Friendship in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and The Future o f Us by Jay Asher

The books The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and The Future of Us by Jay Asher are able to show that friendship is powerful enough to be stronger than the outside forces, such as society. Friendship enables people to accomplish many things such as, escaping from an uncivilized society, or helping each other to get rid of the greed they have, through hardship and fun. Even when people run into trouble, the authors suggest that when friends stick together, they have the capability to accomplish their goals.

In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck and Jim together go through many hardships but no matter what happens, they stick together, and never abandon each other. When Huck and Jim find each other on the island, they realize that with what they have, they are able to make a basic camp. “No! W’y, what has you lived on? But you got a gun. Oh, yes, you got a gun. Dat’s good. Now you kill sumfn en I’ll make up de fire.” (Twain, 1884) Huck has a gun and Jim has the fire. Alone, they’re not as effective (although Jim would be able to have warmth) but together, they have the means to find food, heat, and companionship.Huck and Jim stick together even though society at that time looks down upon a white, educated child, working with a slave; their power of friendship is stronger than the social norms of society. When Huck sees Jim, he is overjoyed. “Well, I warn’t long making him understand I warn’t dead. I was ever so glad to see Jim. I warn’t lonesome now. I told him I warn’t afraid of HIM telling the people where I was. I talked along, but he only set there and looked at me; never said nothing” (Twain, 1884) Huck may enjoy his stay on the island, but he is lonely. He is glad to see Jim because he already considers…

…. Compared to the characters in The Future of Us and The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Josh was able to change from being selfish to selfless, but Huck wasn’t able to completely undergo his attitude towards Jim.In The Future of Us and The Adventures of Huckleberry FInn. Characters shows us that with friendship, many things can be accomplished. From changing someone to be more selfless, to helping each other get through hard times. Although there are many differences in the plot of the story, the author’s message is still the same. We are able to find these characteristics of friendship in real life, if a friend is in trouble, we don’t just stand by and watch them suffer. We step in and lend them a hand.

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