Under the watchful eye of the director

Under the watchful eye of the director, the editor creates a visual rhythm in the film that fulfills the director’s vision. In “The Age of Adaline” editing had a huge impact on the viewers experience. With the usage of many editing techniques such as match cuts and flashbacks the director transports the viewers back to Adaline’s past and the trials of her present. The editor uses a lot of match on action editing technique especially when an action is happening and it remembers Adaline to a similar action already happened with her in the past. For instance, it is used when William (Ellis’s father) remembers how he swivel the scar on Adaline’s hand when he was with her in the forest back then. In addition, flashbacks are used to move the story forwards and reveal information about Adaline’s past and emotional. Flashback was a tool to show that Adaline lived many decades, in different places with different people. Flashback were used in different ways. For example, when Adaline saw her old picture hanged on the hotel wall and she started remembering that night, or when she saw someone on the street she starts remembering their experience together in the past. The director used slow motion effects to create a surrealistic effect and to add intensity to the scene, such as the accident scene while Adaline was turning and twirling in the car and when she was sinking in the water during her accident, this technique was used to intensify and emphasize how the car accident transformed Adaline’s life from a natural age and life to an eternal and immortal one. Cut away are used also in this movie, to show a person’s reaction such as Kiki (Ellis’s sister) at her parent’s celebration day. Also, music took editing form in a specific scene: while Adaline was talking with Ellis, the beat of the classical music moved to another flashback.

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