When attending any average class in high school

When attending any average class in high school, anyone including teachers can figure out that there are three different types of students in class. The first type of student is the napper. These students are quite tired, lazy, and pay little attention to the instructor; the napper is usually found with their head on the desk asleep, or their head resting on their hands attempting to pay attention but sleeping instead. They manage to get the maximum amount of sleep as humanly possible. The napper usually doesn’t do well on the homework, quizzes, or test due to their lack of attention given during class time making it next to impossible to have a high grade in class. The second type of student is the over achiever. These students get high grades, participate in class, and so much more. The over achievers do all their homework when assigned with black ink for the question and red ink for the answer, make their own study guides with as much highlighter and colored pen as possible, and fill in the bubble and circle the letter on tests. This student will always ask for extra credit even though they have the highest grade in the class, they will also always be the only student to raise their hand when the instructor asks a question because the over achiever always knows the correct answer. Finally, the third type of student is the teacher’s pet. These students sit at the front of the class room, caught following beside teachers in the hall way and at lunch, and not always the smartest

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