In the movie Remember the Titans

In the movie Remember the Titans, various leadership theories are expressed through the main characters and situations during the course of the film. Coach Herman Boone serves as a direct leader, expressing multiple leadership traits and behaviors. He gains power and influence through his title as head coach as well as his forceful and inspirational approaches. Coach Boone and his players prove to be driven by the invisible leader: the common purpose of winning and becoming the best high school football team. Boone serves as an effective leader through simultaneously emphasizing task and relational behavior while also gaining influence through his high achievement orientation and surgency. Although he holds power because of the legitimacy of his title as head coach, he has ecological, coercive and expert power as well. Coach Boone, while lacking in the big five personality traits and with a lesser focus on relational behaviors, always puts the group before himself. Even after his job, life and family are threatened, he maintains his drive for the common purpose of the group, expressing his
achievement orientation and dedication. In a time when African Americans were not given very much respect, Coach Boone, with the help of the team, unified and created an unstoppable, integrated high school football program-the primary cause of success due to his effective leadership traits and influence. It was not expected that the football would succeed with a black coach, but with the right leadership skills and attitude, the Titans came out with a successful season. In the film, many aspects of leadership were conveyed.
Remember the Titans is a film that greatly portrays leadership behaviors, power and influence, and leadership in teams. These concepts bring out the ideal aspects a leader, especially in sports, should follow in bettering the team and self.

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