abuse. Matlin is also an important part of Gallaudet University. Matlin received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters degree from Gallaudet University in 1987 and in October 2007, she was appointed to the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees. Matlin now lives in Los Angeles with her family. Matlin is married to a law enforcement officer named Kevin Grandalski and they have four children. After her children were born she fulfilled her lifelong dream, writing children’s books and telling the world what it is like to be deaf. In 2002 Marlee completed her deaf novel Deaf Child Crossing. In 2009 Marlee finished her Autobiography I’ll Scream Later. Marlee was also also credited for introducing asl and issues involving the deaf community. Other than acting and writing Marlee is a strong supporter of the deaf community. She was instrumental in congress legislation that all television sets in the U.S should be Equipped with closed caption. She also serves on the boards of a number of charitable organizations and is a prominent member of the National Association of the Deaf. . When she was in Nicaragua filming for a movie she visited many deaf children and has continued this tradition ever since. She has traveled all around Europe to countries such as Germany, Italy, and England to visit deaf people and to give speeches. Marlee is also a spokeswoman for the National Captioning Institute. In 1995 she testified at a Congressional hearing, and helped get a law passed that requires all TV sets 13 inches or larger to be manufactured with built-in chips to provide “Closed Captioning” on their screens. She also serves on the boards for many charitable organizations in the deaf community. Some of these organizations include Very special arts and the starlight foundation. Most of the organizations she serves in have to do with benefiting children.
Marlee Matlin has had a very successful career so far, but she is still strong and has a lot ahead of her. Her acting has greatly affected people all around the world and she is a hero in many people’s eyes. Her achievements made as a deaf actress are not something people see commonly. She is an American inspiration to many hearing and Deaf people alike. Matlin is an amazing actress and she will do bigger and better things as time goes along.

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