Through of E M Properties4.1.1 Strengths (positive

Through the use of a SWOT Matrix, the following areas were established through a table of double entry, showing points and elements that could either be harmful or helpful to the business.– Internal analysis of the real estate:• Strengths (positive/helpful points).• Weaknesses (negative/harmful points).– External analysis of the real estate:• Opportunities (positive/helpful elements).• Threats (negative/harmful element SWOT analysis applied to E M PropertiesThe following were arrived at after a thorough analysis of the Strengths and Opportunities that the business would have as positive aspects; against its Weaknesses and Threats that would pose negatively or harmfully against it.Internal analysis of E M Properties4.1.1 Strengths (positive points):? Valuation of the different capacities.? Individual abilities reflected in a group.? A higher level of available resources.? Good levels of proactivity, assertiveness and resilience.? Well-defined individual competencies.? Well-defined action conventions.? An effective, productive and vigorous team4.1.2 Weaknesses (negative points):? High level of resistance and adaptability to changes.? Gaps in the organizational leadership.? Motivational problems of the staff.? Limited levels of the individual abilities.? The stress and the difficulties to process them.? Lacks in the social abilities and training.? An absence of organizational policies.External analysis of E M Properties4.1.3 Opportunities (positive elements):? Implement the new technologies in an effective way.? A weakening of the competition.? Strategic real estate visibility.? An effective use of the new ways of communication.4.1.4 Threats (negative elements):? Take on high levels of risk.? Changes in the real estate positioning environment.? Changes in the real estate market.? Changes in the potential buyers´ preferences.? Eventual legal modifications especially the recently introduced legislation dealing with credit.

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