Lastly, to retain and maintain the central government language teaching’s policies, the Permenristekdikti RI No. 44 of 2015 on the National Standards of Higher Education, article 11, paragraph 1 standardised the characteristics of the language teaching’s materials and language learning’s processes. The characteristics of the language teaching’s materials must be holistic, integrative, scientific, meaningful, authentic/contextual, thematic, and effective whereas the processes of learning the language should have to give emphasis on the basic principles of the interactive, collaborative, student-centred learning which provide the direct or hands-on learning experience.
The second rationale was to respond to the demands of the authentic learning approach. The central government language teaching’s policy in HE was inseparable from the various studies of the principles of the authentic learning. The authentic learning’s principles which should have to be seriously paid attention to developing the AELTMs for the 2ndYME students are first, according to Herrington & Herrington (2008, p.68-73), the knowledge and skills developed in the AELTMs have to do with the real-world life’s relevance. The second is the tasks developed must illustrate the examples and exercises from the the real-world setting. The third is the English lecturers are demanded to provide good models of how English is effectively (manipulated/used) communicated in the real-world situation. The fourth is the English lecturers are required to provide students plenty of opportunities to communicate their ideas in English, share and discuss ideas, examine and solve problems, etc. When students have plenty of roles and multiple perspectives, they are increasingly capable of enhancing their language knowledge and skills. The fifth is the knowledge and skills of English are collaboratively constructed. It is believed that the students who have chances of collaboratively learning are capable of solving the problems of the language masteries (grammatical, lexical, receptive, and productive skills difficulties, etc).

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