Cultural relativism most accurately describes my own view of ethics

Cultural relativism most accurately describes my own view of ethics. Cultural relativism is a perspective that different groups and cultures hold on issues of morality by evaluation what is wrong and what is right. Cultural relativism describes the way people and cultures behave. The best evidence of cultural relativism is the cultures around the world. Take me as an example being born in war torn country with no government power, the isolated community where I live was a culture its self. It had it’s set of rules and had its own social context. A good example is an early curfew and how far you can walk out of the community set. Even though these beliefs and customs were set for most people in the community – most were set for kids – there were morally justified.
The reason that I did not chose subjectivism is because the claim or judgement that are made by subjectivist, it is made by how they feel or think about things. If what’s right and wrong is up to the individual, then it’s very dangerous. For instance, if someone said, “hunting animals for fun is not wrong”. Even though they have the right to believe that, but it does not serve as evidence or justification. Subjectivist is unable to critique and measure form right and wrong.
Absolutists aren’t open-minded. The can be narrow-minded when it comes to cultural diversity. It’s unjust and unfair and does not allow opinions to be taken into consideration.

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