Essay on Gun Crimes Cause Serious Harm to Children by Christine Watkins

Many people in America are coming to the realization that gun violence is beginning to have a dramatic affect on teenagers. Christine Watkins, the author of, “Gun Crimes Cause Serious Harm to Children” Gives much evidence on why she believes more gun control, or even removing all firearms from homes will be the solution to this crisis. She tells readers that teenagers from urban areas have the greatest risk of being involved in some kind of gun crime. With her estimate of over 280 million gun in America, she believes firearms are too readily available and teenagers are accessing them with little to no trouble, legally, or illegally. Furthermore, she believes this is why teenagers suffer the most from firearm violence (Gun Crimes). Some would say that this cannot be the sole reason that leads teenagers to gun crimes. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration. Fred Reed, the author of, “Why Gun Control is Certain to be Effective” Discusses that there are many illegal activities that have long since been banned, but are still affecting America as a whole, negatively. Substances such as alcohol, meth, cocaine, and marijuana in most states, are readily available to the people willing to partake in criminal activities (Gun Control). By looking at America’s past, it is obvious that making something illegal does little to put a stopper on crimes. Juveniles are just as easily getting a hold of these outlawed substances, perhaps even more so than firearms. These illegal substances could very well lead them to gun crimes, especially if urban teenagers are taking part in gangs, or selling drugs. Perhaps, by providing more education to teenagers, solely focusing on the potential outcomes of gun crimes and enlightening teens …

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