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Ever since the beginning of modernised employment it is seen that the organisations have been in the market to try to attract as well as retain the best possible applicants. The term war for talent is considered as a never-ending process as it basically refers to attracting as well as retaining the talent that is available. It is not even challenging but also a hard as well as a complex process. In today’s modernised era war for talent is not only the outcome of skilled workers shortage but also it leads to employers looking to find the best skilled workers. Therefore, with the increasing insistence on hiring the right people, in respective right environment, and also within the right organisation it is becoming challenging to look for these individuals and especially in today’s ever changing environment. In an environment that keeps on changing every single day the war for talent is becoming more competitive. The employers who have not yet realised the potential to become more competitive are already far behind in this war for talent. Therefore winning the war for talent for a particular employer is not that simple. When it comes to certain challenges faced by the HR professionals as well as the organisations the number one challenge is to attract the best suitable candidate. Hence, it is now the role of HR professionals, organisations to be active on social media, web recruiting applications such as seek, LinkedIn, company’s career website to showcase their organisational culture, and offer competitive packages such as remuneration as well as other benefits.

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