Censorship of Music

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Censorship of Music

Music has always been a basic form of expression. From Antonin Dvorak, to Eminem, to even ancient, tribal music, it has been a medium through which individuals convey their thoughts and expressions. Today this medium is under attack. Everywhere we turn, everything we do and say is being scrutinized. We are being told what to say. We are being spoon-fed our emotions. No longer are we allowed to think freely, openly. All the censors out there are on the prowl for another piece to rip to shreds because it doesn’t fit their description of what is decent and moral. What they fail to realize is that we don’t make the music for them… We do it for release.

Music has often been the release for some of our most troublesome times. If you are angry or sad, you go home and put in a song that relates to your feelings, making you feel better. I personally, write when I’m not in the best mood. Whether I’m depressed, angry, or whatever, I know that the pen is my one true friend, and the parchment will never tell me lies. Many people fail to see this as therapy. They see it as cursing, vulgarity, etc., just for the hell of it. This is not true in most cases.

On Eric Nuzum’s (I know you love him!) website I found some interesting facts. Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, Clear Channel Communications released a list of 150 “lyrically questionable” songs that it was requesting stations remove from their play lists (Nuzum). Some of these songs were: “Highway to Hell” and “Shoot to Thrill” AC/DC, “Jet Airliner” Steve Miller Band, “Fly” Sugar Ray, “Another One Bites the dust” Queen, all songs by Rage Against the Machine, and, to beat all else, “Walk Like an Egyptian” The Bangles. Some of the songs on this list are just ridiculous to the point of hilarity! I’m sure “99 Luft Balloons” is going to start a riot!

Another amusing example was in June 1965, radio stations across the country ban the Rolling Stones “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” because they believe the lyrics are too sexually suggestive.

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