Internship Report MCB BANK LIMITED Submitted by

Internship Report

Submitted by:
Supervised by:
Sir Noman Shafi
Quaid-e-Azam School of Management Sciences,
Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAll praise to ALMIGHTY ALLAH alone, the Omnipresent and the most Merciful and compassionate. The words are bound, knowledge is limited and time is short to express His dignity. I am varying thankful to ALLAH who created me and gave countless blessing. He is the only Master of the universe and the Day of Judgment.

First, I thank my parents for their continuous support in BBS Program. I would like to express my gratitude to the department of management sciences for giving me the opportunity to visit the bank. I also would like to thank all my teachers who guide me in the right direction; they have been a permanent source of encouragement and guidance. I am also thankful to Ma’am Ayesha Sahar (General banking officer MCB). I am very thankful to the Branch Manager of MCB (Murree Road Branch, Rawalpindi) Mr. Muhammad Ali Kazmi who provided me the opportunity to learn and develop my potential.

MCB Bank Limited (Muslim Commercial Bank Limited) has an exceptionally strong establishment more than 50 years in Pakistan .it has a system of more than 1050 branches or more 850 braches is online branches .MCB has more than 700+ ATMs in 200 urban areas across the nation and has a system more than 50 counts on the MNET, I link ATM switch.
MCB have an interesting position in household keeping money industry and it is ceaselessly taking a shot at modernizing its framework for better execution. The bank has led the pack in the presenting the inventive idea of bringing together Trade Service in the nation by giving centralization outside exchange administration to branches with a view to enhance effectiveness , ability and decrease the conveyance cost. Recently MCB has presented a scope of items and administrations including internet managing an account and versatile saving money and so on for client’s benefit. Likewise, standard preparing of workers, work pivot and thankfulness helps in enhancing profitability of representatives.
Amid my temporary job which was held obligatory for BBS degree, I worked in Retail Banking Group where I picked up learning about record opening, settlements, ATM, checkbooks, clearing, record keeping and vouchers support and so on and I effectively entire every one of the errands that were allot to me.LIST OF ABBREVIATIONSACA Assan Account
AMI Anti Money Laundering
ATM Automated Teller Machine
BBA Basic Banking Account
BC Banker’s Cheque
BM Branch Manager
BOM Branch Operation Manager
CDD Customer Due Diligence
CFT Combating Financial Terrorism
EDD Enhanced Due Diligence
GBO General Banking Officer
KYC Know Your Customer
MCB Muslim Commercial Bank
NIFT National Institutional Facilitation Technologies
PEP Politically Exposed Person
PLS Profit and Loss Saving Account
RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement
SBA Smart Business Account
TAT Turn Around Time
VDC Visa Debit Card
Table of Contents
TOC o “1-3” h z u ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGEREF _Toc526378349 h 3Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc526378350 h 4LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS PAGEREF _Toc526378351 h 5Introduction of the Organization PAGEREF _Toc526378352 h 7HISTORY OF MCB BANK PAGEREF _Toc526378353 h 8VISION STATEMENT PAGEREF _Toc526378354 h 9MISSION STATEMENT PAGEREF _Toc526378355 h 9CORE VALUES PAGEREF _Toc526378356 h 9HIERARCHY PAGEREF _Toc526378357 h 10Product Line PAGEREF _Toc526378358 h 11MCB’s SWOT ANALYSIS PAGEREF _Toc526378359 h 16STRENGTHS PAGEREF _Toc526378360 h 16WEAKNESSES PAGEREF _Toc526378361 h 18OPPORTUNITIES PAGEREF _Toc526378362 h 19THREATS PAGEREF _Toc526378363 h 20CONCLUSION: PAGEREF _Toc526378364 h 21SUGGESTIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS PAGEREF _Toc526378365 h 22
Introduction of the Organization MCB Bank Limited, with more than 60 years of experience as one of the leading bank of the Pakistan, was on July 9 in 1947 .the MCB bank was ranked very high and make remarkable progress by upgrading it’s over all structure. MCB was nationalized along with other private banks in 1974 as part of government of Pakistan’s economic reform movement and was later privatized to Nishat Group lead consortium in 1991.

Since privatization MCB make exceptional progress and today in Sri Lanka MCB is one of the largest foreign bank. MCB is the first bank in Pakistan, which launch the Global Depositary Receipts (GRD) in 2006, has strategic foreign partnership with Maybank of Malaysia wit holds 20% shares in MCB through its wholly owned subsidiary. Maybank International Trust (Labuan) Berhad since 2008, has international indirect regional presence in Dubai (UAE) , Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka and servicing through a domestic network of over 1130 branches and 600 ATMs through nationwide in Pakistan and with a customer base of 4.5 million approximate.

MCB has a reputation of most strong financial institute and the leading bank in Pakistan with a deposited base of PKR 462 billion, and total asset of PKR 605 billion approximate .the MCB bank one of the oldest and one of the responsible banks in the Pakistan and has played very important role in representing the country in the global plate farm and MCB is include in few institution of the Pakistan that recognized and trade in the international market.

The bank has also been acknowledge through prestigious and awarded by Euro money, MMT, and Asia money, SAFA (SAARC), the Asset and the Asians Banker.

HISTORY OF MCB BANKMCB bank is the one of the leading bank of the Pakistan MCB have the experience over 50 year in Pakistan and the story behind the success of the MCB is the hard work and the full dedication.

MCB incorporated by the Adamjee group, during in 1960s the bank grew rapidly with the concentration on trade finance products. In 1947, MCB was nationalized along with other private bank and then MCB privatized in 1991 during the Nawaz Sharif’s government financial sector deregulation policies.

During the first five years, the private management concentrated on growth utilizing its extensive network of branches and developed a large and stable deposit base. Since privatization, the bank has made remarkable headway in improving the operational efficiency through human resource development and employment of technology. The bank today claims the target online brand and ATM network in the country.

MCB’s focus remains on consumer banking and its growing reputation as a full service provider gives the bank an edge in front of increased competition in the banking sector in Pakistan. With a network of over 1200 branches and a team of the consumer banking provides customers with state-of-the-art saving schemes, products and services. The ATM network is the principal in Pakistan and the Pak Rupee Travelers Cheques are market leaders.

MCB was the first to introduce the photo card with the introduction of MCB Master Card. Corporate banking ensures assistance from a dedicated team of professional financial advisors for underwriting, project finance or corporate advisory services. Dedicated professionals, MCB with an international stance and a regional focus needs.

VISION STATEMENT To be the leading financial services provider, partnering with our customers for a more prosperous and secure future.

MISSION STATEMENTWe are a team of committed professionals, providing innovative and efficient financial solutions to create and nurture long-term relationships with our customers. In doing so, we ensure that our shareholders can invest with confidence in us.

We are the trustees of public funds and serve our community with integrity. We believe in being the best at always doing the right thing. We deliver on our responsibilities and guarantees to our customers as well as our colleagues.

We encourage and reward people who challenge the status quo and think beyond the margins of the conventional. Our teams work together for the smooth and well-organized implementation of ideas and initiatives.

We take personal restraint for our role as leaders in the pursuit of excellence. We are a performance driven, result oriented organization where excellence is the only criterion for reward.

Customer Centricity
Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We thrive on
the challenge of understanding their needs and aspirations, both realized and unrealized. We make every effort to exceed customer expectations through superior services and solutions.

We respect our customers’ values, beliefs, culture and history. We value the equality of gender and diversity of experience and education that our employees bring with them. We create an environment where each individual is enabled to succeed. HIERARCHY254000011661421749425545536 BRANCH MANAGER
17494251628916 OPERATION MANAGER
2540000224994617497782735862TELLER SERVICE SUPERVISOR
1422400298365337930673006232142240033554802540000335682117497783739092GENERAL BANKING OFFICER

Product LineMCB is currently dealing in different schemes and it has decent range of products that are helping in providing quality service to customers.

Consumer banking
The consumer portfolio, covering the debit card, credit cards, auto loans, personal loans and mortgages will be established phase by phase. However, we are confident that our fortes, together with our largest network of online branches, a superior technology platform, a big customer base and the Consumer Personal Banking Group (CPBG), will take the Bank’s profitability to new heights.

Commercial banking
The MCB is likewise doing the business keeping money and it is essential in this office
MCB offers retail item to its buyers. The MCB’s center is to present the different financing and contributing items to its important customers, and assets the enduring development to the money related industry. The business and the retail managing an account offers the assortment of benefit and obligation – based items.

Deposit Product
Saving 365 gold
The higher you save, the higher you earn. MCB Savings 365 offers you a wide range of attractive profit (markup) rates.

Smart dollar account
Discover a suitable solution that helps make more of your dollar savings. MCB Smart Dollar Account is a utilitarian way to preserve or grow your US Dollar deposit across USD Current, Savings, or Term Deposits.

Saving account
If you are living large and do not wish to block your funds for lengthy periods, yet still want to earn the profits from your success, you can also have the best of both worlds with an MCB Privilege Savings Account
Current account
Low minimum balance requirements.

Unlimited cash deposit and withdrawal facility at hundreds of branches nationwide.

Lockers and other affordable transactional facilities.

Network of over a thousand branches, and hundreds of online branches, at convenient locations.

Current life account
Free comprehensive life insurance coverage.

No joining fees on Debit/ATM Card.

50% discount of Debit Card Annual Fee at the time of renewal.

Low monthly average balance requirement.

On maintaining your Privilege relationship, all demand drafts, pay orders,    chequebooks, and ATM card are entirely free of cost.

Foreign currency account
Available in US Dollar, UK Pound Sterling, or Euro.

Unlimited transactions at your branch.
Free foreign currency cash deposit and withdrawal facility.

Profit paid into your account every six months.

Foreign Remittances facility available.

Investment Products
Dynamic cash account
MCB Dynamic Cash Fund (MCB DCF) is an open-end money market fund managed by MCB Asset Management Company. The objective of the fund is to provide attractive returns to short-term investors with a very low appetite for risk while taking into account capital security and quality considerations.

Dynamic allocation fund
MCB Dynamic Allocation Fund (MCB DAF) is an open-end asset allocation fund managed by MCB AMC, which allows 0-100% exposures into debt or equity as per market conditions and discretion of the fund manager. The aim of the fund is to provide investors with a high absolute return.

Dynamic stock fund
MCB Dynamic Stock Fund (MCB DSF) is an open-end stock market fund managed by MCB AMC. The objective of the fund is to provide long-term capital appreciation to investors. From time to time, MCB DSF may invest in short term fixed income. Opportunities when it has a bearish view on equity/stock markets.

Auto loan
Life in the fast lane can be slow without a car. MCB makes it a breeze to finance/lease your new/used car.

Features and benefits
Option for financing or leasing
Financing tenures from 1 to 7 years
Option for new as well as used cars
Option for local as well as imported cars
Financing up to Rs.20 lacs
Option for early payment
Option for replacement loan
Minimum documents required (2 photographs and CNIC copy)
Up to 15% down payment only
Priority delivery on different vehicles
Credit Cards
Accepted at over 24 million establishments worldwide in 210 countries including 10,000 in Pakistan displaying the Credit Cards logo, you can rest assured of real value-added benefits at home and abroad.

Visa Debit card
Pakistan’s first chip based debit card. It allows the customers to enjoy unmatched convenience, enhanced security and round-the-clock accessibility to their funds.

MCB visa platinum
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to experience the exciting world of MCB Visa Platinum Credit Card is the most reliable, competitive and gratifying Credit Card offering a tantalizing mix of luxurious shopping, dining and traveling opportunities which will undoubtedly be a treat for you .

MCB visa
MCB Visa is not just another card in your wallet. Visa is the most secure, affordable and rewarding credit card turning you are shopping into a much more exciting experience. MCB Visa is accepted at all ATMs across Pakistan as well as at 27 million acceptance locations worldwide.

MCB visa Prepaid
Instant issuance.
24/7 cash accessibility through ATM.
Accepted at 29 million outlets.
Online shopping with Visa acceptance.
During my internship, I worked in RETAIL BANKING GROUP. Where I learned about account opening, cheque writing, clearing, vouchers maintenance and record keeping etc.
Account opening:
I worked in the account opening departments. It is important department of the bank because all the working of the bank base on account. The bank account shows the deposit of the bank if any person is working with the bank or the organization then first step is the account opening in the same way my work is in the department is to open the new account for a valuable customer. I learned that there are few document, which is use in the opening of new account. There are many type of accounts the MCB bank (Ltd) is offered to its customer in which include Current account, Saving account, (PLS) Profit and loss account, BBA (Basic Banking Account), KBA(Khushali Bachat Account) these have different specification of the customer which will gave benefit of him. For account, opening the minimum amount required is Rs.1000
The document that is used in the opening a new account is as under
Account opening form
The name of person who request for opening the new account
The type of the account
Computerized Copy of national identification card
Check the expiry date
Filled the opening form
Signature of the person
SS Card (Specimen Signature Card)
Mother name
Father name
Present address
Permanent address
KYC Foam (Know your Customer)
CNIC Required for KIN
The most important in account opening is SS Card signature because we need to assure whether the person withdrawing is actually customer or not and other step is KYC Form in this form we collect all secret information like client Father and mother name, income of the business, his email address, postal address, and content number. The last one is CNIC required of KIN for those person who have a blood relation of client like father, mother, brother, sister, in this there is no required for friend or other person NIC only for those who have a blood relation of the client.

Single & Joint
Sole Proprietorship
Private Limited
Public Limited
Only one person can operate this a/c. An individual who fall in the criteria of bank can open this a/c. We can call it a personnel or individual a/c. In joint account all the conditions remain same but copy of family member is not needed. The requirements for this type are:
Account Opening Form
2 CNIC Copy of Applicant
CNIC Copy of Family Member
Specimen Signature Card
Source of Income (Any Document Evidence)
Minimum Deposited Balance
Copy of Utility Bill (in case of Resident of Outside the City) etc.

In case of Sole Proprietorship account applicant mentions that he/she is doing a business by his/her own. Instructions are given for Sole Proprietorship account such that the account shall be operated by the sole proprietor. The requirements for this type are:
Account Opening Form
2 CNIC Copy of Applicant
CNIC Copy of Family Member
NTN Certificate Copy
Specimen Signature Card
For Partnership acount along with the application form other requirements need to be satisfied. The requirements for this type are:
Account Opening Form
CNIC Copy of Partners (Attested by Notary Public)
Partnership Deed Copy (Attested by Notary Public)
Registration Certificate
NTN Certificate Copy
Request of Account Opening on Letter Head
Authority Letter
Specimen Signature Card
Minimum Deposited Balance etc.

Such type of account is opened in the name of the businesses having private limited concern and mostly medium business enterprises open such kind of accounts. All the board of directors have to submit the declaration regarding the account operator on the company pad and with the rubber stamp with the signature of the all the members of the board of directors. In case of any change in directors bank must be informed regarding that. In case funds are borrowed by the company all the directors approval is necessary rather not only the authorized member who can be the operator of the account.

Account Opening form
Certificate of incorporation
Memorandum of Association
Article of Association
List of Director in Form-29
Attested CNIC copies of Directors
Board of Directors Resolution
Specimen Signature Card etc.

Public Limited Account is the type of account, which is opened in the name of the businesses having Public limited concern, and mostly medium business enterprises open such kind of accounts. And terms regarding board of directors are the same as of private limited but “Certificate of Commencement” also included.

Current Account
PLS Saving bank A/C
Saving 365 A/C
Basic Banking A/C (BBA)
In this type of accounts allows the client to deposit or withdraw money when ever he/she likes. He/she may, thus, deposits or withdraws money several times in a day if he likes. There is also no restriction of amount to be deposited or withdrawn. However, there is requirement of minimum balance maintenance of Rs. 1000/-. Usually the businessmen open this type of account. And this account is opened on the basis of no profit no charges deduction by the bank. These types of deposits are also exempt from compulsory deduction of Zakat.

This account was started in 1980s after the issuing of banking ordinance in 1980 by Zia Government to develop Islamic banking in Pakistan. In this case customer would be responsible for bearing return as well as loss. The bank would be within its rights to make investment of credit balances in the PLS saving accounts in any manner at its sole discretion and to make use of the fund to the best of its finding in the banking business under the PLS system.

Minimum balance is Rs.1000
Zakat deducted on @ 2.5% (If Zakat Exemption declaration is not given)
Profit calculated on average balance
Profit paid on semi annually basis
This account is newly developed product of MCB and it provides flexibility of saving account to business people. Profit on deposits will be payable on daily product basis on maintenance of balance of Rs. 500,000/- and above. There will be no restriction on withdrawal from the account. Zakat and withholding Tax is also applicable on the account opened under this scheme.

Minimum balance is Rs.500,000.

Below minimum balance, profit calculation ignored
Profit calculated on daily basis
Profit paid on monthly basis
Zakat deducted on @ 2.5% (If Zakat Exemption declaration is not given)
Introduced specially for salaried persons & Students.

Minimum balance is Rs.1000.

No service charges.

Only two transactions allowed, in one month.

For more than two transactions Rs.35/- per transaction.

Single natured A/C.

Each investor demonstrations both as a paying and a gathering financier, It is anyway a critical capacity of crossed checks. A huge piece of this work is helped out through the financiers clearing house (NIFT).
A clearinghouse is where illustrative of all banks of the city get together and settle the receipts and installment of checks drawn on one another. As the gathering financier runs certain dangers in receipt of their proprietorship, the law has given certain insurances to the banks.
The Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881, sets down cap cabinet or holder of a check or draft may cross the instrument largely or uniquely. It additionally rests that a crossed check must be paid to an investor, who gathers it for a client in accordance with some basic honesty and without carelessness.

Instruments, which are drawn on the parts of some other bank of a similar city or outside city, or, in other words a specific clearinghouse, are prepared for clearing.

In Outward clearing checks saved in the bank which is drawn on a bank other than that bank i.e., not an exchange check and we send instruments alongside clearing stamp, acknowledgment stamp, include rundown and two vouchers of clearing synopsis are sent to NIFT in a fixed sack. Furthermore, clearing records are recorded in clearing register. There are two kinds of outward clearing Local clearing, Intercity clearing.
In Inward, clearing instruments got from NIFT are posted in Computers subsequent to checking. There are two kinds of inward clearing Local clearing, Intercity clearing.
Local Clearing (inside the equivalent geological or clearing zone)
Intercity clearing (drawn on a bank outside the nearby clearing zone)
Clearing Process (Flow Chart)
2857500130810Slip is asked & filled
00Slip is asked & filled
685800130810Cheque with slip given
00Cheque with slip given

114300088900Cheque along with slip checked, signed & received by officer
00Cheque along with slip checked, signed & received by officer

1143000248920Entries in daybooks are made
00Entries in daybooks are made
1143000180975Entries checked & verified by another officer after banking hours by officer
00Entries checked & verified by another officer after banking hours by officer
114300032385Cheques collected at the day end by Main Branch’s Officials
00Cheques collected at the day end by Main Branch’s Officials

114300078105Cheques are sent to respective banks next day after posting in computer by Main Branch
00Cheques are sent to respective banks next day after posting in computer by Main Branch
125730089535The same day not honored cheques are returned to Main Branch
00The same day not honored cheques are returned to Main Branch

1257300200025The day after tomorrow the banks are informed about dishonored cheques00The day after tomorrow the banks are informed about dishonored cheques25146002095500
125730032385Provisional entries for returned cheques are debited again in both computer & daybooks
00Provisional entries for returned cheques are debited again in both computer & daybooks

125730078105Party is informed about returned cheques through Phone or personal contact
00Party is informed about returned cheques through Phone or personal contact

1257300238125Cheques are mailed through TCS in case of no personal contact the same day
(If there is any availability)
00Cheques are mailed through TCS in case of no personal contact the same day
(If there is any availability)
Remittance is exchange of assets starting with one place then onto the next or starting with one individual then onto the next. It is an imperative administration given by banks to clients and additionally non-clients. Since it is anything but a free administration it is a wellspring of pay for the bank.
Four parties associated with remittances: – Remitter, Remittee, Issuing Bank, Paying Bank.

One who starts, or demands for a settlement. The bank charges him a commission for this administration. He could possibly be the branch’s client.
A Remittee is additionally called the recipient, or the payee. The individual in whose name the remittance is made. A Remittee is additionally the person who get the installment.
The bank that sends or affects the settlement, through interest drafts, transmitted exchanges, or Mail Transfers.

At the point when a client opens a record with the bank, he is furnished with chequebook for withdrawals from record. Nevertheless, the principal chequebook is given to the client just when all the required reports are checked. A chequebook contains ten, twenty-five, fifty or hundred clears out. The chequebook additionally conveys a demand slip for the issuance of the new chequebook. This slip is appropriately filled and seared by the client. The mark of the client is confirmed by the bank, new chequebook is issued to the client, and sequential quantities of the cheque are appropriately entered in the book of the bank. Alongside the mark, individual ought to likewise compose his full name and address.
Typically just a single chequebook is issued at once, anyway enormous concerns who require various checkbooks at once, may request that the bank stock as number of checkbooks in their name and to point their name on these chequebooks.
Bank charges the customer’s record for extract obligation of Rs.2.50/ – per check and keeps the chequebook prepared for the client, as on his recommendation.
The officer keeps and keeps up the chequebook enroll Chequebook stock and chequebooks issued are recorded in this enlist. The record number for which the chequebook is issued and the quantity of leaves are likewise recorded in this enlist when the chequebook issued a section is passed in the chequebooks issue enlist.
If there, should be an occurrence of loss of chequebook or order slip on checkbook the client needs to fill the Form No. 216-B to acquire another chequebook.

ATM Card Issuance
When an ATM card is to be applied, account holder is required to fill an application for visa debit card and according to card limit he/she is supposed to deposit amount in his/her account. After clearance of form ATM card is issue to the owner with in five wording days at his/her mentioned address. In case of not collection of ATM card by its owner card will be returned to bank branch and holder can the visiting the branch and collect the card after confirmation.

Voucher Register Maintenance:
My learnings during internship also inclue voucher register maintenance which contains the detail retail of daily vouchers including number of total vouchers received, voucher number date, amount of each voucher and total amount of vouchers as well.
Dak Register Maintenance:
This register contain details related to daily mail (dak) received and sent. It also include dak number, total dak sent and received, date, sender and receiver signatures as well.

ATM Register maintenance:
ATM register contain detailed of newly issued ATM cards, their type, name of account holder, account number, ATM card number, mobile number, collected ATM cards, issuance and collection date and signature of owner etc.

Chequebook Register Maintenance:
This register includes details about new chequebook issuance and collection along will account number, chequebook number dated of issuance and collection and owner signature as well.

Locker Register Maintenance:
This register contain record of total number lockers, number of occupied lockers, owner detail, types of locker, charges of locker maintenance and closed lockers details etc.

General Form Filling
Internship work also included general form filling. These forms include account opening forms, ATM application form, chequebook application form, dormant account activation form, account statement form, dam donation collection form, and clearing vouchers filling etc.

MCB’s SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHSMCB is the first Pakistani privatized bank and because of its quality management, marketing, innovation in products and services. Owing to all such factors, they have established a goodwill in the banking market. The name of MCB makes you recall the highly cooperative and professional individuals ready to serve you with maximum zeal and zest.

The joining of experienced people, advanced management, advance setup and facilities gave MCB an edge over its competitors.

MCB is a reputable financial organization and is well known all over the Pakistan. Perception is of producing a high quality services
The Bank not only provides high quality services but it also look for the comfort and convenience of the clients, MCB always preferred their customer.MCB has covered much of the potential market and the net profit is increasing years after years. Deposits and advances have sufficiently increased.

This is also its main strength as it has diversified in many products such as:
Debit Card
Visa Card
Car Financing
Agriculture Financing
It is the greatest strength of the Bank. In 2004, five more branches were added to the network and by the end of the March 2014 the total number of branches was raised from just 1200+. MCB has also planned to open more branches in next coming years.

Every account holder can conform its balance on Phone and may ask for any query. There are also 24 hours help lines for customers.

It has been launched recently. It helps in getting accounts details and making transactions using mobiles.

MCB in Pakistan is the also in the list of highly automated banks, like Emirates because of its modern style of banking through fully computerized control and twenty four hour banking.

MCB have faster banking services that are making it more prominent in the banking industry especially in operations and Foreign exchange. The customer prefers this bank not only because of its faster speedy service rather due to reasonable service charges.

MCB?s products are internationally designed products. These are valuable and operational in all over the world.

Now MCB has also entered into a contract with Cirrus, which is a subsidiary of MasterCard. This contract will enable an ATM cardholder to use his account even when he is out of country at all the ATMs where Cirrus logo is display.

The majority of people are not well aware about the products of MCB. Therefore, it should advertise extensively especially RTC and Master Cards.

A behavior has been noted that bank tries to feel at ease with good looking, rich and educated people and the poor looking customers feel some bit strange in the environment of the bank. The bank employees should try to accommodate behaviorally all type of customers.

Mismanagement of time is another big mistake in MCB branches, the bank official time of closing is 5:30pm but due mismanagement of time allocation and work the staff is normally on their seats until 7:00 or 8:00 clock.

Costly documents are required for loan sanctioning.

Some times bank also never meets stated rate of profit.
As on December 31, 1998, sixty-eight scheduled banks with 9,106 branches are operating in Pakistan. As on this date, total population of Pakistan is 184 million. Total number of personal accounts with all scheduled banks as on December 31,1997, are 28.98 million. If we consider the population statistics of working age group as on December 31, 1997, it stands to the figure of 96.64 million. Thus, we can say those 28% of working age people of Pakistan are having accounts with banks while 72% are unbanked.

The need of privatization has made people to switch to banks to satisfy their needs of lending and borrowing. This not only increases the deposits but also the credit business.

They may enter in new business or any other consumer-durable product in order to promote their name, by introducing Loan for the students, small businesses, and handicraft industry and new products for agriculture sector.

Information Technology.

Credit cards can give more earning.

Establishing more foreign Branches.

They should introduce Student Finance Facility.

They should also introduce mobile ATM
SBP changes its policies according to government policies, which effect bank as well. The freezing of foreign currency accounts is a vital example of letting people not to trust on banks.

The Competition has become severe by the entrants of so many banks. So, to exist one will have to prove himself in its services through excellent management and will have to satisfy its shareholders. Otherwise, he will be out the market.

Decrease in purchasing power of public due to current economic situation is also a threat for MCB because this will effect sale of its products.

Each time MCB introduces any new product SBP imposes tax on that according to its regulation will force bank to increase its interest rates.

MCB has set a benchmark in banking sector and due to its reputation, it has to perform a little extra each time to meet expectations of people, which is threat of it. CHAPTER #4:
CONCLUSION: MCB Bank is showing up as a solid money related establishment. The hierarchical arrangements, vision and mission all portray its embodiment and philosophy of a perfect keeping money foundation that conveys exquisite administrations by sustaining preeminent, aggressive and great condition.
My general involvement there was great. The branch administration gives careful consideration and worry for all workers. The representatives are roused, vigorous, and very much prepped and prepared with the end goal to serve the clients in best way. Uncommon individualized consideration is paid to each client and is likewise given appropriate direction. I additionally figured out how to manage clients with tolerance. Anyway, because of developing number of clients and over whelming work, it turns out to be extremely troublesome for directors to appropriately manage internees. What’s more, internees need to put most extreme exertion and persistence to get direction and information.
To the extent the eventual fate of MCB Bank is concerned, I see it is extremely astonishing. The bank’s arrangements, vision, adaptable methodology, budgetary quality, solid back and firm establishment, every one of these components have just put the put money on its voyage to progress. It has demonstrated its esteem and quality in an exceptionally concise range of time but then it has far to proceed. The responsibility, cooperation and decency of bank’s workers and the respectability of the majority of its exercises are engaged at endeavors driven towards progress, consumer loyalty and in the end long haul gainful connections.

Following are some suggestions for MCB Bank Ltd. to overcome its weaknesses.

To attract potential customers MCB should advertise its products. Advertisement through leaflets, television, billboards, newspapers and social media campaigns will help in grabbing customers.
For the provision of better service, MCB should increase the number of its ATM. These should be available all across the country covering malls, airports; bus stations, train stations, and petrol pumps etc. as it will not only increase loyalty of existing customers but will also attract other potential customers.

One way to retain the customers is to offer a wide range of services such as tax advice, free life insurance equivalent to amount deposited, shares portfolio management, fund management facility, etc., complimentary to the core services. Banks must have a slightly different mix of services and mean of providing these such that customers can choose the mix that suits them best.

Time management should be there so employees can also have free break hours instead of working nonstop otherwise work efficiency will also be effected.
MCB should upgrade its system as manual working cause un necessary delay and centralized system will save both time and stationary. This will provide ease to employees also.

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