Today newspaper is decreasing day by day.

Today the use of television is increasing day by day. People are using television for entertainment.
While the using of newspaper is decreasing day by day.
While reading newspaper it required the proficient language but listen news on television does not required much mastery of language. Some opt to read two newspaper in a day to get different view point of the story and check the validity. Newspaper defiantly give us more and depth coverage than television. Editorial and column writers can give us their expert views and analysis. That we can digest slowly as we read them. Readers on newspaper can also give feedback to the articles. By writing forum pages. A viewers of television do not have this luxury as the news flyby to fast for any feedback to be relevant. While television viewer is restricted to be sit at a on place in order watch a news on television. If they are busy people, they will miss the news. They can not chose to read it on the move or through out the day. Newspaper is the more convenient medium of news then Television. It does not required us to sit at a one place and read the news. Busy people may read the newspaper anytime of the day. They may read the news that is important to them. Early in the morning carry newspaper with them in a bus or a van. They may also chose to commit certain respect of news that they are not interested in.

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