What information which I read is that

What I understand from the article is that the reason why the Turks who share a family of closely related languages can’t recognize each other is because they migrate across Eurasia and interact with other people and cultures. I agree with this statement and this situation includes not only the Turks but also other nations. As a Turk, I have to say that as long as Turks move away from their homeland and interact with other cultures and people, they seem to be assimilated but I don’t think that they lose their identity. Every Turk has to embrace their own history and culture, even if they are far away from homeland. The other striking information which I read is that the Turks lived in Anatolia before the Battle of Manzikert and this is based on literary evidence. In my opinion, that’s not true because the Turks have no similarities with other nations who lived in Anatolia. As far as I understand from the article, the religion is one of the most important elements of Turkic people and has a change throughout their history. Also, Yusuf Akçura, one of the prominent representatives of turkism, supported this change by saying the Turks had extraordinary tolerance for the religion.
In early days, the Turks lived the nomadic life and they were engaged in ranching and hunting.

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