Valuable (Brand and customer loyalty)
• when someone buys a Harley are they automatically accepted into a Society of Friends and brothers, regardless of their income, race, sexual orientation, faith, or economic status. (Jonathan, 2015)
• Harley Davidson builds the immersion of customers by driving motorcycles as part of a community of independents. In addition, Harley riders are united by their motorcycle, and their flag is the bar and shield logo. (Jonathan, 2015)
• Harley has come to symbolize freedom, rugged individualism, excitement and a sense of “bad boy rebellion.” (Jonathan, 2015)
• Harley Owners Group is an international club for Harley owners. Owners of Harley bikes gets to enjoy multiple community rides each year such as Sturgis in the United States. (Jonathan, 2015)
• Harley Davidson have celebrated its 100th anniversary as the company earns a reputable brand name which renowned for the quality of its product and customer loyalty to the extend that they have achieve 98% of customer retention rate. (Das & , 2014)

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