In tourism

In tourism, there is no question that it delivers benefits, but tourism is not perfect. There are also costs of tourism. Improperly planned and developed tourism can create problems. The demands of tourism may come into conflict with the needs and wishes of local residents.
Tourism has been blamed for polluting beaches, spoiling the countryside, creates social problem, increases the incidence of crime, prostitution, and gambling, creates misunderstanding between local people and tourist and environmental deterioration. Besides that, when so many people come to visit a particular place at the same time; it will be considered as destroying that place which the exact term is mass tourism.
Mass tourism is the act of visiting a leisure destination with large amounts of people at one time. It is the most popular form of tourism as it is the cheapest way to holiday, and is often sold as a package deal. Mass tourism has always been the subject of criticism for its negative impacts around the world. Not only that, mass tourism also creates intense environmental pressures due to the fact that such activity involves a large number of tourists in small areas.
However, tourism can still bring great benefits to the economic. Tourism industry provides employment opportunities, both skilled and unskilled, because it is a labor-intensive industry. Not only that, it tends to be one of the most compatible economic development activities available to an area, complementing other economic activities. It will also improve the quality of life related to a higher level of income and improved standards of living.
Thus, tourism must get the right balance, which is to have the benefits outweigh the costs. Tourism development must be a part of overall economic and must be done in a manner that is sustainable.

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