In a learning environment such as college

In a learning environment such as college, learning happens in a setting which is very open to discussion and interaction between students. Due to the high level of interaction between learners you can expect to see them disagreeing with each other on a regular basis, it is important to set ground rules which enforce appropriate behaviour so these disagreements do not lead to a conflict within the group. As well as this, the promotion of appropriate behaviour and respect for others will massively increase a learner’s confidence in themselves, to express their personal opinion knowing that they are not at risk of being ridiculed, bullied or discriminated against by the group because of their beliefs, meaning they can comfortably contribute to discussions using their own beliefs.
Additionally, the environment around learners should be that of equality within the institution and appreciation of the natural diversity that exists between them. This can be achieved in various ways like by ensuring fair treatment for both the learners and the staff to create an inclusive culture within them. Additionally, by ensuring that they have equal opportunity access will ensure that they all participate in learning and other activities. They also should be equipped with skills that challenge discrimination within the study environment. The institutional policies and processes should uphold equality and appreciate the diverse cultures. Lastly engaging with the local community and also in national activities will promote equality and diversity.
Appreciating the fact that learners are from diverse backgrounds, teachers ought to understand their learners’ individual needs and meet them. This is very important for it improves the learner’s achievement capabilities for teachers will understand their individual weaknesses and challenges and helps in overcoming them. Knowing that learners won’t feel discriminated they can thereby fit easily with lesser learning barriers. This also helps teachers develop individual talents for they can identify the talents or skills and with their experience help nurture them to perfection. In a similar way, teachers can help the learner to create interest in various fields. Finally, this helps teachers in classroom organization and in planning for daily class activities to cater for all learners needs.
For learning to be more effective it’s important that learners feel safe in the learning environment which gives them a chance to pursue their goals. This is achieved in various ways like ensuring that the process of learning allows for networking between learners and also with their teachers by encouraging group works, sharing opportunities for students and field trips. Secondly building the students’ self-esteem and efficacy by making them believe in their dreams and building a sense of self-acceptance ensures a good learning environment. Motivating learners in various ways like varying teaching methods, student involvement in learning and others together with positive nonverbal communication also ensures a good learning environment.

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