George Orwell’s Animal Farm

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What is George Orwell’s message in Animal Farm, and how does he usetwo of the animal characters in the novel to present his politicalviews?

In this book George Orwell has tried to put a political view into thestory. This political view is that Communist ideas can not workwithout using excessive power, also that political systems can easilybe corrupted by power-hungry people. George Orwell uses animals inthis clever allegory to represent humans. Two main characters of‘Animal Farm’ are Napoleon and Boxer. Napoleon acts like a dictatorand leads the farm and animals. He has power over the animals so theyhave no freedom, so much so, that they can’t rebel against him if theywanted to. Boxer an idealistic follower for Napoleon; he willsacrifice anything for the farm and the other animals. Boxer believeseverything that he is told by Napoleon and cannot see that Napoleon isa corrupt leader.

As soon as Old Major had died Napoleon took his place as the leader ofthe Animals, and so he controlled them after the rebellion againsthumans. At first he was a fair leader and treated the animals kindly,or so they thought.

“The pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others.”

This shows that the pigs were lazy and demanding from the beginningwhen they started to run the farm, and it wasn’t that they grewpower-hungry, they already were.

The animals started to realise that the pigs were not doing any work.The majority thought there must be an excellent reason for them notdoing any work.

“We pigs are the brain-workers. The whole management and organization ofthe farm depends on us”

After hearing this, the animals understood that they were there to dothe hard work, but they thought that was because they couldn’t run thefarm as well as the pigs. They did not mind lying to the animals andnot doing any work while the other animals are.

Napoleon knew that there was a chance that the animals might rebelagainst him so when 9 puppies were born on the farm he took them totrain as his bodyguards.

“As soon as they were weaned, Napoleon took them away from their mothers…”

After the animals knew what he was doing, even if they did disagreewith what he was doing could not do anything about it even if thewanted to either because they were not strong enough or that they wereto scared. So this meant that Napoleon could do whatever he wanted to,just like a dictator.

The only animal threatening Napoleon’s place in power was Snowball, so

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