The the advantages of the society considering that

The significance of the Study
The findings of this study will rebind to the advantages of the society considering that mathematics plays a vital role in science and technology today. Sometimes, it’s necessary for students in Malaysia to achieve in maths to continue further studies. Thus, schools that apply different teaching approaches and guides the students better. This research can give awareness to society about maths anxiety that’s effect student performance in maths ability. Besides, from this research adult also may know about maths anxiety happen in their life. Administrators will be guided on what should be underscored by a teacher in school curriculum to recover students’ performance in mathematics. For the researcher, the study will find a way to solve critical areas in the education process. Thus, a method may be produced on learning mathematics.
Research motivation
This research motivation is about to give mindfulness advantage of mathematics to society. Mathematics is very useful for analytic thinking. Some people take maths anxiety as a simple problem. So, this research is about knowing maths that can do a mathematical problem such as first collecting data, break down into pieces of evidence, then solve the problem analytically and rational way. The main motivation for this research is believing that maths surround by us and helps understand the world better.

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