Wan Hafizol Bin Wan Omar also known as

Wan Hafizol Bin Wan Omar also known as Fizo Omar is Malaysia actor-turned-enterprenuer. Fizo who win second place in “Hero Remaja” 2007/2008 is now owner to Hot Burger Malaysia Sdn Bhd. He started with small stall in 5 state which is in Kota Bahru, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Klang Vallley and Setiawangsa. All this stall is fully operated by himself with finances help from his business partner, Asri Hamid and Rizal Musa. After a year, the business grew and Hot Burger have 150 outlet all over country and led to him to open 5 offices with 50 worker to handle it. With tagline “Harga Kaki Lima, Rasa Bintang Lima”, their burger attract a lot of customer from all over country. Their main attraction is even they only sell at street, they still manage to provide high quality of variety patties. Not only selling chicken and beef, they also have ostrich, rabbit, mutton and venison. Now, Hot Burger Malaysia Sdn Bhd is extending their market to Indonesia.
Not just focusing on the quality of their product, Fizo also take a good control toward his franchisee. Fizo use a retaining fee method where each of his franchisee need to buy all the ingredients from him and they can keep whatever profit they manage to make. Other than that, Fizo also provide a classes to them to train them and share their SOP. We can see that Fizo not only give opportunity to people started a business but also teach them to make more money and be financially independent. Fizo who is motivational speaker not only help people in generate money but he also helping in motivate people to not give up and define our weak point to turned it into positive point.
Other than Hot Burger, Fizo Omar is now working on new venture called “ABC( ADO BELAKO CORNER)” in Kota Bahru. This venture gathers many type of hawker stalls under one roof.

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