Odalis Mejia Professor Bailey English 1102 TTH 8

Odalis Mejia
Professor Bailey
English 1102 TTH 8:00 am
30 January 2018
Icarus Poem Analysis
Icarus was a prideful man, which means that he was superior then all the gods. In the poem Icarus is planning an escape to break free, he got himself into prison because of his pride. In the poem the author Williams Carlos Williams uses the reference of a painting to describe the tumble that Icarus experienced that day. The author in this poem is trying to tell us how Icarus fell that day. In the second stanza Williams creates imagery for the readers pointing out what the town was doing and how focused they were onto more important task as stating, “a farmer was ploughing his field”. Williams uses diction like, unsignificantly and unnoticed to help point out how the town felt about Icarus, which was no care in the world. Based on the painting by Brueghel the town itself was very unbothered by what was happening to Icarus. Throughout the poem Williams uses enjambments, which means the continuation of a sentence without pausing after a line or stanza. The stanzas refer back to Breughel’s painting, in the bottom right hand corner it is unclear to the viewers that Icarus is drowning based on the position that the painter drew him. Williams uses short stanzas to lead up

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