Vegetarianism Outline I

Vegetarianism Outline
I. Thesis Statement:
While some people say it’s good being a vegetarian as it reduces the incidence of diabetes and other diseases. Others say it’s harmful for our bodies as you could have a higher risk of heart diseases and a type of cancer.

II. From a medical point of view, Supporters of vegetarianism believe that it’s better for our health to become vegetarians.

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A. It protects us from many dangerous diseases.
• Reduces the risk of cataract development, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
• Decreases the chance of developing kidney stones and lower the blood pressure.
B. It improves our health and appearance.
• Helps us to lose weight and have a perfect body.
• Allows us to have a better and brighter skin.

III. Other supporters claim that humans have no right to use the animals as their meals because they are souls like us and this is their ethical point of view.

A. They think that animals aren’t essential for us to live.
• We don’t need animals to survive as there are many other alternatives available.
• Vegetables contain all vitamins and nutrients that human body needs.
B. They don’t want animals to be killed or harmed.
• Animals are like humans, they want to live freely not in cages or farms waiting to be killed one day.
• Animals feel pain when their babies are taken away from them to be slaughtered by humans to eat them.

IV. Opponents think that our health will be affected badly if we become vegetarians.

A. Animal products contain many components that our body needs, and the lack of it would cause diseases.
• You could suffer from B12 vitamin deficiency and suffer from low cholesterol.
• You could be at a higher risk of colorectal cancer and heart disease.
B. Animal products helps in the growing process of humans and improve their health.
• Proteins that exists in it helps in building our muscles and have a stronger body.
• Calcium, zinc and iron exists mainly in animal products which helps in avoiding lower bone density and osteoporosis.

V. Opponents believe that eating animals isn’t inhumane and there’s no wrong to benefit from them.

A. Plants also are living organisms like animals.
• Vegetarians must be sad for the plants they eat not only the animals as plants have feelings.
B. God made animals for us to eat, that’s the life norm.
• God allows us to eat animals and benefit from them, not to torture them.
• There’s no problem to slaughter the animals to eat them unless we are following god’s rules in slaughtering.

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