this child about any concern and issues,

this means that empowering children can make their transition much easier and prevents separation anxiety. Children love to help and feel important, even if it is about small tasks.
• how to support the needs of children during transition
Children will experience a wide range of expected and unexpected transitions in their lifetime, and as a practitioner I must prepare them for the forthcoming transition. I must be aware about children’s concern about the transition, I must know how to respond to their needs and also to work closely with the parents or carer of the child to establish a strong base for a positive transition.
Also, to talk with the child about any concern and issues, and to see the things from the child’s view.
We can arrange visits to the new setting to meet the new teacher and the new colleagues, as well to invite the new teacher to our setting, is important to create effective links with the child’s new school, all the information about the child to the new school and to keep them up to date with any new changes. As a practitioner I must ensure continuity for children, their movement through the system and transition from one setting to another should be seen as a journey not as an obligation.
The presentation will be followed by a full staff meeting about how to support the development of the children from birth to 7 years. Prepare for this meeting by making notes to:
• describe how to support the development of children from birth to 7 years.
Children develop rapidly from birth to seven years, progressing from totally helpless infants to individuals who can think, speak and solve problems. In fact, this period is a transition from the stage of the baby to the young child. In their first years of life the most important things we can do to support their development is to give them a safe place, in a rich sensory environment where they can satisfy their curiosity, to actively explore the environment is the best way to develop his intellectual abilities, such as games, home activities, cooking, walking in nature or shopping. Reading or looking in the books is one of the most important skills the child will ever learn, it is important to encourage children to start looking at books at the age of 4 months or as small as possible, because children will develop language skills, and particularly the ability to read before starting school. Also we can support children’s development and creativity through mathematics, science and technology involves providing them with opportunities to express their own ideas and make choices, investigate how materials behave, and make associations and connections.

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