IKEA catalogues are spreading life styles around the world

IKEA catalogues are spreading life styles around the world. They are not just making a good variety of furniture but also providing designs according decorations. This thing makes them different and good for their brand image.
The disadvantage for the IKEA catalogues is may be difference of cultures because there is not the same culture in all region, it may be a slight difference between all region and on demographic basis. So, IKEA catalogues cannot satisfy all differentiations with a same kind of products. Some people look for a good quality and taste also.
The real challenge for IKEA catalogues is cultural difference and some other factors like affordability. They have same range of products, so they should differentiate their products according to different regions, cultures and income level etc. They should design their products more flexible according to their different types of customers.
Chinese illustration: One child Policy, smaller apartments.
Danish: Two children Policy, Larger apartments.

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